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G.O.S.S Chapter 619: Challenging the Kido Grand Chief

Normally, if a student didn’t submit a request, he would be directly placed in the Gotei 13.

But if every student that graduated was directly placed into the Gotei 13, the balance between division would be broken sooner or later.

That’s why, there were some Rules, for example, any Kuchiki member would always be placed into the sixth division, as well as other nobles. It was an exclusive noble division.

As for the Shihoin clan, they would be placed into the second division. But since the Shungo Goddess Yoruichi Shihoin went along with Urahara Kisuke to the human world, it was hard for the Clan to actually lead the second division and the Onmitsukidō, which finally led to Soi Fon taking the position of to lead them.

The Shiba family was controlling the tenth Division, with the current captain being Shiba Isshin, who is originally Ichigo’s father. But Since Aizen didn’t plot against him yet, the Shiba and Kuchiki were currently equaled.

Usually, captains would submit a request for a graduating student to join their division, and the others would be divided equally between the divisions after a discussion with Yamamoto.

Because the discussion would lead to the power development of each division, it was always heated and full of disputes, but with Roja graduating, it would lit a fire in the meeting room.

“I think it’s best to let him join the Tenth DIsivion. Maybe when I retire, he would take the captain position after me.”

“What? You plan to fight me for him?” Zaraki Kenpachi directly said.

Shunsui directly tried to mediate between the two: “Oh, I think we could let him go to the 13th division, since captain Ukitake’s body is quite bad, having a strong vice-captain could relieve some pressure from him.”

“…. Cough…”

Ukitake coughed as soon as he heard this while looking happily at Shunsui.

Aizen smiled faintly at this and said: “I actually ran into Roja not long ago, and he told me that he would be joining the Kido Corps.”

Aizen’s words made the dispute directly stop. Not far away, Ichimaru Gin looked at Aizen with surprise. He thought that he would get Roja to join the fifth or third division, but it didn’t happen.

“Kido corps?”

Yamamoto, who was silent from the start, opened his eyes. He was quite surprised by this information.

Ichimaru Gin narrowed his eyes and said: “Because he is a Kido Genius, he wants to join the Kido corps? Well, it’s not a bad choice; the Kido Corps needs fresh blood as well.”

Suddenly, Yamamoto’s vice-captain came forward and whispered a few things to Yamamoto.

“Such being the case, it’s decided by his will then.”

From his vice-captain, Yamamoto was told that Roja indeed requested to join the Kido Corps. Thus, Yamamoto closed his eyes and gently brought his can down.

If it was an ordinary Shinigami, he wouldn’t have a say in where he goes, but Roja had the qualification, he was as strong as a captain after all.

In soul society, power equals status.

“It’s decided that Roja is joining the Kido corps.”

“As for the other sixth grade graduates, their position is already discussed.” Yamamoto knocked his can on the ground as he made the decision.

Zaraki’s expression showed his unwillingness.

Other captains looked at each other silently. They couldn’t refute Yamamoto’s decision.

A few days later, another shock hit soul society… Just as Roja joined the Kido Corps, he submitted a request to the central room 46 to challenge the Grand Kido Chief.

The central room 46 accepted the challenge request.

This news spread and soul society were in an uproar.

The Grand Kido chief could be said to have equal status to the captains from the Gotei 13. But the grand Kido chief was independent, so even if Yamamoto himself wanted to order him, he can’t.

Because of this, the appointment of the Grand Kido Chief must be harsher than the appointment of captains.

The first method to get the position of the Grand Kido Chief is but having the head commander, along with at least six captains, inspect a showdown between the challenger and current Grand Kido Chief, and if the challenger wins, he will be directly granted the position of Grand Kido Chief.

The second method is by learning Hado 99 and Bakudo 99 and have the support of the Kido Corps Shinigami.

The current Kido Chief, Fujiwara Ryu, didn’t get to his position with any of the above methods, he temporarily took over, and that’s it.

The Majority of the Shinigami knew that the current Grand Kido Chief wasn’t strong, but they didn’t expect Roja to challenge him just after three days from joining.

Only one thing could cause such a matter.


With Roja’s talent, he would get to the position of Grand Kido Chief sooner or later. After all, he fought with Zaraki Kenpachi. But Roja was young in the eyes of many.

Many people thought that Roja’s power was at most captain’s level. He applied for graduation and joined the Kido corps and directly challenged the Current Grand Kido Chief. Obviously, he set his eyes on that position.

With Roja’s amazing talent, in a dozen of years, he would grasp the 99th Kido and relaxingly get that same position.

Currently, even if the Grand Kido Chief wasn’t strong, he was at least a normal captain level, so the outcome of their fight was hard to predict.

And it must be known that a challenge can end with someone’s death.

Zaraki Kenpachi challenged the previous Kenpachi, Kenpachi Kiganjō, killed him and took over his position.

This was to defend the captain’s dignity; after all, not anyone can just challenge a captain casually; if he did, he needs to put his own life at risk.

And Challenging the Kido Grand Chief was almost the same.

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