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G.O.S.S Chapter 620: Hinamori’s worries.

Roja moved from the dormitory of the Shinigami academy to the Kido corps’ living area, which was quite shabby compared to the Gotei 13 or even normal houses.

Roja’s room was quite simple. He didn’t have anything in his Dormitory, so he directly moved here without carrying anything except some books.

“This Bakudo is quite hard. I didn’t imagine the Bakudo No.95 to be so hard to grasp, even though it was simply using the full chant…”

Roja closed his eyes as he controlled his Spiritual Pressure’s fluctuation.

After learning the 94th and 95th Bakudo, Roja could use the 94th without chant, but he still struggled with the 95th. Although he didn’t try yet, he was sure that his success rate was currently 80%.

“It’s almost time.”

After calming down his spiritual pressure, Roja didn’t continue practicing. Instead, he stood up directly, and his eyes flashed slightly while he walked toward the door.

However, as he opened the door, he saw someone panting in front of him.

“Lil’ Shiro, why are you here?”

Roja was surprised to see Hinamori and directly smiled at her. Hinamori was with him when he first moved here, so she obviously knew where he lived.

Hinamori relaxed when she saw Roja, and finally, after catching her breath, she said: “I… I didn’t think you would challenge the Kido Grand Chief…”

When she heard that Roja challenged the Grand Chief, she was surprised and heard many people saying that he would lose. Most of those people didn’t like Roja very much, but she was still nervous and anxious about it.

Roja hearing this blinked a few times before saying: “I didn’t think the news would spread so fast, even you know now, but do you believe that I would challenge him hastily without any reason?”

Hinamori opened her mouth but could speak. When she thought about it, with Roja’s personality, he wasn’t the type to do something, so hast to gain rank.

After thinking about it, Hinamori still couldn’t find the reason.

“Then, why did you…”

“This matter is also related to you.”

Roja looked at Hinamori and smiled and explained to her about how the Kido Grand Chief was the reason behind the gate collapsing accident.

Hinamori was maddened immediately as her small face looked really annoyed as she said: “How can that fellow do something like that, that’s really cheap.”

“With someone like that holding the title of Kido Grand Chief, it’s no wonder that the Kido Corps are declining.”

Regarding someone who wants to harm Roja, Hinamori would respond with great hostility. She would hate him with all her being. It wasn’t because she was involved as well, but it was because the target was Roja.

Roja smiled confidently and said: “Since the Kido Grand Chief wants to get rid of me, I might as well fight him and end the dispute here before any further accidents that could involve you happens, which is something I’m not willing to forgive.”


Hinamori nodded, but she still looked anxious and worried about Roja. She didn’t say anything as she knew from Roja’s explanation that this was an unavoidable fight.

If Roja didn’t challenge him now, the Kido Grand Chief would just scheme to dispose of Roja secretly.

“Will you be able to win…”

Recalling that people weren’t in favor of Roja’s winning the fight, Hinamori asked in worry.

Roja laughed and patted her head and said: “Don’t worry, The Kido Grand Chief is nothing for me; he will be chopped like a melon.”

If someone who just graduated said these words, anyone would think of him as an arrogant person, but Hinamori, hearing Roja’s words, felt her worries vanishing directly.

She didn’t say anything except for encouragement. As Roja moved to the Duel location, Hinamori just silently followed him.

The duel location was where Rukia would have been executed in the original story.

It’s named the Sōkyoku hill, after the giant Halberd Sōkyoku that is said to have powers compared to a captain.

The Head Captain Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto was first to arrive. He paid close attention to this challenge. The Duel won’t start without him there as per the rules.

His vice-captain Sasakibe stood like he always did Beside Yamamoto.

The Kido Corps officers were scattered all around the place while the Kido Grand Chief stood in his side, waiting for the duel to start.

“We need at least six captains here… I don’t know which six would come.”

A Kido Corps Officer whispered.

Soon, a figure wearing a captain’s Haori arrived and stood beside Yamamoto firmly.

The captain of the sixth Division, Kuchiki Byakuya.

He may not be interested in the duel, but he is here to observe as these are the customs. Also, he was observing on behalf of the nobles.

The second captain to arrive was unexpectedly Mayuri, the captain of the 12th division.

Byakuya just swept a glance at Mayuri with a calm expression before he looked forward again.

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