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G.O.S.S Chapter 623: Insta-kill

The sudden use of Kurohitsugi put great pressure on Fujiwara Ryu’s body.

He, frantically, tried to fend off the attacks before he was completely surrounded by the black Coffin.

Roja launched four high levels of Hado in quick succession that it made even Isshin and Shunsui shocked in silence.

The Power of a captain was indeed sufficient to support the use of such an attack, but even then, it wouldn’t be in quick succession and without a chant.

The possibilities for releasing continuous attacks were two, one Roja’s Control was formidable to the extreme. The second was, his Spiritual Pressure wasn’t limited to what he was currently displaying.

After a few breaths, the Kurohitsugi started dissipating, revealing the extremely pitiful form of Ryu.

However, His closed eyes suddenly opened and shined in red color.


Ryu roared crazily as his Spiritual pressure suddenly rose in a second.

The captains were alright in front of this terrifying suppression caused by Ryu’s Spiritual pressure, but the members of the Kido corps were breathing hard, and even the vice Kido Chief took a step back.

The current Spiritual pressure released by Ryu was many times greater than it was before.

A captain has three types of Spiritual pressure, the first one was a normal captain’s Spiritual pressure, the second was released with the Shikai, and the third… is released with the Bankai.

Ryu’s Zanpakuto didn’t change, and he didn’t release his Bankai as well, but his Reiatsu has already achieved that state.

All the captains present were startled. After carefully looking at Ryu, Shunsui thought a little before looking toward Mayuri.

Mayuri’s eyes were shining as he looked at Ryu. His expression was completely different from the other captains.

Feeling Shunsui’s gaze, Mayuri directly looked at him.

Mayuri’s IQ was one of the highest in the soul society. Maybe only Urahara could compare to him.

“Don’t look at me like that, some people came to me and voluntarily wanted to be my test subject, I won’t just refuse them, would I?”

Every Captain was looking at Mayuri, Isshin was even planning to question him but didn’t expect to just say it casually.

Yamamoto looked at Mayuri without saying anything; the rule of this fight didn’t prevent this kind of method.

After all, this was a challenge to determine the Grand Kido Chief’s position. That position was for formidable people who were at the peak of soul society, and every method will be used to protect Soul Society.

Shunsui and the others shook their head and didn’t speak. Their gaze returned to the battlefield as they continued watching.

Roja was winning, he was crushing Ryu, but with the spiritual pressure of a released Bankai, the outcome of the fight became hard to predict.

“Hey… Is this even a fight…”

Zaraki Kenpachi smiled; he wasn’t content at this, because he fought Roja and knew that he still didn’t release his real power.

He knew why Roja wasn’t actually using his full power because insta-killing your enemy isn’t fun.

Roja’s expression didn’t change. He was looking at Ryu tranquilly.

“Is this your last resort, Fujiwara Ryu?”

“You can still stay calm in front of my power, it’s rare, but this shouldn’t be how you’re feeling inside right now.”

Ryu had a ferocious expression on his face as the Spiritual pressure absorbed by his Zanpakuto emerged as well.

He pointed his sword at Roja and said: “The Kido you sent toward me, I couldn’t block them completely, but I still absorbed much of the power in them.”

Roja disregarded Ryu completely as he looked at the captains, then he shook his head.

No wonder Unohana didn’t come, perhaps she already expected that Ryu was only this good and didn’t have the qualification for Roja to draw his sword at all.

“Since that’s all you have… This stops now.”

Roja’s eyes turned ice cold. He made Ryu use all of his tricks to let him realize how weak he was and make him feel despair.

Spiritual pressure rushed out of Roja’s body in waves, crashing the ground beneath his feet.

The faces of all the present captains changed because, at this moment, Roja’s Spiritual Pressure was comparable to them when using Bankai, or maybe it was even stronger than that.

“How is this possible? Without Shikai or Bankai, his own spiritual pressure is already this strong?” Isshin said in shock.

Shunsui was shocked, and he could help look toward Zaraki, all the captains had the same thought.

Another Zaraki Kenpashi.

When the captains were still shocked, Roja lifted his hand toward Ryu and said.

“Hado No.95: Hakairyū taihō (Destruction Dragon’s Cannon!)”

Scarlet red flames erupted out of Roja’s palm and formed a big Dragon. Ryu’s mind couldn’t react at all. He just stared dumbly at the dragon.

The Dragon Rushed toward Ryu, who struggled greatly trying to resist, but his Spiritual power, along with his flesh and blood (he’s a soul btw), disintegrated.

“Impossible… This is Impossible… How are you so strong…”

Ryu thought that with the power he obtained, he could kill Roja, but he didn’t think that Roja could kill him with one attack, and he couldn’t even resist.

The Dragon opened it’s mouth and swallowed Ryu before directly raising to the sky.

As the Dragon exploded in the sky, light shined above Soul society, and with this light being born, the Grand Kido Chief died…

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