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G.O.S.S Chapter 622: Amazed!

As soon as Roja’s voice fell, Spiritual pressure rushed up to the sky and overshadowed Ryu’s pressure even while releasing his Shikai.

But the Spiritual pressure stopped rushing upward, it directly condensed in front of Roja. The condensed Spiritual pressure formed ten energy points before directly rushed toward Ryu.

Just one attack and it was already shocking.

“Oi Oi… That’s exaggerated…”

“Hado No.91 without a chant, are you kidding?”

All the members from the Kido Corps and even the Vice Kido Chief stared with wide eyes in disbelief.

It didn’t end at the members of the Kido Corps, as even the captain’s looks changed.

“The Kido of this guy reached the pinnacle already.”

Byakuya looked at the Hado released without a chant and said profoundly.

“Really, what a terrifying fellow.”

Shunsui took a deep breath of cold air.


Hinamori’s hand clenched into fists as she looked at the battlefield anxiously. Under the spiritual pressure, she couldn’t breathe normally, but even so, her full attention was still on the fight.


Ryu said as he responded to this attack. He actually prepared well for this fight, but seeing the No.91 Hado released without chant made him anxious.

“Bakudo No.81: Danku!”

Spiritual pressure erupted suddenly, the Spirit Particles (Reishi) gathered around Ryu and directly a translucent barrier in the form of a large rectangular wall appeared in front of him.

The Energy balls from the 91st Hado bombarded the shield one after the other. If it was a Hado below the 90th, then maybe Danku would be able to resist it.

Under the constant bombardment, the Danku was cracking like a piece of ice before it finally collapsed.

A dust cloud rose to the sky, obstructing everyone’s sight.

Ryu leaped from the dust cloud and moved a few meters back while traces of burn were apparent on his hair. His chest was moving fast as he was breathing hard with a wound on his arm.

Obviously, even if Danku blocked most of the shots, it didn’t block them completely, and Ryu was still caught in the explosion, which injured him.

However, Ryu didn’t reveal any kind of fear or distress. Instead, he ferociously laughed and said: “Very good… Very strong, Hado… In this case, My Zanpakuto’s ability can be displayed completely.”

Ryu shouted angrily, then the Disgusting Zanpakuto in his hand erupted with a weird Spiritual power (Reiryoku) that contained Ryu spiritual power along with a trace of Roja’s.

“Hado No. 88: Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho!”

Ryu didn’t hold anything back. He wanted to deal with Roja as fast as possible.

A gigantic beam of electrical and spiritual energy directly shot out of Ryu’s hand toward Roja.

It was a Hado without a chant, but the power behind it was no less than the one with chants, it might even be stronger.

“The Grand Kido Chief’s Zanpakuto…”

A member of the Kido Corps spoke while his forehead was filled with sweat: “it has the ability to swallow the Spiritual pressure of his enemy in a while fighting, forcing the Kido released to be stronger than it was originally. The Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho is most likely as strong as the Hado No.91 Roja released.”

At this time, all the captains and Kido Corps members’ attention was on Roja, waiting to see how he would respond to this attack.

Roja, of course, didn’t disappoint them. Instead, he shocked them.

“Bakudo No. 93: Kuro KuJin (Black Dust!)”

Formless back dust suddenly surrounded Roja and directly faced the attacking coming toward Roja. As if a mouth formed out of the dust, it directly swallowed the thunder attack.

The mighty attack that could rival 90th Hado was suddenly swallowed without a trace.

“You can swallow the Residue of my Spiritual pressure and add it to your Kido?” Roja casually blocked the strike and looked at Ryu, not far away.

Ryu sneered and said: “It seems you finally understand that you have no way to win… You obtained an Asaushi two years ago, but you still can’t release the Shikai, and even if you could, it doesn’t matter, you can’t win against me.”


Roja smiled, he looked at Ryu with ridicule, then said: “Since your Zanpakuto swallows Spiritual Pressure, then I will let it swallow all the way.”

As soon as his voice fell, Roja took one step forward and stretched one finger out toward Ryu.

“Hado No. 86: Hiryu Raikoho!”

“Hado No.88: Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō!”

“Hado No.89: Tsuki Kanōhō!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three high levels of Kido were simultaneously shot toward Ryu. In the blink of an eye, Terrifying Spiritual pressure erupted that made even the captains’ faces change color.


Ryu was amazed, they were all above 80 Hado, and he released them one after the other. If it were between 60 or 70, it wouldn’t shock him, but the difficulty and consumption of above 80 Hado weren’t small. This already made Ryu think of the previous Kido Grand Chief.

Once again, Ryu used Danku to defend.

After activating Danku without chant, Ryu didn’t stop and directly started chanting, trying to strengthen it.

But even so, Roja continued to bombard him with high-level Hado one after the other, which made the Danky directly collapse.

“Gnaw and Nip, Soldier Ant.”

Ryu directly tried to use his Zanpakuto to resist and absorb more Spiritual pressure to attack Roja with an even stronger attack.

At this time, Roja pointed to fingers at him and said.

“Hado No. 90: Kurohitsugi!”

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