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G.O.S.S Chapter 587: Kido Corps!

“Since there is nothing discovered, it is the first event of its kind recorded,” Yamamoto said after hitting the ground with his stick.

Shunsui nodded his head, but he remembered something, and directly said: “That freshman with high Reiatsu talent, he requested permission to enter the Kido corps library.”

The Kido corps library wasn’t something that ordinary students can go to. Even official Shinigamis need to make a request to enter. The only exception was the Kido Corps personals, as well as the Officials of the Gotei 13 divisions.

A freshman requesting entry to the Kido corps library, this was the first time since the beginning of the Gotei 13.

Hearing Shunsui’s words, Yamamoto raised his brows.

But at this time, Aizen started talking: “The power of that student surpassed most, even a Vice-captain won’t have it easy against him, I proposed early graduation, but he didn’t want to graduate early.”


Hearing Aizen, Yamamoto nodded and said: “I also heard about that.”

The 13th division’s Captain, Ukitake, suddenly spoke: “He has such a high talent in Reiatsu and Kido, isn’t arrogant or rash. It’s really rare. Although he isn’t an official Shinigami yet, and not have the qualification to visit the Kido Library, special circumstances require special Solution…”

Yamamoto said after hearing this: “Rules are rules, we can’t make an exception easily, but…”

Yamamoto stopped for a second before continuing: “Even if he doesn’t graduate early, we can give him the qualification to join the Gotei 13 ahead of time, which would be a good solution.”

Ukitake was in a daze before he smiled and said in his heard, well, its always the old man whose ahead of everyone.

Roja’s deed made quite a stir in the Soul Society, which granted him the qualification to join the Gotei 13 ahead of time.

After all, most students of the academy, even sixth-grader, never saw a Menos Grande before, but the concept of a freshman killing more than ten Menos Grandes.

This was the first time they heard about a freshman having the qualification to join the Gotei 13.

Most people knew about Hisagi, who is a sixth-grader that had that kind of qualification, which brought him fame, but what about a freshman.

Roja once again was the talk of all the academy.

Naturally, the major part of this was the girls, who admired Roja greatly now.

He was the one with a sixth rank talent in Reiatsu, the one who defeated the Zanjutu teacher, the one who could use high-level Kido…

Roja already had many girls who admired him previously. Now they are nearly worshiping him.

This caused many male students to not being convinced at all and didn’t like Roja much. They envied him.

Especially his talent, many students, even in higher grades, either envied him or didn’t believe everything at all.

“It’s too exaggerated. He is only a freshman. Even if his talent is high, at least he should reach the sixth grade before getting the qualification to join the Gotei 13.”

“I heard that he killed more than ten Menos Grandes. Really, a Menos Grande I read about in the book was fearful. In training, I encountered a few hollows, but none of the Menos Grande.”

Many discussions amongst the students were about Roja.

But at this time, Roja was already in front of the Kido corps building.

The Kido corps building had the same style as the Gotei 13 building.

Originally, this building was one of the most powerful places in the Soul society. But after Aizen framed Tsukabishi Tessai and forced him to the Human world to flee, with Urahara and the others, the Kido corps suffered heavy losses and declined.

The current chief is Fujiwara Ryu, who took over after that accident, but he wasn’t even as strong as a vice-captain.

Because of this, many students didn’t want to join the Kido corps after graduation.

“The library here is way smaller than the academy’s, but it is probably full of books about Kido.”

Roja walked to the vice chief of the Kido Corps and talked with him.

Looking at the permission of entry, the vice-chief touched his hair and said: “Learning Kido No.82 makes me blush in shame.”

When he first heard about Roja’s accomplishment, he felt like he was ignorant. He studied Kido for more than 100 years, and he recently grasped the 90th Kido.

Roja was a freshman, but he learned Hado No.82, and that only what he showed. It was like a bad joke.

He was sure that soon Roja would surpass him.

So long as he joins the Kido corps, he would definitively become the Kido Chief sooner or later.

Due to his talent, he would reach the same level as Ryu and surpass him in a few years at most.

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