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G.O.S.S Chapter 578: Conflict

“Set thy flames and burn all, Oh star of light, combine the heat and start… Hado No.12, Fushibi!”

(T/N: The incantation or chant for the Fushibi wasn’t mentioned before.)

Hinamori gathered the Reishi while her hand extended in front of her. Suddenly, raging flames shot to the front.

“I did it!!”

Hinamori was beyond happy, while Roja just faintly smiled.

“You learned the No.12 Hado already. You’re really something, Hinamori.”

At this moment, a silhouette walked toward them. It was someone from the same class, Iziru.

The latter exclaimed after seeing Hinamori successfully use the No.12 Hado.

“No, it’s because of Roja’s teaching…”

Hinamori tilted her head slightly with a smile and said: “I remember that you used the No.10 Hado not long ago.”

“Well, several geniuses in soul society didn’t start practicing the No.12 Hado yet.”

Iziru smiled as he looked at Roja with admiration and said: “Well, Roja can use the No.30 Hado, without a chant, compared to him, I’m too far behind.”

Hinamori smiled but didn’t speak.

Indeed, Roja was in another league compared to them, his Zanjutsu and Kido especially.

“I didn’t have to practice Houho and Zanjutsu, so I spent my time in Kido by looking through the library.”

Roja smiled as he said: “I also went and borrowed some books, but I’m still not compared to you.”

Hinamori looked at Roja and said: “I heard that besides the Gotei 13, there are the Kido corps, where Kido geniuses gather, even if you can’t join the Gotei 13 because of your body condition, you can still join the Kido corps.”

The authority in this place was divided, the highest being the Soul King Palace, then the central room 46, after that comes the Gotei 13, Onmitsukidō, and the Kido corps.

However, over some time, with Yamamoto leading the Gotei 13, it dominated the others.

You can see this from two captains holding the position of the Commander over the Onmitsukidō to protect the Gotei 13.

But, the Kido corps collapsed due to the accident between Aizen and Urahara, who was the commander of the Kido corps at the time. That accident caused Urahara to leave soul society along with Yoruichi and the others.

That caused the Kido corps to suffer major losses.

“Kido corps?”

Roja touched his chin and smiled: “Deciding from the first years is a waste, at least let’s wait for the sixth year.”


Hinamori nodded and said: “Roja, your body will perhaps get better by then, and you would be able to practice Shunpo as well.”

Roja couldn’t look at Hinamori in the eye currently, he only used that as an excuse, so he doesn’t go to classes, but she believed him.

When Roja and the others were chatting, a student was standing on the training ground practicing Kido as well.

“Death and life, broken will, use thy scepter to burn ye skeleton, Flesh and Blood… Hado No.47 Holy flames.”


The Hado was released but didn’t reach its target, as it directly exploded.

The Hado failed.


The fifth-grade student was slightly burned as shouted angrily while Roja and the others chatted, and by coincidence, they were laughing, which made him even angrier and wanted to use them as an anger release.

“Hey! What are you smiling at? Your noise disturbed my Hado Practice.”

Hinamori, Roja, and Iziru were chatting heard this, which directly made Hinamori and Iziru slightly awkward.

So Iziru directly apologized.

“Sorry, we didn’t mean to disturb you.”

Seeing that Iziru actually didn’t rebuke him, he looked at Roja and Hinamori, that he saw practicing Hado No.12 before and directly concluded that they were freshmen who made him even more confident.

“You little freshmen rascals, you think an apology will do after disturbing my practice?”


Iziru didn’t know how to respond.

Hinamori, who was somewhat embarrassed before, was discontent after hearing his words when she wanted to talk someone a little far away moved toward them.

“You called all the freshmen rascals, and I can’t pretend that I didn’t hear this.”

The person who talked wasn’t Roja. It was Abarai Renji.

Directly Renji started rebuking the fifth-grade student: “Without having any talent and you dare say others disturbed you, what will you do when you are facing an enemy, will you say, ‘The enemy disturbed me when I was releasing my Kido?’”

The student’s face turned red after hearing Renji’s words.

“You dare act against your betters, you little rascal should know your place, it seems like I should teach you a lesson to respect your seniors.”

The student directly used Shunpo and moved toward Renji!


Although he failed to use the Kido before, he was in the fifth grade after all, and his movement seemed extremely quick in Renji’s eyes.

Almost in a flash, he appeared in front of Renji!

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