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G.O.S.S Chapter 586: Meeting!

“Too strong…”

Hinamori finally got out of her shock, and couldn’t help mutter in a low voice as she looked at Roja. Not only does she admire him, but she was also even worshiping him by now.

When Renji and the others recovered and wanted to say something, the sound of footsteps came from behind them.

Hinamori and the other subconsciously looked back only to find two silhouettes wearing the Gotei 13 Captain’s Haori and Vice Captain’s Haori.

The Vice-captain was Ichimaru gin under the captain of the fifth division Aizen.

“You are… Captain Aizen of the Fifth Division and Vice-Captain Ichimaru Gin?”

Hisagi looked slightly startled. Even if he would later join the Gotei 13, he didn’t see a Captain of a Vice-Captain face to face before.

Aizen nodded while smiling: “We are the rescue, but it looks like we’re not needed.”

Aizen said while looking at Roja appreciatingly. It’s normal for a captain to come for rescue after all.

“Your performance was Outstanding.”

“Not only did you reach the sixth rank in the test, you even understand Kido to such a degree and killed Many Menos Grandes with it only.”

Gin said while exaggerated slightly with a surprised expression.

Roja humbly smiled: “My body is quite weak. I am not good at Zanjutsu or Hoho, so all my time is spent on Practicing Kido.”


Gin’s eyes narrowed when he heard Roja’s words, but he still laughed. He believed that something was fishy.

Hearing those few words, Gin could tell that Indeed, Roja was like Aizen. No one could completely understand him.

Aizen suddenly spoke: “If your body is not good, you can visit the captain of the fourth division to get treated. After all, it’s not good if you abandon Hoho and Zanjutsu completely.”


Roja touched his hair and said: “But I thought that Kido was the strongest Shinigami art. The others can be forgotten.”

Gin: “…”

Aizen: “…”

The Students: “…”

Originally, Aizen and Gin didn’t even expect Roja to say something like this, which caught them by surprise, but Aizen was still Aizen, he directly said as he looked at Roja.

“It looks like you like Kido very much… Um, that’s good. I also have some research on Kido. If you want, you can come to the Fifth Division to ask about Kido. Moreover, you can apply for an early Graduation, and I will welcome you to the Fifth division.”

Aizen extended his hand toward Roja.

Seeing Aizen’s acting skills, Roja was about to praise him, if he didn’t know everything about this world, he would’ve thought that Aizen was the most amiable captain.

“I’m honored, but I only entered the academy not long ago, I still need to learn many things, I will have to study diligently.”


Aizen nodded without any change in expression. He is scheming about how to make Roja join the fifth Division no matter what.

The news about what happened quickly reached the Gotei 13 and caused quite a stir.

If in training, the student encounter Hollows, it wasn’t that dangerous, but if the Hollow attacking was a Menos Grande, the danger would be present, and they would need to send people to rescue them, and if Many Menos Grande Appeared, the Soul Society would be alarmed.

But what was important in this event, a group of Menos Grande attacked the student, and one of them, who was a freshman, actually killed all of them.

This news spread all over the soul Society like wildfire.

At this time, a captain’s meeting was being held inside the captain’s assembly hall by Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto request. Yamamoto was standing in the middle of the room, as he said.

“The students who went for the simulation training encountered a massive attack from Menos Grande. Aizen, you directly went there when you discovered something strange?”

Yamamoto was calmly looking at Aizen.

Aizen stood in the middle as soon as he arrived and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t discover any abnormality, there is no trace of Hollow Bait.”

“Many Menos Grande appeared at the same time shouldn’t be by coincidence.”

Yamamoto’s brows wrinkled. It wasn’t normal for so many Menos Grande to appear at the same place and same time.

Yamamoto looked at the Eighth division’s captain, Shunsui Kyōraku, and said: “Shunsui, what did you discover?”

Shunsui Kyōraku shook his head slightly and said: “That side of the Human world didn’t have anything in particular, probably the students couldn’t conceal their Reiatsu well, which caused the Menos Grande to be attracted to them.

Hearing this, Yamamoto hesitated for a bit, before he shook his head. He couldn’t rush into Hueco Mundo to investigate, and they couldn’t discover anything in the human world.

Moreover, what Shunsui said was also reasonable. He remembered that the student who had reached the sixth rank in his entrance test used Kido above 80th, which such talent even the previous grand Kido corps chief couldn’t achieve that after just half a year of practice.

Just this fact made Yamamoto attach great importance to Roja. Such a talent was scarce even 1000 years ago.

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