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G.O.S.S Chapter 613: Unohana Retsu!

Soul Society.

Here inside a peaceful courtyard, an elegant house stood. It wasn’t an average looking house, and no ordinary person could afford it.

In the living room, a cup of tea was on top of the table, and beside it, several Kido books were placed.

Suddenly, Space rippled inside the living room, and a figure came out.

It was Roja.

Because Wandenreich was in the shadow of soul society, when Roja opened a space tunnel there, it directly led him to Soul society. He didn’t use much power when he opened the space so that the Gotei 13 won’t actually feel the Space Fluctuations.

“Am I really in soul society?”

The space crack behind Roja slowly closed. Roja spread his senses to determine his current location.

He could tell he was in one of Gotei 13 courtyards. It’s good that he didn’t cause any space Fluctuation, it wasn’t necessary to make the Gotei 13 aware of the existence of Wandenreich.

When Roja went after Jugram, he felt Yhwach Reiatsu.

Although Roja killed about ten Sternritter and their strength returned back to Yhwach, it was still not sufficient to make Yhwach regain his consciousness. And in that state, he couldn’t be compared to Roja under the Rikujigan Mode.

However, because of this, Yhwach’s instinct could sense the danger, and his Reiatsu reacted accordingly. Once he felt that the situation wasn’t right, he would absorb all the Quincy and gain more strength.

Roja could feel that much, and he knew that although Yhwach power was incomplete if he fought him now while Sen Maboroshi was evolving, the outcome would be hard to expect.

Roja didn’t fear to fight Yhwach ahead of time. After all, his Almighty Epithet was incomplete, and he won’t be afraid of him… but that kind of fight would grab the attention of Hyosube and Aizen, which was something Roja didn’t want right now.

In Wandenreich, Roja didn’t use all of his power, as he still didn’t use the triple Bankai state.

And that’s because, even if he didn’t want to, the power that is released in that form would make the space of Wandenreich collapse.

This also means that he fought Jugram with about 70% of his power; this is the reason why he didn’t fear Yhwach.

After shaking his head, Roja directly made Sen Maboroshi vanished along with Roja’s mortal body.

After returning to the normal Shinigami form, Roja looked around and started examining his surroundings.

Although he knew he was in one of the Gotei 13 courtyards, he still didn’t know which one was it… But from the decoration in the room, it’s obvious that it wasn’t a house for an ordinary person, it was either a Vice-captain or a captain.

After taking another look around the room, a strange thought appeared in Roja’s mind.

When he went into Wandenreich, Roja found himself in the bedroom of a young girl, and now when he returned to soul society, he found himself inside that was apparently was of a woman.

“Huh, but it’s better than suddenly appearing in the middle of the street.”

Roja touched his chin as he thought.

If he appeared suddenly in the middle of the street, it would’ve taken him using Kyoka Suigetsu to actually get away from the questions.

Roja shook his head and stretched his body and was ready to go back to the academy without disturbing the Gotei 13.

He could say at that time that he was lucky, and after finding out that he was in Soul Society, he returned directly.

With this in mind, Roja released his senses once again and prepared to look around for a convenient way out without alerting anyone.

However, just as he released his senses…


The door was opened, and a woman dressed in the captain’s Haori walked elegantly into the room only to see Roja.

Roja froze, and she froze as well.

Since she was wearing a captain’s Haori, it could only mean she was a captain, and there were only two female captains in the Gotei 13, one is the captain of the second division, and the other was the captain of the fourth, Unohana Retsu.

And although Roja wasn’t from this world, he only needed one glance to know who she is.

She was… Fourth Division Captain, Unohana Retsu.

The air was calm, and after a few breaths, Retsu’s face returned to normal as she looked at Roja without a thoughtful expression: “You’re a student from the Shinigami academy, Roja, Right?”

“Yes, Captain Unohana.”

Roja was a little embarrassed, but after his experience in two worlds, the thickness of his face was legendary. Unohana just nodded.

Unohana looked at Roja weirdly before smiling: “So, can you tell me… Why are you in my room?”

The air suddenly became heavier.

Roja, who conquered two worlds, facing that smiling face, felt cold sweat tickling on his back.

“This… There was an accident while crossing the Senkaimon. Captain might’ve heard about this. Well, after being swept inside the turbulence of space, I was lucky enough to return to soul society, and I just found myself in here by chance.”

Roja seriously and earnestly explained to Unohana.

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