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G.O.S.S Chapter 615: Realm Disparity!

Inside the isolated space, Roja and Unohana faced each other.

Unohana was no longer the kind fourth division captain that was skilled in medical Kido and always saving lives. She was Yachiru, the terror of the soul society and the first Kenpachi.

Roja looked sharp, he didn’t release any Reiatsu, but his sword intent just as he touched Sen Maboroshi made the ground crack from the pressure.

Unohana was an expert in soul society’s swordsmanship, she was the strongest person when it comes to Zanjutsu. Even so, under Roja’s sword intent, she felt great pressure.

She even saw an illusion where she was cleaved in halves by his sword.

Finally, Unohana smiled. This smile was full of excitement while she was trembling!

Unohana drew her sword and stepped forward, and in an instant, her sword fell on Roja’s head.

It was a drawing technique used in Soul Society, and as one of the few experts in swords, Unohana had a solid foundation in the basic drawing techniques of Soul Society.

But Roja wasn’t standing still. As soon as Unohana moved, he drew his sword as well in the same way as she did.

If Unohana’s sword was just flooding with ferociousness, full of slaughter aura and blood, then Roja’s sword was hard to describe with words.

Unohana’s Reiatsu already erupted. Her sword’s edge was covered with a strange black aura.

Roja’s eyes flashed as he adjusted his Reiatsu to match Unohana’s.


Their swords collided.

It looked like a normal collision, but to Unohana and Roja, they felt the formidable power behind each other’s strike.

If either of their strikes hit the ground, it would create an abyss.

Although they seemed evenly matched, Unohana felt her finger vibrating fiercely, and she couldn’t grip her own sword.

Unohana’s eyes flashed suddenly.


With similar Reiatsu, how is his sword stronger?

As if she was in front of a new world, Unohana used both hands to grip her sword to prevent her fingers from trembling as her Reiatsu went on a rampage.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

They exchanged dozens of moves. Sparks flew everywhere.

Unohana was attacking, and each attack was ruthless and aggressive. She seemed as crazy as Zaraki Kenpachi!

But, even so, she couldn’t land a single hit on Roja, not even a tiny scratch.

Roja’s expression was tranquil. He knew that even if Unohana was powerful, he could easily suppress her.

Seeing that she wasn’t winning, Unohana changed her sword style to a more flexible one, she moved like water, flexible yet deadly.

However, her style was faced with Roja’s mountain-like stance. He changed his fighting style when she did. This was, after all, a swords fight, he won’t just overpower her using anything other than swordsmanship.

This time, Unohana had no way of describing her thought, she was the one who knew every sword style in Soul Society, but she had no way of seeing through Roja’s.

Even if Roja attacked, she was sure that some moves would be impossible for her to block.

“Why? Is the disparity between us really that big?”

Unohana was someone who walked the path of swords, she was always at the apex of swordsmanship in soul society, she always wanted to advance even further, but she had not known how. Now, seeing Roja’s swordsmanship, she was eager to surpass her limit.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Unohana started attacked relentlessly. She displayed her utmost power in each attack.

She held her sword with both hands. She suddenly moved living an afterimage behind and drew an arc over Roja’s head.

“Shunpo illusory slash!”

Roja just moved his sword to block each attack like it was a normal swing!

What does Sword Grandmaster mean?

Each move, each style, each attack, and any power can be suppressed under his sword, no matter what it was!


Roja waved his sword at Unohana. She had no way to dodge this attack, and the only way out is to block, and even so, she was forced one step back. She was shocked.

“Not bad!”

Roja’s serious expression vanished as he smiled at her.

Unohana was startled. Her feelings were in turmoil as she couldn’t describe them. She was immersed in the fight. She didn’t pay attention to anything else until Roja just spoke… She wasn’t Roja’s match.

Did she lose?


How long had she wanted a fight like this, how can it end like this, she won’t let it end like this.

Unohana took a deep breath and suddenly moved her sword. Her Reiatsu exploded from her like a flood and shot toward the sky. Everything behind her was suddenly dyed red and black.

“Bankai: All things’ End (Minazuki!)”


The Reiatsu increased once again.

Unohana was the strongest captain in the previous generation, not counting Yamamoto.

But even if she wasn’t as strong as Yamamoto, she wasn’t that far behind him.

Unohana wanted to enjoy this fight. She didn’t want it to end, even if she died now, she didn’t care.

Roja could only shake his head and said.

“Oh… Such being the case…”

Facing Unohana, Roja no longer restrained his Reiatsu. He released most of it, which overshadowed Unoahan’s even with her Bankai released. He took a step forward while taking this seriously.


With a clear sound, Unohana’s Zanpakuto left her hand and flew dozens of meters away.

While Roja’s Sen Maboroshi just rested on Unohana’s chest.

One move and the outcome was clear.

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