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G.O.S.S Chapter 576: Such A Thing Can Happen?

Naturally, the Zanjutsu teacher and the Kido teacher weren’t the same, but this teacher had obviously heard about Roja. So when he found Roja present when he took attendance, he couldn’t help say.

“Very good, it seems everyone is here in the first Kido class. I’m grateful.”

After saying this, the teacher put a hand on his mouth as he coughed.

Everyone in the class was looking at Roja.

Roja: “…”

After teasing Roja for a bit, the teacher formally started the lessons. He didn’t think much about Roja, as the latter made quite an annoyance in the Zanjutsu lesson and also didn’t attend the Bakuda lesson. Well, being a genius had its merits.

In the Shinigami’s history, a person who reached the Sixth rank completed the first year before directly applying for graduation and was directly promoted to a Vice captain’s position.

“Although this is the first Kido lesson, I want you to understand that Kido is one of the four main techniques used by Shinigami, it’s a very important ability that needs Reishi and Reiastu control.”

Don’t think that you can immediately use Kido before you even start. First, you need to learn how to concentrate Reiatsu…”

The class teacher started talking with his hand behind his back. After a while, the teacher brought a basket full of special Crystal balls.

“This is a very special Crystal ball, used for Reiatsu control. Each one of you will receive a ball, and we will start practicing.”

After saying this, the Crystal balls were distributed amongst the students quickly.

Taking a crystal ball, Roja looked at it with interest, as controlling Reiatsu with a special item can be helpful.

It seems like the one used by Urahara to open the Dangai toward Soul Society for Ichigo and the others.

“The first step is for you to pour you Reiatsu into it.”

“Pay attention, and this item doesn’t test your Reiatsu, it can’t be activated without you actually controlling your reiatsu into it.”

The Kido teacher started talking.

After listening to his instructions, the students started trying to pour their Reiatsu inside the Crystal ball.

This was the first class, with many students who reached the fifth rank, only Roja was not ordinary amongst them, while they were geniuses to other people.

This training was simple as most students succeeded after a few tries.

Hinamori closed her eyes and concentrated as soon as she touched the ball, which directly made the ball react.

As she opened her eyes, she saw that and was very happy then looked at the ball in Roja’s hands was glittering with light and couldn’t help smiling.

“This is very simple.”

“Um, it is simple.”

After that, Roja’s attention returned to the ball as he examined her carefully.

A few moments later, Roja attempted to increase the output of Reiatsu he put inside the ball.


As the Reiatsu increased, the light on the Crystal ball dissipated before a sphere expanded smoothly out of it.

Many people watched this in shock, even Hinamori, which directly made them want to try as well.

However, no one was able to do the same thing, as Roja’s sphere was stable while the others were flickering.

The teacher’s eyes fell on Roja’s crystal ball and started to shine before slowly saying: “Well, it seems like someone already noticed the second step. Yes, the second step is increasing the Reiatsu and stabilize the light sphere around the crystal ball.”

While looking at Roja, he continued: “The third step is to compress the light sphere using Reiatsu.”


At the moment the teacher said this, Roja directly started compressing the ball at a very fast speed, completing the third step.

“The fourth step is to make a vortex by Rotating that sphere which will Gather Reishi around it.”

Directly, Roja started to spin the sphere creating a vortex.

“The step is the keep the Reiatsu stable, increase the vortex rotation speed, and crush the crystal ball.”

After that, Roja, like before, made the vortex rotate even faster.

Suddenly, a glass breaking sound was heard by all the students and the teacher. Eventually, the crystal ball shattered due to the vortex that disappeared right after.

Roja looked at his hand while he was immersed in what just happened.

“Very good, congratulation on completing three lessons. You don’t need to come for the next two lessons, which means tomorrow and the day after.” The teacher said, while looking serious.

Roja: “???”

Hinamori: “????”

Other students: “?????”

Such a thing can happen?

Roja didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He was practically suspended for the next two lessons. Leaving the class, Roja directly went to the library.

Roja directly went to grab three books about Reiatsu’s control, which the Kido teacher recommended for him.

They were ‘Basic analysis and application of Reiatsu’, ‘Characteristics of Reiatsu’, and ‘concentration and dispersion of Reiatsu’.

The titles sounded like something that would give you a headache.

When he started reading them, Roja found that the titles weren’t exactly related to the content. Too much of the content was useless, which made him want to kill the one who wrote them.

However, after a closer look, he did find a few useful things. It was indeed as the teacher said. It was a way to improve control over Reiatsu and Reishi further.

Being too lazy to borrow them, Roja directly started memorizing the useful content of the three books. When he finished, he directly left the library and returned to his room.

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