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G.O.S.S Chapter 580: Six Months Later

Aizen and Gin didn’t know what just happened when they departed, Roja, who was smiling while talking with Hinamori, and the others looked where they stood, and his eyes flashed.

“Staring at me? Aizen…”

Roja wasn’t surprised, Aizen always stared at Hinamori and Abarai Renji in the original story, even others for a long time, now that his performance was outstanding, Aizen’s attention would fall on him.

For the current him, he wasn’t afraid of Aizen when he gets the Hogyoku, let alone before he did.

Aizen was the kind of villain to plan ahead and play a lot of drama, Roja didn’t want anything of that.

He didn’t need strategies, he didn’t need drama or anything of that; he only smashes ahead with absolute power.

In a flash, six months passed. Aizen stayed put and didn’t cause any trouble.

In that half a year, Roja practiced Hado till No.82 and Bakudo till No.81.

This speed didn’t appear before in the entire history of soul society.

Naturally, Roja guessed that Aizen could’ve done the same when he was in the academy, but he hid it. Roja even went to the library to see who had reached the sixth Rank in the test before him, but he couldn’t find Aizen in the list.

Aizen didn’t reach the six rank?

That’s, of course, a joke.

Aizen’s Reiatsu was one of the strongest existences in Soul Society, and he was good at hiding it.

Beside Urahara, and a few sharp eyes Shinigami’s, Aizen was the fairest and most amiable captain.

“Hado No.78: Zangerin!”

A highly condensed Reiatsu shot out from the tip of Roja’s sword before it fell in a narrow space between two rocks.

“The difficulty of Kido without incantation increases after the 60th, Zangerin without a chant was at least half as powerful than with the chant.”

The difficulty of Kido was the same a video games leveling system, the first few levels would be easy, the same as the first 30 Kido, after that, the difficulty would raise a little bit, but good players would still find it easy, but when it reaches a certain level, raising further would be extremely hard. That level would be 60th and above kido.

If he aimed at just learning them, not mastering the chantless ones, he would be already above the 90th Kido.

Naturally, there is also another problem, which is the lack of books for the kido above 82 for Hado and 81 for Kido.

Higher-level kidos weren’t put in the Academy’s library, not only the students, not even the teachers could use them, that’s why nothing about them is there. Also, they were removed in fear that some student would waste their time trying to learn them.

These books could only found in Central room 46 or the Kido Corps library.

Roja continued to practice until someone knocked on the door.

Roja knew who it was, and could only shake his head, before making it to the door.

Opening the door, a young girl wearing the academy’s uniform appeared in front of him, it was Hinamori.

The Shinigami’s academy didn’t separate Male and Female’s dormitory. That’s why it was easy for Hinamori to visit him.

“Shiro-chan (Lil’ Shiro), you rarely visit me anymore, did you have some problem with Kido?”

Roja smiled at Hinamori. In the past six months, he didn’t know how, but he was calling her Shiro-chan instead of Hinamori.

“Well, the teacher wanted me to inform you that several days later, we will have real combat training, we will go to the human world and fight hollows. Everyone needs to participate.”

Hinamori shook her head, then said with a smile.

Roja touched his chin before suddenly, his expression changed.

Hinamori noted the change and directly asked: “What?”

“Nothing, sorry I’ve been distracted.”

Roja scratched the back of his head and smiled embarrassedly. Then he suddenly remembered and said: “Ah, sorry, you want to come in for a while?”

“I must immediately go back, today is a Kido class, do you want to go?”

“Kido class? You know that I already mastered the 30th Hado, I can’t go.”

Roja said to Hinamori.

Hinamori also knew that Roja mastered even more than the 30th, so attending class didn’t have any significance, so she smiled adorably and waved him goodbye.

Seeing Hinamori off, Roja returned to his room with an unusual light in his eyes.

“Real fight practice in the Human world? Fighting Hollow?”

If he remembers correctly, this is where Aizen would let a Menos Grande attack then defeat it.

Also, this event caused Hinamori to worship Aizen.

Regardless of what happened in the original story and whether he would change the future with this or not, Roja would interfere and make sure Hinamori worship him instead of Aizen. The Adorable little girl was wasted on someone like Aizen.

And while he is at it, he wanted to see what would Aizen’s next move would be.

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