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G.O.S.S Chapter 584: Killing the Menos Grande!

Without waiting for Hisagi to finish talking, the Menos Grande opened its mouth in anger. Reiatsu started condensing in front of its mouth as the air around them became heavy.

“This is… Cero!!”

Hisagi paled as he sensed the Reiatsu and knew that they couldn’t resist this attack.

While Hinamori looked blankly at the Menos Grande that received her attack without any damage at all, the disparity in their power was too big.

Facing the Cero, her mind was numb. She only stood there, waiting for death.


In the next moment, the Cero flew from the Menos Grande’s mouth and destroyed everything in its path toward Hisagi and Hinamori.

But when they were already expecting death, they suddenly heard a sound.

“Bakudo No.73, Tozansho!”


Suddenly, Reiatsu fluctuated, and an inverted pyramid suddenly formed around Hisagi, Hinamori, and the others covering them directly.

What was astonishing, though, the Cero that hit the crystalized Pyramid was destroyed while the pyramid only vibrated slightly.

“This is…”

Hisagi was shocked and couldn’t speak. His mind was moving quickly, trying to think about what just happened. Did soul society send aid?

However, as he turned around, he didn’t see the Kido corps, he saw another student taking back his finger.

Can’t it be?

Hisagi saw Roja and was stunned. A freshman used Bakudo No.73?

He was about to Graduate and could only use Bakudo No.60, and this freshman unexpectedly not only used Bakudo No.73, but it was also Chant-less.


Seeing that the Cero vanished when it came in contact with the shield, Hinamori sighed first, before she looked at the Pyramid shaped barrier around her. Suddenly her eyes almost popped out.

Although she knew that Roja’s talent was too high, as he could so fast use the 30th Kido without chants, she couldn’t have imagined that Roja would be able to use something as high as 73rd Kido.

Her talent in Kido was very good, and usually, she would mostly study Kido. She was clear about the difficulty of using Kido chantlessly, and she also knew that the higher one moves up, the harder it gets to learn Kido.

Even if he took the graduation exam now, he would most likely succeed and join the Kido corps without difficulty.

Not far from there, Kira and Renji almost fell when they saw Roja use such a strong Kido. They didn’t think that Roja was so far ahead already.

However, it was just the start.

In the next instant, Roja pointed his finger toward the Menos Grande and said.

“Hado No.63, Raikoho!”


This was far stronger than the Shakkoho that Hinamori used before. Yellow lighting directly smashed into the Menos Grande’s body.

The lightning cracked as the Menos Grande roared. The more pain it felt, the angrier it would be.

“Menos Grande is unusual.”

Roja looked at the Menos Grande indifferently. This was his first time fighting a hollow, so he had no idea how powerful they were.

Seeing that Raikoho didn’t kill the Menos Grande, he extended his palms directly toward it.

“Hado No.73, Soren Sokatsui!”

Two blue light beams suddenly appeared in Roja’s palms!

Wouch! Wouch!

As soon as Roja released the attack, the streets cracked along with the building.

The strong shockwave directly Hit Renji and the others in the face, but they tried as hard as they can to stay standing.

Gradually, the dust dispersed, and the Tozansho vanished. The Menos Grande was nowhere to be found. Obviously, it was annihilated.

As Tozansho dispersed, Hisagi and Hinamori appeared, with faces full of shock.

Bakudo No.73, Hado No.63, and Hado No.73… were used consecutively. Even if he used every drop of Reiatsu, he had to release these Kidos, he may not have enough, but a freshman just did just that.


If he guessed correctly, the only freshman with a large Reiatsu capacity is the one who reached the sixth Rank in his test.


Without waiting for Hisagi to finish his train of thoughts, ripples appeared all over the place, and many Menos Grandes appeared out of nowhere.

All of them were Menos Grades. Looking at this, Hisagi’s heart almost stopped as he looked in fright at this scene.

Not only Hisagi, Renji, Kira, and the other students were also stunned as cold sweat covered them from head to toe.

“This… Damn!”

“How come there are so many Menos Grandes so suddenly?”

Just one was enough to almost kill them, and now there are so many of them. They suddenly felt desperate after a glimpse of hope appeared before.

Hisagi was beyond frightened. Even though Roja killed a Menos Grande just now, there are at least another ten right now.

Releasing high tiers Kido consecutively would be almost impossible, even if he Roja can release 35 one consecutively, they would still die.


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