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G.O.S.S Chapter 621: Roja Vs. Kuzuhara Ryu

Following after Mayuri, Shiba Isshin was the next captain to arrive together with Shunsui.

And since Shunsui came, of course, Ukitake would be here next.

Hence, five captains gathered along with Yamamoto while people were wondering who was the next to arrive.

Suddenly, a giant appeared by jumping directly toward the Sōkyoku hill. Only one person had the power to actually make such a leap. The figure landed with a bang.

“The moisture here is convenient.”

Kusajishi Yachiru on Zaraki’s shoulder turned her eyes then looked around then grinned: “That Roja brat isn’t here?”

Zaraki coming here wasn’t to watch Roja fighting the Grand Kido Chief, but it was most likely for his own fight.

Just after Zaraki arrived, Roja made his entrance.

“Greetings, Head captain, captains.”

Roja gently greeted the head captain and the others.

Yamamoto and the others didn’t show neither approval nor disapproval, except Zaraki, who directly grinned and said: “Why are you making such hypocritical gesture, you and I are alike, don’t try to hide it. How about… how about we play a little game while we wait for the others to come?!”

Zaraki actually moved forward and was really intending to fight Roja here.

But at this moment, Kuchiki Byakuya moved in front of Zaraki and directly looked at him: “Don’t break the rule, we don’t need you to make ruckus here.”

“Ha? What did you say?”

Zaraki tilted his head while looking at Byakuya as if he was looking for a fight, well he was actually looking for a fight.


Yamamoto opened his eyes, and he knocked his walking stick on the ground and said: “Stop that behavior. It’s not becoming of a captain.”

Byakuya was calm and silent as he returned to his place, while Zaraki clicked his tongue and no longer moved toward Roja.

Roja didn’t pay attention to Byakuya or Zaraki, but he was surprised that Unohana Retsu wasn’t present.

He looked at the somewhat uneasy Hinamori Momo beside him and said to Yamamoto: “Hinamori is really important to me, so please allow her to observe.”


Yamamoto looked at Hinamori beside Roja, who gave a slight bow toward him.

Standing in front of an audience of captains, Hinamori almost had stage fright. Even though the Captains weren’t using Reiatsu or anything, the pressure was still there, and if not for Roja beside her, she would’ve fallen to her knees already.

She took a deep breath and moved back toward Shinigamis from the Kido Corps.

The Kido Corps’ member didn’t dare to say anything to her or even stay close. If Roja were to win and become the Grand Kido Chief, with her relationship with Roja, they wouldn’t be able to afford to offend her.

Finally, when everything was ready, the Grand Kido Chief, Fujiwara Ryu, took his place.

He was slightly fat while his skin color was brown; he didn’t have much hair above his head. His Zanpakuto was hanging on his waist in its initial form.

Ryu looked at Roja with hostility and coldness as he directly released his Reiatsu to press Roja.

But the ‘oh so great’ pressure released by Ryu was like gentle waves passing by Roja. He didn’t even pay attention to them.

“Since everyone here, you can start.”

Genryusai said as he looked between Roja and Ryu. Today was a duel, which may as well be a life and death battle, so there was no need for a long speech.

“Well, Well… They are about to start.”

Isshin’s eyes flashed as he said: “I didn’t see that Fujiwara fellow’s power before, but I think he may lose, after all, that young lad fought Zaraki here an didn’t suffer any losses.”

“Ha? Are you saying that I’m weak?”

Zaraki heard Isshin’s words and immediately looked at him.

Although Isshin was from the Shiba family, which was one of the four noble clans, and the captain of the tenth division as well, he wasn’t a serious person, so he directly awkwardly said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”


Zaraki had nothing to say about this because Shiba Isshin had a strange character.

The other captains didn’t pay any attention to their conversation as they were actually paying attention to the fight that was about to begin, even Yamamoto was interested.

“You challenged me and didn’t bring you Zanpakuto?” Ryu held his Zanpakuto and said coldly to Roja.

Roja was wearing a lose Haori, and there was no place to hide his Zanpakuto, so I can be seen that he wasn’t planning to fight using his Zanpakuto.

“Since I’m challenging you to be the Kido Grand Chief, I thought I would settle this with Kido only… Not to mention, I won’t need to use my Zanpakuto against someone like you.”

“What arrogance!”

Ryu sneered. Even the Kido Corps would use their Zanpakuto when they fought.

Ryu directly released his Shikai.

“Gnaw and Nip, Soldier Ant!”

Having his position threatened by Roja, Ryu wasn’t going to go easy against Roja. He directly released his own Shikai.

As he pulled his Zanpakuto, the sword changed to look like an ant filled with strange spots.

Roja saw this and didn’t comment. He only looked tranquil as he stretched two fingers and said:

“Hado No.91: Senjū Kōten Taihō!”

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