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G.O.S.S Chapter 582: Menos Grande appeared!

On the street, a Hollow with a strange body rushed toward Hinamori, who held her hand in front of her.

“Hado No.31; Shakkaho!”


Reishi directly condensed into a fireball that directly swallowed the Hollow’s body.

However, another Hollow appeared behind Hinamori, and directly attacked her back with its giant claws.

“Hinamori, be careful!”

Not far, Kira saw this and immediately warned Hinamori, he wanted to move and help, but he didn’t have enough time.

But at this moment, Roja, who was standing on a roof, directly helped.

“Bakudo 30: Shitotsu Sansen.”

Yellow energy burst out of Roja’s palm forming a triangle, on the triangle’s points, three smaller ones appeared and directly pierced the Hollow pinning it to the ground.

Hinamori directly drew her sword and killed it.


She directly turned toward Roja with a smile and thanked him.

Roja returned the smile and said: “Don’t worry about it, but you should pay attention to your environment.”


Hinamori nodded.

Kira seeing this, sighed in relief. He scratched the back of his head and said: “We can relax having you with us, Roja.”

Roja always intervened at crucial moments using his Bakudo from distance to support them, providing them with experience without the danger accompanying it.

Even though these Hallows are simulated and won’t leave serious injury, they still would leave a mark afterward

At this moment, Hinamori’s pupil shrank as she shouted toward Kira.

“Kira, behind you.”

“I know!”

Kira already realized that a Hollow was coming toward him, so he directly slashed it with his sword the hollow knowing that it can’t win tried to escape, but Kira didn’t want to let it go.

However, as he pursued it, suddenly, a sword directly slashed it in half, killing it.

“Yo, you’re here.”

A silhouette suddenly appeared. This was Renji.

After killing the Hollow, Renji looked at Kira and Hinamori, his mouth slightly raised as he said provokingly.

“This training is simple, I think that killing these Hollows by myself won’t be a problem, but I wanted to kill real hollows… On the other hand, you may have killed many of them, but I don’t think you killed as many as I did.”

“That’s no certain.”

Hinamori smiled toward Renji while he snorted coldly.

Renji looked at Hinamori then toward the distant roof, where Roja stood. After a few seconds, he turned around to leave.

“You said that it wasn’t certain, well see when the result comes out.”

Roja was listening to this while smiling faintly.

Until now, nothing unusual appeared, if he remembered correctly, Aizen would make a dozen of Menos Grande appear here.

After half a day, Roja, Hinamori, and Kira killed many Hollows. Roja didn’t participate much in the killing, only when a Hallow came toward him will he extinguish it with a Hado.

Other than that, he would just provide support using Bakudo that can’t kill the Hollows.

They ran into other groups a few times, but nothing major happened after they greeted each other and continued their training.

The light started to fade as the sun was going down, and at this moment, when Roja used another Bakudo to help Hinamori, his eyes directly flashed as he looked behind him. He felt the suppressed Reiatsu of the Menos Grande.

Roja’s Kenbunshoku Haki was many times stronger than when he was in One Piece, from just the normal senses, into sensing Chakra and even Reiatsu. It was no longer the same Haki it used to be.

“They’re Finally here?”

Sensing the Menos Grande, Roja muttered while his eyes were flashing.

But at this time, Hinamori’s voice reached his ears.

“Roja, be careful!”


Roja realized that a Hollow was behind him because he wasn’t paying attention; he didn’t use Kido but only stretched his hand full of Reiatsu and crashed the Hollow.

“Roja, how did you?”

Hinamori arrived at the roof and looked at Roja strangely.

After Roja destroyed the Hollow, he smiled at her and said: “All right, I was suddenly distracted… on the other hand, it seems time’s up.”

“Well, it’s almost eight.”

Hinamori directly returned the sword to its sheath and stretched lazily. She smiled at Roja and said: “I almost forgot about the time. We should go back.”

“Let’s go.”

Roja smiled and nodded at her, but his Kenbunshoku is following the Menos Grande’s movement. When he noticed another presence, which made his eyes glow coldly.

You want to test me?

Since you’re here, then let me accompany you in this test, Sosuke Aizen.

Although Roja hid himself to a certain extent, he was hiding just to avoid unnecessary trouble. When it is time to solve a problem, he would just use his power to solve it.

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