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G.O.S.S chapter 610: Balance

“Your power wasn’t recorded in Soul Society, because of the insufficient information, we had some serious losses.”

“Your powers are strange, like Shinigami’s power, but also the same as a Quincy, even though you don’t have Quincy blood…”

Jugram drew his sword from his waist and grasped the air. A shield appeared in his hand as he looked at Roja, analyzing him.

But, Jugram couldn’t get a read on Roja. It was impossible to read Roja. He was from another world and the man who conquered two worlds.

You want to know my ability, fight me, and find out.”

Roja looked at Jugram calmly as his right hand held the sword.

“That so?”

Jugram’s eyes flashed fiercely as he moved forward using Hirenkyaku and directly appeared in front of Roja. His sword fell toward Roja’s sword.


Roja was still calm and collected as if he already seen through Jugram’s actions. He blocked Jugram’s attack then thrust his sword at him.

Jugram’s shield blocked Roja’s thrust, but the sword exploded with violent force that it made him take a step back.

In this brief confrontation, Jugram understood Roja’s ability a little while Roja got an accurate grasp of Jugram’s abilities.

Whether it was because of Yhwach or not, Jugram’s Reiatsu was above Roja’s.

With Sen Maboroshi’s evolution, Roja’s Reiatsu was moving toward a higher dimension. It was as if his Reiatsu was loose sand, and it was turning into a rock, but the process wasn’t finished yet, so it was like dirt currently.

While Jugram’s Reiatsu was like Sold sand, and its quantity was larger than Roja’s.

Roja didn’t know whether this was his own power or was it Yhwach’s.

But it proved to Roja that’s his current power was still far from Yhwach.

“Bankai: Daiguren Hyorinmaru!”

“Bankai: Hakka No Togame!”

Roja kept attacking while Jugram kept blocking his attacks. His Eyes Flashed coldly as he took a step back and swung his sword using the cold force.

Since Jugram sensed the cold force before, he wasn’t surprised. He raised the seemingly ordinary shield in his hand and gently blocked in front of him. Suddenly, something strange happened.

All the cold force was absorbed by the shield while Jugram was untouched.

Jugram looked at his shield that felt cold and was covered in frost and said: “This is really cold, but this cold misfortune will fall upon you.”

As his voice fell, the cold force suddenly moved from the shield directly into Roja’s body. This caused Roja’s body to be covered in a layer of ice.

Jugram’s eyes flashed as he approached Roja step by step while holding his sword. He directly thrust the sword toward Roja’s head.

However, Roja, who was covered with ice, didn’t seem affected at all. His hand moved as his sword blocked Jugram’s attack.

Hakka No Togame in itself reduces the temperature of his body to nearly absolute zero, so any Ice attack reflected on Roja won’t have any use, not to mention he can’t die as long as even a single cell of his body remained.

This was their first ability usage, Roja used Sen Maboroshi’s ability, while Jugram used his Epithet.

“Reflection… that’s really a troublesome ability.”

Roja shook the Ice that covered his body rapidly.

Jugram said calmly: “The feeling is mutual.”

Roja snorted as his eyes flashed coldly. He held Sen Maboroshi as he decided to no longer test the waters and instead launched a full-scale attack. The White glow receded from Sen Maboroshi as Roja spoke.

“Bankai: Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū!”

As soon as he said this, Countless bolts of lightning filled the sky and directly fell toward Jugram, covering him completely.

Jugram raised his shield to resist the bolts of lightning, and although he looked calm, he was putting a huge effort to block the attack. After all, it was a full blow from Roja.

Although his Reiatsu was stronger than Roja’s, the Reiatsu was only one-third of Roja’s power. Sen Maboroshi’s ability occupies one-third of his power, and the last third goes to the Six Path power.

Even if it was only a single Bankai, it was still hard for Jugram to resist since Roja was in the Rikujigan Mode.

Although Jugram sensed the terrifying power behind Roja’s attack, he couldn’t know its origin and could only attribute it to Roja’s soul.

After blocking Roja’s attack, Jugram directly reflected it and attacked with his sword.

“Among all the other members of the Sternritter, your ability is the trickiest aside from Yhwach… However, if I beheaded you instantly, you won’t be able to reflect the attack.”

Roja looked at the sword that still held a bit of thunder moving toward him, and his eyes flashed coldly.

Suddenly, everything stood still… The thunder, the wind, everything. It wasn’t space freeze… this is time freeze!

In the Shinigami world, the ability to manipulate space was common, and even the difficulty of using it increased. But the manipulation of time wasn’t affected, whether it was future prediction or time freeze.


Roja’s sword directly moved toward Jugram.

However, at this moment, Jugram moved, and his shield quickly blocked Roja’s sword.

“Time Freeze, what a terrifying ability, but it can still be balanced.” Blocking Roja’s sword, Jugram looked as serious as he could.

If it wasn’t for the world balance, he would’ve gotten injured even if his ability could balance it.

Even though he blocked Roja’s attack, he was surprised.

Roja wasn’t surprised that Jugram broke free from the time free and blocked his sword. If someone like Jugram couldn’t do this, it would be disappointing.

“Balance? Are you sure you can block my attack?”

Roja looked at Jugram sarcastically.

At the next moment, Roja’s sword shattered, and turned into Cherry petals and bypassed Jugram’s shield, catching him off guard.


Blood splashed!!

It seemed like Jugram didn’t have the ability to foresee Roja’s attack at this time. After getting injured, Jugram slammed his feet with force and directly flickered a few meters away.

“… Leader!!”

Seeing Jugram injured, the Sternritter in the distance were shocked. Although they could tell that Jugram was at a disadvantage in the previous confrontation, his injury shocked them.

Even Jugram wasn’t the opponent of this mysterious Man?

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