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G.O.S.S Chapter 579: Aizen’s attention!

“This guy…”

Renji’s face sank. He could only swing his sword in defense.

However, the student sneered at him as his fist directly connected with Renji’s face.

Renji, who tried to defend himself, was sent flying due to that punch.


Hinamori and Iziru ran directly toward him.

Renji was supported by the two of them as he stood up. He didn’t receive any serious wounds.

“This is inside the academy. You’re going too far!!”

The student heard Hinamori’s words and revealed a proud face filled with arrogance.


Renji clenched his teeth. He felt insulted as he angrily glared at the student coldly.

The student smiled coldly and said: “What’s wrong? Didn’t you say you will teach me a lesson? Hurry up and start then, or you can apologize to me and get out of the Practice ground and never let me see you again.”


Renji could no longer endure the humiliation and directly attacked.

The student sneered and directly counter-attacked.

Seeing this, Hinamori and Iziru took a deep breath and started controlling Reishi, trying to prevent the conflict from going further.

“Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat! Bokudo No.9: Geki!”

“Freeze, endless Darkness, light curtain of thunder… Bakudo No.4: Hainawa!”

Both were using a restraining kidos and launched them toward the fifth-grade student.

“Trying to use beginner’s Kido’s on me?”

The student directly snorted coldly as his whole body erupted with Reiatsu, he raised his hands after using Shunpo and aimed at Hinamori and the others.

“Hado 31: Shakkahō!”

The student didn’t use a chant. He directly used the thirty-first Hado spell, creating a scarlet fireball in his hand and launching it.

“Oh, no!! It’s a chantless 31st Hado!!”

Hinamori and the others looked at the fireball with shock. Even if using it without a chant makes it 50% weaker, it was still strong enough to wound them seriously.

Because he didn’t use a chant, it was launched before they could react.

Suddenly the temperature that was rising returned back to normal. Hinamori looked in front of her only to see a mirror appearing out of nowhere.

“Bakudo No.27, Mirror!”

The fireball fell on the invisible mirror, and as if it touched the water, it directly vanished, leaving behind a small wisp of smoke that dissipated after a few seconds.

Thinking that he was about to teach the freshmen a lesson, the student didn’t expect such a turn of event. He directly looked serious, and the look of arrogance disappeared.

“Who are you?”

He looked behind Hinamori and the other only to see Roja.

“Freshman, Roja.”

Roja patted Hinamori’s shoulder, trying to let her relax and once again looked at the student: “You should stop bullying students from lower classes.”

“A freshman?”

Hearing Roja’s words, the student stared at first before his expression changed as he thought that Roja used the 27th Bakudo without a chant.

Suddenly, the name Roja rang a bell in his head, and it was the one who reached the sixth Rank when he took the test for the academy.

Thinking about this, the student directly abandoned any thought about continuing his attacks, because even though Roja may not be as strong as him now, in the future, such a genius would most likely reach a position far higher than his.

“Since it’s you, I will leave it at this.”

After a slight hesitation, the student turned around and left.


Seeing the student leave, Hinamori and the others relaxed.

They weren’t surprised by Roja using the 27th Bakudo without incantation, because, they saw him use the 30th Hado already.

But they were still awed by this.

“Roja, you… Did you just use Shunpo?”

Hinamori, who was focusing at Roja most of the time, exclaimed with surprise.

She could tell that Roja was still far away when this started, but he was suddenly behind her, which, without a doubt, means he used a Shunpo.

“Um, it is Shunpo. I had some spare time when training in Kido, so I practiced a little.” Roja said with a smile without care: “It’s pretty difficult, I couldn’t master it.”


Hinamori felt a little awkward. Roa’s Shunpo was pretty fast, she couldn’t clearly see him move, which was close to that fifth-grade student’s Shunpo.

However, knowing that Roja didn’t attend many classes, she understood why he found it difficult.

Hinamori expressed her understanding, while Renji’s pride was heavily injured.

“You continue chatting. I will go first…”

Renji directly turned around to leave.

At the same time, outside the practice area, on a peak, two people were looking at the things that occurred from a distance.

“What do you think, Gin?”

“He must be hiding something, Captain Aizen, that Shunpo was very good, not something a freshman could usually pull.”

Gin narrowed his eyes.

Aizen stayed silent a for a bit before he started talking: “Not only his Shunpo but his attitude is too perfect.”


Gin looked at Aizen.

Aizen once again looked at the practice field and specifically Roja, as he said.

“When he meat a conflict, he doesn’t do anything, only when the situation is out of hand, does he interfere… and he only does by preventing further conflict. This is the image of a genius.”

“You mean…”

“Doesn’t it seem like he looks slightly the same as me?”

Aizen’s words made Gin stare at him while thinking about it.

After a while, Aizen turned to leave while Gin already vanished from there.

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