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G.O.S.S Chapter 611: Roja Vs. Jugram Haschwalth

“It turns out that your real Zanpakuto ability wasn’t Ice or Thunder, but something akin to imitation, which means it can imitate other Zanpakuto, right?”

Jugram, who was covered in scars, didn’t lose his calm. His eyes flashed with coldness as he analyzed Roja’s Zanpakuto.

“Your analyze is pretty good, but it’s only half right.”

Roja looked at Jugram, and with a though, the cherry petals flew back and regrouped into his hand, forming Sen Maboroshi.

Jugram’s face sank slightly as he said with a cold tone: “However, you don’t seem to know my ability yet…”

He straightened his body and ignored the blood dripping from it while looking directly at Roja.

“My Ability… is world balance.”

“By distributing the misfortune that occurs within his sphere of influence and disperses it to those that have experienced good fortune. And at the same time, all the misfortune that happened to me can be deflected and absorbed by my Freund Schild (the name of his shield!).”

As his words fell, Jugram’s wounds were like an illusion before disappearing without a trace, and even the traces of blood were gone.

“Although you can use many of Zanpakuto’s abilities, you have no chance against me.”


Roja looked at Jugram indifferently before he said: “If you think you can defeat me, you’re welcome to try.”


The moment he spoke the last word, Roja’s body disappeared as he flickered and appeared by Jugram’s side. He held Sen Maboroshi up before waving it down while unleashing a full power Getsuga Tensho.

Jugram directly brought up his shield to block the attack even it contained so much power. Then he used his right hand that held his sword to counter-attack.

Roja’s eyes were cold, he already saw the future and directly swung his sword once more.

Jugram wielded his sword and tried to block Roja’s, but his complexion changed because, to his astonishment, a wound appeared on his waist.

“My sword isn’t easy to block.”

Roja looked at Jugram. His eyes were filled with arrogance and pride. His sword domain realm was at the peak of the swordsmanship he currently attained. In this kind of situation, his sword domain can give him an absolute advantage. Jugram was just inferior when it comes to swordsmanship.

“Your sword… can penetrate my Reiatsu?”

Jugram looked at his waist before looking back at Roja before he shouted: “You think that you can disturb the balance?!”

As Jugram shouted, the wound on his waist vanished while the same wound appeared on Roja’s waist.

At the same time, a deep crack appeared on Jugram’s shield.

Jugram lifted his shield and said: “I said before, I can allocate any misfortune… When you wound my body, your body will be wounded instead.”

“I can even make the ‘Misfortune’ amplified.”

As soon as he said that, the wound on Roja’s body suddenly got bigger, and all the wound Jugram sustained from the Senbonazakura appeared on Roja’s body.

The crack on Jugram’s shield vanished at the same time.

“I said that you don’t have any chance of success.”

“I also said that if you think you can defeat me, you can try it.”

Roja snorted as his wounds disappeared in an instant as he was as good as new. Roja directly waved his sword back at Jugram’s shield.


Jugram once again lifted his shield to block Roja’s attack, but his complexion changed as he felt the pressure behind the attack and couldn’t help step back.

This was Roja’s full power while he is in Rikujigan mode, although he didn’t release his full power since he didn’t use the three simultaneous releases, it still was no small matter.

But what terrified Jugram wasn’t the power of the strike, it was the crack that appeared forcibly on the Shield by that same strike.

It was tiny, maybe even microscopic crack, but nonetheless, it made him astonished.

That shield… represented the balance of the world.

The injuries he sustains would be transferred to the shield, and then these injuries would be reflected on his enemies. The shield itself was under the protection of the world’s balance, and it’s always undamaged. Once it is raised to block a strike, it can block it without damage.

But now, the shield had a crack from Roja’s attack.

That is to say, just using absolute power, Roja disrupted the absolute balance of the world.


Seeing Jugram’s change, Roja directly grabbed his attention, and his sword once again fell on the shield.

“The balance of the world… and interesting ability, but with the destruction of a world, there would be no need for balance.”


Roja’s sword fell, which made Jugram directly raise his sword to resist. But the strength behind that sword strike was something he couldn’t hope to resist. He was directly sent flying.

When he stabilized himself, the sword in his hand was shipped.

Seeing Jugram flying away, Askin and the others looked at each other in dismay and surprise.

But the surprise turned into panic quickly.

Riha held his sword with both hands as if it weighed more than millions of tons. Each attack was extremely heavy. This wasn’t just Roja’s Rikujigan mode alone. He was using the power of space, which has a sub-element to it, ‘Weight’. He was using the weight of the entire Sen Maboroshi space.

Jugram could do nothing other trying to resist with his shield as he kept retreating.

As Jugram retreated step by step, the entire Wandenreich started shaking. Whether it was a normal Quincy, or a Sternritter, or anyone residing there, all of them became horrified as they looked at the center.

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