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G.O.S.S Chapter 577: The king’s palace and the Wandenreich

After returning to the Dormitory, Roja started reading on Reishi’s theories and characteristics while trying to control the Reishi.

The entire soul society was, in fact, constituted of Reishi even the passage between the Soul society and the human world, it was the perfect example of Reishi and world laws.

The space being denser in this world was due to the Reishi and the space law linking together.

For example, the Hollow in Hueco Mundo having the ability to tear space apart while they don’t understand the space low. But due to Roja only arriving at this world not long ago, he didn’t have a full understanding of this world and was bound by the world rules.

But due to his research about Reishi and using Kenbunshoku Haki, Roja’s world view changed.

“Space Construction… The ability that Sen Maboroshi had was based on the Shinigami world.

Roja’s eyes lightened in understanding.

Since Sen Maboroshi was using the same foundation, Roja could quickly understand the fundamental construction of the Space in this world.

The feeling he had about using every bit of strength he had just to tear space apart disappeared. He felt like a fish finding water inside a desert.

But with this, he could feel the Soul King’s palace.

“Soul King…”

Roja’s vision changed; his eyes seemed to penetrate the ceiling as he looked far ahead. His gaze was piercing the Reishi and space alike toward the Soul king’s palace.

In the original story, they said that the Soul King palace was the foundation of the world.

If Hueco Mundo, the human world, and the Soul Society were compared to the earth, mars, and other stars, then the soul king palace was like the sun.

But Roja couldn’t help thinking about this now if he it was true, then shouldn’t the soul king himself be stronger than even Kaguya by a few times if not more, if so, why didn’t he do anything and let Yhwach kill him so easily?

If Kaguya was the ancestor of Chakra, then the soul king should be the king of the world.

Roja was puzzled by this. Therefore, many questions appeared in his head about the mystery of the soul king.

How can Yhwach enter the soul king palace so easily, and why wouldn’t the soul king interfere with all that was happening?

Shaking his head, Roja decided not to think about this now.

If the soul king’s palace was above Soul Society, then shouldn’t the Wandenreich be under it?

“Hiding in the shadow of soul society for a millennium to recover his heartbeat, his consciousness, and his strength, then he faces the Shinigami directly. No one realized what was hiding in their shadow, even old man Yamamoto didn’t know… Yhwach.”

Roja lowered his head and whispered.

Since he was about a few decades from the plot starts, then it means that Yhwach was in the 90 years required to regain his consciousness.

Should he interfere before it happens?

Roja shook his head. He wasn’t someone from this world. He should wait for Sen Maboroshi to complete the evolution to the ninth stage, then get the Hogyoku, and by then, even if Yhwach was back with full power, he can defeat him.

After half a month, Roja didn’t go to the Kido class or the Zanjutsu class.

He went to Houho class to learn the foundation of Shunpo, though.

As for the Kido class, Roja went last time and directly used 30th Hado changelessly, which made the teacher directly give him permission to not come back for the rest of the semester.

In that time, Roja’s mastery over Reishi soared, although he can’t be compared to Yamamoto and Aizen, he can be compared to a normal captain.

With this, Roja’s Kido progressed even faster.

He can now use the 65th Hado and Bakudo chant-less.

If a teacher was to see this, he would be scared, not an even a sixth-year student could do kido about 60, not to mention chant-less.

He can directly join the Gotei 13 with these skills.

Inside the academies practice arena where students practice Kido and Zanjutsu freely, two figures were standing in a corner.

“The 12th Hado emphasis lies in the compression of Reiatsu, you can’t have your Reiatsu scattered, and in disorder, you need to compress it as hard as you can to succeed.”

This was Roja’s talking, and the one he was talking to was Hinamori, who was practicing Kido.

After staying in the dormitory for half a month, Roja wanted to take a stroll and met Hinamori by chance.

When Hinamori saw Roja, she happy as she wanted to see him. She only saw him twice in the past half a month.

And one of them was when he used the 30th Kido chant-less. Witnessing that, Hinamori concluded that Roja’s talent in Kido surpassed her by far, and she admired him.

“Um, I will try again.”

Hinamori earnestly listened to Roja and took a deep breath and started chanting while spreading her palm.

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