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G.O.S.S Chapter 609: Jugram Haschwalth

In the Sternritter, after Yhwach, the most respected person was Haschwalth, who was appointed by Yhwach himself to be the captain of the Guards. Lille Barro was one of the earliest existences in the Wandenriech, and his status was second only Haschwalth and Yhwach.

Even Askin respected Lille Barro very much. He never thought that someone could defeat or kill Lille Barro.


Askin was sweating as he used his lethal dose to attack Roja. But as his attacks fell on Roja’s body, they were like a few mud balls thrown into the sea, leaving no trace behind.

He changed the air around Roja with poison, that should’ve killed Roja, but nothing actually happened to him.

He used everything he can and threw it at Roja. Even Roja had even a little bit of blood on him. He would be poisoned and die. But nothing happened to Roja.

“Damn it, he killed Lille Barro, and my poison can’t do anything to him, what the hell is this guy?”

Askin looked at Roja from afar while sweat was flowing out of his forehead as he didn’t dare step forward.

Although he couldn’t kill Roja, he still thought that Roja couldn’t kill him as he used his Immunity to become immune to his Reiatsu, but he dared no move.

After all, even Gerard and Lille Barro were killed by him. He had no assurance that he would be immune to Roja’s attack and resist them.

“The Quincy actually has something like bloodlines?”

Roja said without paying attention to Askin, as he looked at the corpse in front of him with his eyes flashing.

Wandenreich existed for thousands of years along with the Gotei 13. Naturally, it had many secrets.

For example, when he killed Gerard, Roja felt that there was some strange power inside his body that kept resurrecting him.

After he killed him, that strange power actually vanished, and Roja wasn’t able to catch it.

He remembered that Gerard had a title, it is Heart of the soul king.

Beside Gerard, Pernida was also called the left arm of the spirit king.

The Soul King’s existence was intriguing to Roja, as long as it had something to do with it, he was interested somewhat.

“Wandenreich’s power is indeed much stronger than the Gotei 13, even without Yhwach. The Gotei 13 with Squad Zero would be hard-pressed against the Sternritter.”

“If not for my power and my knowledge and power over the Laws, which made it easy to crash these people, fighting them wouldn’t have been easy even if known their abilities.”

Roja felt several Reiatsus approaching. They were Sternritter, which made Roja shake his head.

It wasn’t that Wandenreich that was abnormal. Instead, the Gotei 13 declined very much in the course of a thousand years.

For example, Unohana Retsu, the first Kenpachi, compared to Yamamoto, was weak, but she was stronger than all the current captains.

“This generation is really inferior compared to the last…”

Roja sighed without even looking at Askin. He looked toward the center of Wandenreich and took a step forward.

After taking a few steps, Roja saw several forms arriving.

“Gerard Died As well? The Bodyguards of his majesty became miserable.”

The Sternritter looked at Roja seriously, maybe he taunted the bodyguards, but after Roja’s Reiatsu shook the entire Wandenreich, it wasn’t as easy.

Wandenreich wasn’t big, as it hides in the shadow of the soul society. So after some time, the Sternritter members arrived one after the other.

Naturally, now almost all of them are gathered here, with even Pernida, the left arm of the soul king there, which made Roja pay slight attention.

His attention was mostly on another person.

This was No.2 in Wandenreich, the person with a status just below Yhwach, Jugram Haschwalth.

From a dark street, Haschwalth slowly emerged as his eyes fell on Roja and flashed fiercely.

“Finally, you come.”

Roja’s eyes crossed all of the Sternritter members and directly fell on Haschwalth!

His symbol is B, the balance… his power is misfortune redirection.

If Yhwach, as the king of Quincy, had the symbol A, for almighty, then Haschwalth was the only one besides Yhwach that powers over laws.

Henceforth he was Yhwach’s Guard and had the highest position in the Sternritter, their commander, and the one just below Yhwach in Status.

Roja can clearly feel Haschwalth power, even with every other member of the Sternritter, they were inferior to him.

“Fall back. You can’t face him.”

Haschwalth walked up slowly. He was calm. Even if Roja killed some of the members of the Sternritter and two bodyguards, he was still calm without shock and fear. He was looking at him as if he saw the future.

Haschwalth status was far higher than the rest of them. His authority was next to Yhwach, so they weren’t going to disobey his orders. After looking at each other, they retreated while still kept looking at Roja.

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