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G.O.S.S Chapter 618: Early graduation

After Aizen returned the books, he walked toward the library by chance and saw Roja standing in front of the Bakudo shelf.

Aizen was surprised when he saw Roja and directly smiled: “Just in time, are you here to borrow Kido books?”

Aizen said while he walked with a book in hand, he put it on the bookshelf and looked at Roja. His intentions were as clear as day to Roja, but he was really a good actor. He deserves the Oscar.

Of course, since he wanted to act, Roja went along and acted surprised when he saw him and saluted him amiably: “Captain Aizen! Yes, I’m here to borrow a Kido book.”

As he said this, Roja directly grabbed the book that Aizen returned.

Aizen’s eyes flashed as he saw this and was actually surprised, but he revealed astonishment on his face: “You want to borrow that book? You want to learn Bakudo No.94?”

“I might have studied the previous ones.”

Roja didn’t reveal any pride or satisfaction in his expression. He was just smiling gently. He wasn’t acting, because it wasn’t really that great of a feat.

If he could learn Kido beyond level 99, he might be satisfied, as Rank equal power when it comes to Kido.

Hearing Roja’s words, Aizen was surprised and exclaimed.


“Not only are you a rank six genius when it comes to Reiatsu, but you’re also probably the only person in Soul Society’s history that could actually learn Bakudo No.93 while still in the academy.” Aizen’s face showed appreciation and surprise.

Roja didn’t know what Aizen was aiming for, but he maintained the amiable smile as he didn’t want to talk any more nonsense with Aizen: “I’m honored that Captain Aizen thinks so much of me… If there is nothing else, I will take my leave first.”

Aizen laughed as he looked at the book in Roja’s hand and said: “The difficulty of these two Bakudo is quite serious. I managed only to only learn a little bit about them.”

“Moreover, the Kido above 95 are not for public view. Even captains need to get permission to enter, and to apply for permission. Someone needs at least a status of a vice-captain…”

Here, Aizen revealed what he wanted to say to Roja: “With your power, you could apply for early graduation without any issue, after Ichimaru Gin was promoted to be captain of the third Division, my own division currently lacks a Vice-captain…”

So that’s how it is.

So, going around for so long was just for this, this acting was really tiring.

Roja smiled and replied: “Thanks for thinking so highly of me, Captain Aizen, but I still think that the Kido corps is more suitable for me.”

“That is also good.”

Aizen said casually without revealing any displeasure. Roja nodded and turned around to leave after taking the book with him.

Roja got out of the Kido library and arrived at the street where he fought Zaraki before.

The street was actually fully restored. It was like new, but it was still seemed like a lonely street.

Compared to the lively streets of the Gotei 13, the Kido corps was bleak in too many ways.

Walking around, Roja left the Kido Corps range and returned to the street leading to the academy, but suddenly he saw a Shinigami coming out of a corner.

This Shinigami wore an official Shihakusho, so it wasn’t a student, obviously. She looked like a young girl, and she was carefully examining Roja at this moment.

After arriving by Roja’s side, she handed him a folded paper.


Roja received the paper but was about to ask, when he looked up, he only saw the girl running off the street and directly disappearing away.

Is this a love letter or something?!!

Roja’s mouth twitched slightly. In the academy, he received many of these things, and now even a Shinigami was going after him?

Even so, Roja still opened the note, but just with a glance, his expression instantly became cold.


Roja flicked his waist, and the note was directly burned to ashes.

The note said: The cause of the gate collapse was an input of spiritual power from a Kido Corps Shinigami.

That kind of thing was almost impossible, not to mention a Kido Corps member who had a job that made it impossible for him to be unable to control his spiritual power, even a captain of vice-captain of the Gotei 13 won’t make such a mistake when controlling their spiritual power.

Saying something improper input of spiritual power just sounds like a joke to Roja.

It was like saying that Aizen tried to use 10th or 20th Kido and failed in the process.

This was obviously not an accident, and the only one who actually wanted to mess with Roja right now is the current Kido Grand Chief, Fujiwara Ryu.

“Good, very good.”

Roja sneered as his eyes shined coldly. This Ant called Fujiwara Ryu should’ve stayed put. But even if an Ant wanted to enrage a human, it would be extremely difficult, but this Fujiwara Ryu just did that.

After all, this didn’t just involve Roja, but it involved Hinamori as well. That was Roja’s girl in the Shinigami world. His first maid was being bullied. Of course, it’s impossible for him to just sit and watch.

Thinking about the previous encounter with Aizen, he mentioned something about early graduation. Roja snorted.

“Early graduation… Early graduation it is, then.”

After a few days, Roja applied for early graduation from the Shinigami academy.

Although the academy does not limit early graduation, the application was extremely difficult to pass. A few inspectors would need to test the student for the graduation exam that was several times harder than a normal graduation exam. But Roja was different since he caused quite a stir in the whole soul society for a few times already.

The inspectors just symbolically tested his spiritual pressure. Then he was directly authorized to graduate.

And like this, Roja was the first, second-year student that applied for early graduation.

This caused another stir in soul society and Gotei 13 as well.

Since Roja was inevitably Graduated, the focus of every Shinigami was which division in the Gotei 13 would he chose.

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