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G.O.S.S Chapter 612: Strange Aura

The entire Wandenreich was trembling due to Roja’s Reiatsu.

Most of the Quincy and the Strenritter were frightened.

They were afraid because if space was destroyed, then the best thing that would happen to them is falling onto Soul Society, and the worst thing is falling into a crack in space that would shred them apart.

Even if they fall into Soul Society, their fate won’t be good.

Since a sole Shinigami was able to kill many Sternritter himself, what would happen when they fight against the Gotei 13 while Yhwach still didn’t recover completely. The only fate that awaits them is death.

Jugram kept blocking Roja’s strikes with his shield, but under the full strength of Roja, just blocking was straining him, not to mention attacking.

Although he seemed calm, his mind was in chaos. He wasn’t just using his own power to block Roja’s attacks but also borrowing some from Yhwach.

Yhwach wasn’t awakened yet, most of that strength was under his control. He was even unceasingly supplying Yhwach with Reiatsu making him recover faster.

Although the power Yhwach currently possessed wasn’t that much, adding his own strength, he would be able to sweep the entire Sternritter with ease.

But such power was insufficient against Roja.

“Why is his attack so powerful? He said he could crush the world.”

Jugram was constantly blocking while retreating.

Roja’s Reiatsu wasn’t his match even if he didn’t borrow Yhwach’s power. He should’ve been able to fight Roja with ease, but that logic didn’t work currently.

Roja even tore the world balance while just using powerful attacks.

The momentum behind Roja’s attacks increases by each swing. He was just like a sharp sword that can cut through anything.

The crack on the shield was getting bigger and bigger. Roja’s attacks were getting stronger with time and more aggressive, he seemed like a storm.

Finally, the shield could no longer receive anymore strike, and the crack spread all over it before it collapsed.

And as soon as the shield collapsed, Jugram spits blood as if he received a terrifying strike.

Jugram was sent flying and directly landed far away. Streets cracked as he touched the ground and kept going until he reached the center of Wandenreich.

But as soon as Roja moved toward him, a dark aura rippled from the center of Wandenreich, and dark clouds covered the sky.

This aura seemed to spread all over Wandenreich. It was like a vortex that wanted to suck in any all powers inside this place.

Roja felt this power, as well as the Sternritter who panicked even more now.

Roja sneered at this, power erupted from his body and swept across all the place.

Both auras collided, making the Sternritter’s members almost suffocate.

Looking at Roja, Bambietta and the others felt their body and soul tremble. Roja wasn’t tall, but the feeling was giving was scary.

“The Sternritter… Seems weak.”

“You should be happy that I’m not interested in you.”

Roja glanced at the trembling sternritter’s members in the distance and sneered. He reached out with his hand and directly tore the space open before he disappeared.

“Goodbye, everyone.”

Roja’s voice fell after he disappeared.

After Roja disappeared, the aura released from the center of Wandenreich slowly receded and finally disappeared.

Finally, the Sternritter’s members took a deep breath after the two auras disappeared. Their foreheads were full of cold sweat from just these few moments.

At the center of Wandenreich, Jugram looked ragged. Blood dripped out of his mouth while his chest was bloodied.

Sensing that Roja left and that aura receded, he finally wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth before relaxing a little from the panic he was feeling.

“Really, what a fearful guy.”

“Your majesty, you were forced to wake up before time, and even receive the power from all the Quincy in Wandenreich to do so…”

Jugram’s complexion was ugly.

Yhwach can wake up if he took power from all the people in Wandenreich, but even then, he won’t have his complete power.

Incomplete power means he won’t have the Almighty Epithet, and he would be greatly weakened.
And not only that, but it also meant that Wandenreich that was built in a millennium would be destroyed in a moment, and then the only Quincy that can remain would be Yhwach.

“As soon as your majesty wake up…”

Jugram turned his head toward the palace and said: “You can lead Wandenreich and the Sternritter to recapture the world.”

He took a deep breath as his eyes flashed.

This is what meant what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Once his majesty wakes up, his power will be much stronger than the past, and the Gotei 13 won’t have a chance to stop his majesty, not even the squad Zero, or so Jugram thought.

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