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G.O.S.S Chapter 581: To the Human World!

Five days later, Roja and Hinamori were sitting at the back of a crowd in front of a gate. Two-thirds of the students from the academy were gathered here.

Hinamori was telling Roja about the captain who was accompanying them.

“The teacher said that Captain Aizen is the one who will go with us, his Reiatsu is completely different from the normal Shinigamis.”

“Captains are fierce, of course, their Reiatsu would be stronger than the rest.”

Roja laughed humbly, but he snorted in his heart.

While Roja and Hinamori were chatting, three students walked in front of the crowd.

But compared to the freshmen, these three seemed calm.

“Hello there, my name is Hisagi, Sixth grade.”

“I am Kanisawa!”

“I’m Aoga.”

The sixth graders just went out of their way and introduced themselves to the freshmen. Everyone was astonished seeing them.


“These three…”

People started whispering.

Renji, who wasn’t good with words, directly made a strange face before asking Iziru beside him: “Huh? Are these seniors famous, Kira, do you know them?”

“Not the three of them, but one amongst them.”

Kira seriously said: “He is called Hisagi Shuuhei, when he graduates, he is guaranteed to have a seated Officer position in the Gotei 13, and everyone is having a high expectation of him.”


Renji blinked, hearing this, he turned around to look at Hinamori and Roja beside her.

Is being a seated Officer so great?

Here is a Future Vice-captain, not knowing how great that position is.

Kira noted Renji’s expression and remembered that he had the same expression around Roja.

“You will act as a group of three.”

From the three sixth-graders, Kanisawa directly broke the whispers and said: “Before asking how you’re being teamed, each of you was given a symbol, people with the same symbol are teamed together.”

Hearing this, the people started looking at the symbols they had and looked for their teams.

“So that’s how we’re grouped? Roja, you also have the same symbol as me.”

Hinamori was astonishing before she put the symbol back into her pocket with delight for being on the same team as Roja.

Roja smiled at her and nodded! “Mm. What a coincidence.”

Before coming here, Roja conveniently made certain that he had the same symbol as Hinamori, while the last one fell into Kira’s hand.

“I didn’t think I would be in the same group as you, Roja… Please take care of me.”

Kira said politely.

Because of his character, Kira Iziru was friendly with almost everyone in Class.

“Be quiet. All of you found your team now.”

Hisagi looked at them as he started talking seriously: “Good, now I will tell you the main point of this training.”

“Sixth-grade students already went ahead and surrounded an area for training purposes.”

“After getting them, we will start the combat simulation training.”

“Although the sixth graders provided a battle friendly situation for you, they won’t assist you later, understand?”

The three of them explained everything about the training, then turned around and opened the Senkaimon.

Because Hisagi already had the qualification to join the Gotei 13, he had a Jigokuchō that can guide him through the Senkaimon. This was why he was the one leading them now.

With the Jigokuchō guidance, there was no danger while crossing the Senkaimon. With this, all the freshmen arrived safely in the human world.

When they arrived, it was day time. They appeared outside a huge factory, which was the place for their training.

“This is the human world…”

This was Roja’s first visit to the human world, which made him directly open his perception. He could tell that this world and the Soul Society were completely different.

Compared to space fused with Reishi, where space was sturdy, this place’s space was frail, and it can be compared to One piece’s world.

People above the Vice-captain had to suppress their Reiatsu, so they don’t disturb the human world, which was fragile.

Modern buildings were all over the place, which made Roja feel familiar.

This feeling rose when he looked at the buildings because, in his previous life, he lived in a similar civilization… but it wasn’t his world.

This was Roja’s first time coming here, as well as the others, who were immersed in observing this new world.

The sixth graders were obviously familiar with this place. Seeing that everyone was in a daze, Hisagi directly said.

“Well, don’t daze all day, the factory in front of you is the training place, you can go in and prepare now.”

Hisagi’s voice directly woke the crowd up. He didn’t look at them as he entered the factory himself.

“Well, from now on, the sixth graders won’t help you; you will act in a group of three. Remember to come back before eight in the evening.”


Everyone nodded as they started walking.

The real combat simulation started.

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