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G.O.S.S Chapter 617: Meeting Aizen again!

Roja moved across half of the soul society and returned to the Shinigami academy. On the way, Roja thought about the previous fight with Unohana and sighed.

The soul society can only have one Kenpachi at a time, and that title is given to the strongest, just like the title of the strongest swordsman in the world in One Piece, this was what Unohana thought.

When Unohana fought Zaraki, she was wounded, and due to this Zaraki sealed his power, Unohana won in the end, but she gave up the title Kenpachi to Zaraki and became the captain of the fourth division.

The current generation of the Gotei 13 are weak, if the Sternritter attacks, they would definitively lose, and at the same time, Unohana would sacrifice herself to awaken Zaraki.

Even though the Gotei 13 defeated the Quincy a Millennium ago, the latter recovered in Wandenreich while the Shinigami grew weak.

Roja just shook his head as he continued moving.

After the accident with the gate, it took Hinamori and the others a few days before they could carry on with the test and return to Soul Society.

After returning, Hinamori became desolate, pale, and thin. Her eyes were filled with remorse.

“Don’t be sad, Hinamori.”

A female friend walked toward Hinamori. She couldn’t bear looking at Hinamori like this.

“It’s my fault, my fault… If I wasn’t…”

Hinamori said while biting her lips. She remembered how Roja pushed her away from the space cracks when the gate collapsed, which caused her great pain.

If she wasn’t beside Roja, Roja would’ve been able to get away safely, but because of her, Roja was swept into the Turbulent space, and no one knew where he is.

“It’s not your fault Hinamori. No one could predict such a thing.”

Iziru arrived beside her as well. He tried to persuade her and alleviate her pain and remorse, but she didn’t listen at all.

Hinamori lowered her head as she looked toward the gate of the academy and said: “You can go back alone. I’m staying for a while.”

As she said this, she dragged her body toward the Dormitory area.

Iziru and the others were helpless. They wanted to comfort her but didn’t know what to say.

But the pale and thin Hinamori who had her head lowered bumped into someone.

The person she bumped into wasn’t angry, but instead, he laughed, and directly said: “You should be careful when you walk, Lil’ Shiro.”

“Hmm… I’m sorry…”

Hinamori unconsciously apologized, but as soon as she did, she became stunned.

She couldn’t believe it, but as soon as she raised her head, she saw a familiar smile that was on her mind for the past few days.


Looking at the perfectly fine Roja in front of her, Hinamori couldn’t believe it and even suspected she was inside an illusion.

Roja just gently patted her head and said: “I’m sorry for worrying you.”

Hearing Roja’s soft tone, Hinamori could no longer bear it and directly hugged him and wept for a while.

Roja didn’t resist the hug and gently patted her back while at the same time, he thought… Is this considered as capture complete?


Unexpectedly, even with his status, he still had thoughts like that, but it meant that time didn’t affect him much!

It took a long time for Hinamori to calm down.

Hinamori suddenly thought that hugging him was embarrassing, but she couldn’t make her mind whether to let go and keep hugging him.

Roja noticed that she recovered and also noticed her embarrassment and couldn’t help saying: “How long are you going to hug me?”


Hinamori became even more bashful hearing his words. She directly let go and moved back a few steps and didn’t dare look him in the eye.

“That… I’m only…”

“I’m going to the library of the Kido corps. I will get some books. You can tag along if you want, and if there is something you don’t understand, I will explain it, alright?”

Roja tried to break the awkwardness Hinamori felt while he secretly laughed at her.

“Um… Um…”

While there were still a few tears on Hinamori’s cheeks, she was actually happy and could only nod her head.

Roja directly smiled and decided to stop teasing the little girl. He left the Shinigami academy with Hinamori directly toward the Kido Corps Library.

While he didn’t take the second year’s graduation exam, Roja was still granted a perfect score, seeing as he already defeated dozens of Menos Grande alone before.

And the confrontation between Roja and the Sternritter made him gain a new understanding of Reishi and Reiatsu’s control. The Shinigami’s fighting style was quite different from Quincy’s, and their usage of Reishi was more advanced, which gave Roja a big inspiration.

As he gets even more proficient in the use of Reishi and his control was stronger than before, he progressed in Kido by leaps and bounds. In a few days, he grasped 92nd and 93rd Bakudos without a chant.

Later, Roja went to the library to borrow the book about the 94th and 95th Bakudo from the library, which was the highest book on Bakudo.

Previously, when Roja wanted to borrow this book, it was unavailable as someone else borrowed it, so he just mastered the 93rd Bakudo without a chant until the book was returned. So the only Bakudo remaining for him to learn where 94th and 95th.

Going into the library, Roja directly went toward the shelf containing the Bakudo books and searched.

“Well, it’s still not here?”

After taking a quick look, Roja didn’t found that book. He touched his chin as he thought.

Is the Kido Grand Chief still doing this?

Roja didn’t ask for trouble, but it seems like the IQ of the Kido Grand Chief was really too low.

As Roja was about to use his perception to see what actually happened, he accidentally discovered that someone was coming into the Kido Library, and he was holding the book about Bakudo No.94 and 95.

This person directly went to the counter inside the library and said gently.

“Hello, I want to return this book, please help me fill the papers.”

The librarian looked at the person, and directly his expression changed to that of respect, and he directly nodded.

“Yes, Captain Aizen, please wait for a bit, I will do so immediately.”

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