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G.O.S.S Chapter 583: Terrifying Menos Grande!

The light dimmed as the students started gathering in front of the factory.

Hisagi and the other sixth graders were waiting there already.

“Time is up. We should go back.”

“Um, it seems like the training came to an end.”

Aoga and Kanisawa looked at the freshmen gathering and sighed in relief.

There were cases where the students would get injured as the Reiatsu of a Shinigami was attractive to Hollows, which made real Hollow appear while the freshmen were training.

But it only occurred a few times.

“Here is Hisagi at the meeting point, what is the situation on your end?”

Hisagi held a special communication device as he asked, but after a few seconds waiting, no response came.

“What is it?”

Kanisawa felt that something was strange and directly asked.

Hisagi frowned as he said: “Something’s wrong, No one from the Kido corps responded.”

While they were trying to communicate with them, Roja, Hinamori, and Kira arrived.

Hinamori looked at the anxious faces and asked: “Why do I feel that something is wrong?”

Roja beside her looked at her appearance, and faintly smiled. Her talent was high. She could perceive the Menos Grande instinctively.

But at this time, the Menos Grande that was hiding couldn’t wait any longer. His Suppressed Reiatsu flared as he directly moved toward Hisagi. He started attacking fiercely.


A Hollow with a strange white mask appeared. It had giant claws with a crescent moon shape that directly moved toward Hisagi and the other two sixth-graders beside him.


“Not good!”

Their expression changed as they subconsciously drew their swords to resist the attack, but they were still sent flying by the Menos Grande.

“This… Damn! A Menos Grande. Why did he appear here?”

Hisagi stabilized himself and directly regained his balance as he reached the ground. His face was full of fear as he looked at the Menos Grande.

If they were ordinary Hollows, he wouldn’t be this afraid, but a Menos Grande was another matter completely.

No ordinary Shinigami can deal with a Menos Grande.

Menos Grandes were divided into three ranks. The lowest ranks weren’t strong, the one after it had the ability to command the Hollows while the highest could command other Menos Grandes.

Even if the lowest-ranked Menos Grande appeared here, it needs a Vice Captain to cope with, and the higher ones would need a captain.

Even if Hisagi saw the Menos Grande for the first time, he can tell that this wasn’t a low ranked one, as he felt the terrifying Reitsu it exuded.


The Menos Grande wasn’t patient as it attacked Hisagi and the others without delay. Its giant claws flew toward Kanisawa.

Kanisawa’s face was full of fear. She could only use her sword to resist the claws Subconsciously. But she was still sent flying in the air.

Seeing the Menos Grande about to finish her off with its claws, Hisagi directly jumped to save her. At the same time, Hisagi looked at the Freshmen and shouted.

“Run, all of you run away quickly!”

At this time, the Freshmen knew what was Hisagi currently facing. The teacher mentioned it before. It said that if they met a Menos Grande, they need to escape immediately.

They could see that the Sixth Graders were injured from two or three attacks from the Menos Grande, which made most of them terrified. They really wanted to help, but they couldn’t, so they directly started retreating.

“It a real Hollow…”

Everyone was retreating except for three people.

Roja, Hinamori and Kira.

Kira was ignorant and aggressive, Hinamori was feeling helpless, and Roja’s eyes were coldly looking at the Menos Grande.

Hinamori took a deep breath. Her eyes hardened as she decisively stayed behind.

“Hey, what are you doing? That’s a Menos Grande!!”

Seeing this, Renji couldn’t help but shout toward Kira and the others.

Hinamori directly rushed forward at a crucial moment to help Hisagi. She swung her sword to black the Menos Grande’s strike.

Seeing Hinamori, a freshman rushing to battle, Hisagi didn’t have free time to blame her or comment on her bravery.

After a few attacks, Kanisawa and Aoga were seriously injured and dying. If sixth graders couldn’t face it, what can a freshman do?

After Hinamori assisted Hisagi, she directly raised her hand and started chanting the highest Hado she mastered.

“Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!”

“Hado No.31: Shakkaho!”


A scarlet red Fireball directly collided with the Menos Grande, directly injuring it, which resulted in an angry roar from it.

Looking at Hinamori striking the Menos Grande, Hisagi didn’t relax or get better. Instead, his expression was even uglier as he clenched his teeth: “This is bad!! That kind of attack doesn’t affect it, quickly run away now!”

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