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G.O.S.S Chapter 608: Sword art!


Royd’s blood spurted out from his chest as he spat blood and turned to his original appearance.


Roja destroyed Royd’s Reiatsu, but the latter didn’t seem desperate. Instead, his eyes glimmered with light.


The moment Royd collapsed, a sword light swept out directly toward Roja as it split the earth below it.

Roja knew this attack, as this was his very own attack!


Roja pulled his sword out of Royd Body and blocked in front of him. He couldn’t help stepping back twice while strands of his hair flew in the air.

“In the end, it’s my attack. It’s quite troublesome to block.”

Roja looked at the ruins in the distance and found another Roja.

Royd; and Loyd.

Both brothers had the same ability, but there is a slight difference, as Loyd could copy the memory, attitude, and personality of these he copies from.

Roja couldn’t tell which of the two was the younger brother. He didn’t care either. He just wanted to kill the one who dared turn into him.

“ittoryu: iai!”

The fake Roja’s eyes flashed coldly. He held the sword in his hand, and the pressure erupted from his body. He was about to use sword Aura.

As he drew the sword, a thin line could be seen cutting through anything its way toward Roja.

“Very good!”

Roja looked at the attack and felt somewhat strange. He held his sword the same way as he released the same attack.

The two thin lines somehow met each other. Dust flew in the air as anything in the way was cut down.

The fake Roja didn’t wait as he directly took a step toward Roja with his sword in hand.

However, as if Roja expected this, with a profound look as if he saw everything already, he met Loyd’s sword.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The fake Roja clashed against Roja as he didn’t want him to use any other ability.

Two Grand Sword Masters started fighting.

With such high-level swordsman fight, there was no time for kids, Shikai, or Bankai.

The Sword Domain from Roja’s memory was used. Still, Loyd’s could copy neither the Six path power, nor Sen Maboroshi, so it was impossible to be like Roja completely, but his disposition and personality were the same, even his sword skills were used perfectly.

After a few moments fighting in a close fight, the two seemed to just swing their swords ordinarily without any waste to their energy.

With perfect control over their power, they were attacking with the most efficient attack without wasting Reiatsu.

After a few seconds, they already exchanged dozens of clashes.

“He is terrifying…”

Askin and the others were far away, but as a Quincy, he could see clearly. It wasn’t a fight of techniques, it was more like ordinary sword strikes, but each one of them held terrifying strength.

Askin exhaled the cold air from his body and said: “If it wasn’t a controlled temperature… Perhaps we would’ve frozen to death directly!”

“It seems he is finally restrained, but we can’t let him attack.”

Lille Barro stood beside him as he did the same and expelled the cold air out of his body while looking at Roja with eyes full of killing intent.

He lifted his Sanrei Glove and aimed at Roja.

He was unable to distinguish Roja from Loyd, but he didn’t care, as long as the arrow pierced both of them, it would end.

The arrow wasn’t normal because he used his ability, which can penetrate anything.

The arrow passed by the two Roja’s chests directly.


Loyd spurted blood out of his mouth as his aura rapidly diminished as he returned to his original appearance.

But Roja looked at the wound on his chest as his aura didn’t even flicker with a look of disappointment.


He wanted to kill Loyd, but he didn’t do it directly because he wanted to see if he can improve even more in his Swordsmanship.

What a pity, it was short, so he didn’t gain anything.

Roja shook his head as the wound on his chest directly started healing itself. Even if his body was destroyed, he could still restore it without effort, let alone this small wound.

“This is… Rapid Regeneration?”

He thought that his arrow could kill Roja directly, and seeing this startled him.

Roja smiled and looked at him: “Rapid regeneration? Is my strength in your eyes the same as that primary ability?”

He surely is joking, and rapid regeneration is something maybe a hollow should be proud of. Comparing his power from the Shinju (God tree) to that is a joke.

“Bankai, Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū!”

Roja didn’t want to say anything about sneak attacks.

Lille Barro’s ability was strong and dangerous, Roja didn’t deny that. If Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto wasn’t careful, he might lose his head.

But, even though he can penetrate anything and phase through things, he won’t be able to escape from Roja’s sword attacks or Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū.

Suddenly, a light flickered on Sen Maboroshi as it elongated in an instant.

It directly pierced Lille Barro’s heart, but he seemed very calm about it.

“Useless… I can phase through anything, that’s my ability, what you see with your eyes isn’t what’s happening, it’s not that your sword passed through my body, it’s my body that passed through the sword.”

Roja looked at him with indifference. Then he said: “then I will kill you without moving much.”


Roja understood his ability. It wasn’t that different from Kamui, it’s about the same, and he didn’t try to finish him… after all, his power is already strong enough to counter such smaller laws.

Let’s not forget Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū. As soon as Lille Barro attacked Roja, he made several holes on his body, but suddenly he could no longer lift his arm.

Not only his arm, but his entire body felt stiff.

“This is…”

He difficultly lowered his head to look at his body only to find many holes, and the biggest one was on his chest, and it was getting bigger.

Maybe Ichibē Hyōsube and Yhwach will prevent Roja from using his control over the laws against them. But against others, he can overpower them without any difficulty.

In the Shinigami world, all fights were about Reiatsu, but Roja’s Reiatsu was already above most people.

Roja could now understand why Aizen could face Yhwach’s almighty powers… It was because of the Hogyoku, he reached a higher dimension of power and wasn’t inferior to Yhwach by much.

And that’s why Roja was almost certain that once he gets the Hogyoku, he could stand above anyone else in this world because, at that time, his Reiatsu would be many times stronger than Aizen’s.

Lille Barro looked at the hole in his chest with disbelief.

“Impossible, with my Vollständig, how can this happen!!”

Nothing stopped the corrosion that spread from the hole. He wasn’t able to prevent the collapse of his own Reiryoku and body.

“Nothing is impossible. Your Reitsu was weak. My Reiatsu was too strong, it’s as simple as that.”

Roja said with even looking at him.


Finally, Lille Barro looked at the ground as his vision started fading and fell on the frozen ground.

He is still not clear even as he died why even with his Vollständig, Roja’s sword connected at the end.

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