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G.O.S.S Chapter 585: Sweeping all away!

Beside the Factory not far away, the gate connecting the soul society with the Human world was slowly vanishing.

Before it vanished, two figures wearing official Shihakusho arrived.

They were Aizen and Ichimaru Gin.

“He’s really frightening, he destroyed a Menos Grade just after entering the school for six months, and he learned 73rd Kido, and he used them without chants.”

Gin looked at the distance where Roja and Menos Grande were, while he talked.

His hand was on his Zanpakuto as he prepared to support them.

However, Aizen raised his hand, preventing him from helping and said.

“Wait for a bit.”

“Um? There are more than ten Menos Grandes, and they can die from this, Captain Aizen.”

Gin narrowed his eyes and asked.

Aizen’s eyes were glittering as he said: “Maybe… But look, he doesn’t seem panicking, and I think he can do better.”

“We are hiding our Reiatsu, he doesn’t know that we are here, but he still kept his cool.”

“Oh, I didn’t think that listening to Captain Aizen, I also want to look now.” Gin smiled as he took his hand away from his Zanpakuto.

Not far away, Hinamori and the others looked at the Menos Grandes surrounding them with fear.

But only one was calm. Obviously, that’s Roja.

“These are the Menos Grande that you brought to test me? Aizen.”

Looking at the Menos Grande, Roja was calm as he turned around and looked at Aizen and Gin’s position.

“Fortunately, a little Menos Grande can’t make me reveal much, and you can’t test me with this, since you want to know why I’m so calm, I will let you take a look.”

Roja snorted coldly, and his Reiatsu erupted as he looked at the Menos Grandes while pointing his sword at them before he waved it.

“Hado No.78: Zangerin!!”

The sword released a Condensed Reiatsu strike toward the Menos Grande directly.

The result of such an attack made the Spatial ripples from where the Hollows appeared to distort.

The Menos Grandes felt danger, but not all of them could avoid, which resulted in them being from in two.

But these that tried to avoid still got some part cut off, some had their arms cut others had their legs cut.

After this, Roja didn’t stop, and he continued attacking the Menos Grande one after the other.”

“Bakudo No.63: Sajo Sabaku!”

“Bakudo No.71: Sora No Shikiri!”

“Bakudo No.75: Gochutekkan!”

The last Three Bakudo’s were used to restrict the Menos Grandes. There were 45 that didn’t dare move while five others were restricted.

The Menos Grande Roared and tried to shake their restrains, but they still failed.

The Menos Grande could tell that Roja can’t be trifled with, and started roaring at him.

Releasing four Kidos above 60 while killing two Menos Grande and restraining Five while other 45 didn’t dare make a move.

This scene made Hinamori and the others dazzled.

Gin’s expression, which was usually a smile, changed; he was shocked.

But that’s not the end.

Roja once again raised his hand. The only difference was that Roja, this time chanted.

“Black Fog, Deep Space, Dry, Loosen, Cut, and expand, let the Ragin fire burn all, let the sun explode… Hado No.82: Nisshokuho!”

Jet black light erupted from Roja’s palm. It passed by Hinamori and the others and expanded all around the place. The area surrounding them was completely dyed black.

The Menos Grande felt the danger, but even though they tried to flee, the black light still caught them.

This move made even Aizen shocked. He didn’t expect this at all.

Roja was still a freshman who only entered the academy for about 6 months. His Zanjutsu was way above even the teacher, which made Aizen think that Roja would use his sword, he didn’t expect Roja to actually use Kido and one above 80th at that.

Suddenly Roja clapped his hands.

This action caused the black light to disappear, revealing Hinamori and the others. What was really shocking, only the remainder of the two cut Menos Grandes were there.

The others disappeared completely.

“This… This…”

Hisagi couldn’t speak. He just saw a freshman use an 82nd Kido. Was this a Joke! Even if Roja’s Reiatsu talent was high, he was only a freshman.

Is this a Kido, a freshman, could use?!

And where did he find the Reiatsu to use so many Kidos?

Not only Hisagi thought about this, Hinamori and the others thought the same, they know Roja’s talent was high, but still, too, be like that is exaggerated.

The consecutive use of High-level Kido without a chant and even releasing a level 80 Kido!

Before, Renji thought that Roja was just studying Shunpo and Zanjutsu after he completed studying the first years Kido, but these thoughts shattered.

But not only was he using high-level Kido, but he also knew Shunpo and Zanjutsu as well?!

Let alone an academy student. Even the teachers won’t hold a candle against him.

Facing the remaining two Menos Grandes, Roja didn’t have mercy. He pointed two fingers at each Menos Grandes.

Roja didn’t want to use Zanjutsu or Houho against them, so he directly said.

“Hado No.71: Kuro Shakkaho.”

“Hado No.72: Kibaku kesshō!”

Bang! Bang!

Roja once again used another two-high level Kidos without a chant.

Looking at this, The students not longer felt shocked. They felt numb.

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