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G.O.S.S Chapter 616: Deal

Only two people could defeat Unohana Retsu in a millennium. One is Zaraki Kenpachi, who wounded her at the time, and the other was Roja.

Zaraki’s power laid in his Physical power, Reiatsu, and his instincts.

But Roja is different.

Roja didn’t expose his formidable Reiatsu or superior physical power, he used mainly his swordsmanship, and he crushed her.

And Unohana could tell that Roja didn’t use all of his Reiatsu and didn’t release his Zanpakuto.

This makes her quite shocked.

Her Reiatsu was one of the strongest in Soul Society. Only a few were superior in that aspect. Except for Yamamoto and the Zero Squad, only Kenpachi had stronger Reiatsu.

Roja’s Reiatsu, while not completely released, had matched her own, and that was without him using Shikai or Bankai.

Even if Roja couldn’t use Shikai or Bankai like Zaraki, it made him even stronger than Zaraki.

Because not only does he have a huge amount of Reiatsu, but he also was a master when it comes to the swordsman. This was a scary combination that made him scarier than Zaraki.

“This is… Swordsmanship…”

Unohana looked at Sen Maboroshi in front of her chest as she slowly spoke.

She didn’t want to know how powerful Roja’s Reiatsu was, nor does she care if he can use Shikai or Bankai. What she cared about was his swordsmanship that crushed her own completely.

“The path of the sword I’m currently following is the same as yours, but I’m just ahead of you in that path.”

Roja smiled faintly as he took Sen Maboroshi back.

If he were to point Unohana’s current Swordsmanship realm, he would say she was a borderline grandmaster. She had her unique style as well secret technique; her sword intent was strong and so on… She understood many types of sword intent like the flowing water and raging fire as well as the slaughter sword intent.

Her knowing all the sword style of soul society wasn’t just empty talk. She indeed grasped many styles and sword intents.

But that may be the cause of her lack of strength as well, as she learned different styles, which caused her intent to scatter all over the different styles, and she couldn’t fuse all of them to reach higher realms.

“Is this the difference between realms?”

Unohana took a deep breath as she looked at Roja.

She always knew that it wasn’t the end of the path, she always knew that there was a higher realm to swordsmanship.

“Right, it is.”

Roja nodded. Then he looked at her and smiled: “Let’s make a deal, I tell you about this realm, and you no longer investigate my matter, and you write off the matter of me entering your room.”


Unohana thought a little before giving her reply. She wasn’t losing anything, Roja will help her see what lay beyond her realm and he already did so by no actually attacking and defeating her directly as soon as their match started.

Roja smiled, moved toward her, and whispered something into her ear.

Unohana was smart, even though she wasn’t a grandmaster yet, she was that far away, and hearing Roja’s words, her eyes brightened as if she was enlightened.

“It turns out that it was all me, did I bind myself?”

“Yes, you did.”

Roja nodded and continued: “Moreover, you learned too many styles, your intent is scattered over all of them, and wanting to merge all of them together will be quite difficult.”

Unohana looked at Roja and titled her head smilingly before saying: “You seem to have many secrets, and with each word you say, I’m getting more and more interested in you.”

“Indeed, but Captain Unohana already promised not to pursue them anymore… If you want to know, it’s not impossible, maybe if Captain Unohana is willing to tell me her secrets as well.” Roja smirked.

Unohana was startled, then she smiled and narrowed her eyes at Roja and said: “Oh? Are you sure?”

The two stared at each other for a while. Roja, of course, lost the staring contest.

“Well, it’s just a proposal.”

Roja took a deep breath before looking away from Unohana’s stare. Roja turned around and went toward the exit while Unohana looked at his back.

She couldn’t restrain her smile, and finally, the corners of her mouth rose slightly.

“You’re really a mystery.”

Unohana could tell that Roja wasn’t that old, perhaps 100 years old at most, which was very young to a Shinigami.

But even so, the way his body move gives a feeling of superiority.

It was like an existence that determines the lives of others with just a word.

Perhaps Roja was an emperor when he was alive.


That swordsmanship and Reiatsu can’t be explained if he was.

Retsu pondered about this for a while before she shook her head. She gave up looking into Roja’s secrets as she started walking toward the exit.

“I need to go back first.”

After returning to Soul Society street, Unohana found Roja there waiting. He was preparing to head back to the Shinigami school, but he had something to say before.

“As I said before, I was entangled in the Turbulent space and returned to soul society. I hope captain Unohana can back up my claim… In addition, I also want to know the reason the gate collapsed.”

He inexplicably fell into turbulent space due to gate collapsing, and this affected his plan as he went to Wandenreich while he didn’t want to. Roja won’t just sit around as someone mess with him.

“No problem.”

Unohana nodded gently.

Upon seeing this, Roja smiled at Unohana and said: “So, see you later, Captain Unohana.”

Directly, Roja’s figure flickered as he vanished from his place.

Seeing Roja use such a formidable movement technique, Unohana wasn’t surprised. She expected him to be strong after he defeated her with his swordsmanship.

Unohana stood still looking at the place Roja was standing on. No one knew what she was thinking.

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