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G.O.S.S Chapter 588: Trying to bind

“You’re praising me too Much, Vice-Chief, if I encounter any difficult problem, I will look for you to get pointers.” Roja smiled.

Seeing Roja’s humbleness, the Vice-chief was really happy and couldn’t help saying: “That’s natural, I will help with whatever I can… However, I can’t really use Kido above 90th.”

Roja: “…”

Finally, they arrived at the library.

The librarian saw the Vice-chief and directly stood up to salute him.


Once he saw Roja, he felt a little strange as his eyes widened: “Is it possible that this…”

“Starting today, he can come to the library whenever he wants.”

The Vice-chief directly said.

Hearing this, the librarian could only nod, he didn’t know who Roja was, but he didn’t want to go against the vice-chief’s orders.

Although Roja was just a student at the Academy, his potential was frightening. If he joins after graduating, he would be at least the Vice-chief.

“Many thanks, Vice-chief, for guiding me here.”

Roja smiled as he thanked the Vice-chief. He then directly moved to the bookshelves in a relaxed manner.

But after searching for some time, his brows wrinkled. He found the books about the Hado and Bakudo from the first to the 82nd, but he couldn’t find the ones after, like the 83rd and 88th.

There was a book about the 89th and 92nd Hado, but Roja still didn’t find books higher than that.

Furthermore, the books of Bakudo above 81st weren’t there. He found only books about the 91st to 93rd.

“What’s going on?”

Roja felt slightly strange, there was more than one book for the first 82 Hado and Bakudo, but above these books, there weren’t any helpful books at all, it seems like most of them are borrowed.

At this moment, the vice-chief arrived beside Roja and saw his expression. He couldn’t help asking: “What is it? You didn’t find the books you’re looking for?”

“There are two books for Hado from 83rd to 92nd, and only one for 82nd to 90th Bakudo, where are the other books?”

Roja directly asked the Vice-chief without reservation.

The Vice-chief’s brows wrinkled, hearing Roja’s words as he said: “That’s strange… Although there aren’t that many books above the 82nd Hado and 81st Bakudo, there should be more than that here.”

The Vice-chief continued looking as his brows wrinkled even more: “Don’t worry, I will go ask about this.”

The Vice-chief directly went to the Librarian and searched in the borrowed books, and he quickly found out that four books were borrowed just yesterday.

The key point was the person who borrowed them.

The Vice-chief’s complexion sank, only a few people could borrow the books for Kido above 80th, but not only this, the four books were what Roja needed.

Roja stood beside the Vice-chief looking pensive, it seems that there are people who wanted to hinder his advancement.

Is it Aizen?


Aizen wouldn’t do this.

Who was it then?

The Shinigamis in the Kido corps, they are the only ones who had the authority to borrow the books, they knew that Roja was too strong, as even the Kido Vice-chief can’t use just Kido to kill tens of Menos Grande.

Roja did it on the other hand, which meant that his Reiatsu was formidable, and his talent in Kido is too high as well.

In that case, there is only one person left that would most likely want to bind him.

It is most likely the… Grand Kido Chief, Fujiwara Ryu.

Someone who reached a level six talent had a high talent in Kido and is still in the academy, if that kind of person were to join the Kido Corps, it wouldn’t take him long before he would be the Grand Kido chief. So if he was bound and controlled, it would be impossible to reach that position.

Naturally, this was only his guess.

Since he couldn’t borrow the books, Roja just went back to the academy. He directly covered the entire Kido Corps building in within his perception.

He wanted to see who it was behind this matter.

With his perception, Roja can even peek into the young Shinigami girls taking a bath without anyone knowing.

Not long after, Roja determined that the one behind this was indeed Fujiwara Ryu, the Grand Kido Chief, and his purpose was to make Roja lose interest in Kido and join the Gotei 13.

Because with his talent, he can threaten the position of the Grand Kido Chief.

Roja couldn’t help smiling at this.

It’s no wonder that the Kido Corps are in decline with such a Grand Kido Chief.

Roja stretched a little before he said.

“It doesn’t matter what I do after graduation. Whether I join the Gotei 13 or the Kido crops, it doesn’t matter…”

Although he is only using Kido as camouflage so no one would know how powerful he is, no one has the power to bind him or cause trouble for him so openly.

The Grand Kido chief instructed some people to borrow the books to make it difficult for Roja, but solving this problem is simple.

He can directly go to the Kido Library, open Kyoka Suigetsu, controlling them, and directly taking the books without anyone knowing.

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