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G.O.S.S Chapter 614: Challenging Unohana

“Is that so?”

Unohana narrowed her eyes as she looked at Roja. It was good that Roja’s face was thick, or else, under her gaze, he wouldn’t stay with the same expression.

After looking at each other for a while, Unohana smiled slightly and moved sideways before saying: “This being the case, please leave.”

Her words said one thing, but her eyes were gazing at him intently, waiting to see anything out of place.

The Gotei 13 had some extraordinary people, be it Aizen, Zaraki, or Unohana Retsu… She was the first Kenpachi, her true power terrifying many a millennium ago.

After she was invited by Yamamoto, she got the position of the 11’th division’s captain.

Not only was she strong, but she was also very cunning, and Roja didn’t believe that a few words can convince her.

This is troublesome.

Roja smiled bitterly before looking at her and said: “Sorry, Captain Unohana, I lied a moment ago… I come here to challenge you.”


Unohana, hearing Roja’s words, was really surprised, but she quickly calmed down and said: “I’m the captain of the fourth division, it’s a medical division, and all the Kaido I use is for medical purposes, it’s not used for combat.”

“Actually, I didn’t want to challenge you in medicine methods or Kaido… but I meant a Zanjutsu Challenge.”

Roja smiled as he said this. The moment he mentioned Zanjutsu, Unohana’s eyes changed for a second before reverting back to normal. It was as if she turned into a sharp sword herself.

Zanjutsu wasn’t like Reiatsu. It wasn’t felt the same way, and someone not accomplished in the way of the sword can’t actually feel this power.

But Unohana Retsu was a great swordswoman, and as the first Kenpachi, her power doesn’t need to be described.

Unohana Yachiru’s name was known throughout Soul society a millennium ago. Just the mention of her name would cause panic.

Roja released his sword intent, and as soon as she felt it, her face changed.

“This is…”

As if a child seeing a star for the first time in the sky, Unohana’s eyes shined with unprecedented light.

She clearly felt Roja’s sword intent, and it was as powerful as she was, as Yachiru was before or even higher.

This made her mind shook, because looking at Roja’s sword intent, she felt a dim path getting brighter in front of her, it was the path to higher levels.

He was different from Zaraki Kenpachi. No doubt Zaraki was powerful, but his power laid in his Reiatsu and power, but this Roja, he didn’t expose much Reiatsu or power, but the sword intent he revealed seemed as deep as an abyss with no end.

“My name is Roja, a grandmaster in the way of the sword, I’m looking to spar and compare my power against yours… The First Kenpachi, Unohana Yachiru!”

Roja looked seriously at Unohana as he introduced himself again. He chose to challenge Unohana from a millennium ago.

Under Roja’s Sword Intent, Unohana started trembling lightly, she wasn’t scared or anything, but it was the exact opposite, she was excited and happy.

She took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. Her eyes flashed with light as she looked at Roja and said.

“I, the first Kenpachi, Unohana Yachiru, accept your challenge.”

The moment she said this, she directly forgot about Roja suddenly appearing inside her room and directly wanted one thing only.

The only thought left on her mind was… Fight.


Seeing the look in Unohana’s eyes, Roja was happy that she still pursued the way of the sword. Even if she was no longer the captain of the 11th division for several hundred years, but she still wanted to pursue the path of the sword and was still sharp as well.

She was still the one that made Soul Society shook from the mention of her name, the First Kenpachi, that caused panic in enemies’ hearts, Unohana Yachiru.

“This isn’t a good place to fight, come with me.”

Unohana’s expression was calm as she turned around and walked outside with Roja.

Although her expression was calm and tranquil, the fighting intent was making the air around her extremely heavy.

Roja just followed behind her.

They weren’t moving too fast, but they weren’t slow either. As they were moving in the building, the members of the fourth division directly saluted Unohana.

In the past, Unohana would smile and respond, but now, she held a tranquil face as she walked past them, she didn’t even explain who it was that was following her.

Regarding Unohana’s manners, Roja could only faintly smile.

The usually mild-mannered Unohana Retsu still had the lofty presence and bearing of a millennium ago, she was still the one that people trembled in front of her. Her personality was still there hidden.

They arrived at a wide space inside the Gotei 13 building blocks.

The space was several hundred square meters. It was similar to the Kido Corps practice field, but it was more luxurious. Not only was it build to prevent Reiatsu from leaking out, but it also had Reinforced Space as well.

“The Central Romm 46 is underground, and the place beside it is where most criminals stay, even a captain isn’t allowed to step inside, so this is as far as we go.”

After this, Unohana walked dozen of meters away and stopped. She slowly turned around, and her hand was already gripping her Zanpakuto.

She untied the braid of her hair and loosened her Hoari a little revealed the scar on her chest. She didn’t explain what the scar was as she drew her Zapakuto and looked at Roja.

She no longer concealed her fighting intent.

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