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G.O.S.S Chapter 624: Tsundere

Gotei 13, Meeting Hall!

Yamamoto was standing up with his walking stick in hand while the captain stood in front of him, respectively, in two straight lines.

Roja stood in front of Yamamoto confidently while wearing a special Haori different from the captain’s Haori. The special design of the Kido Grand Chief was engraved on it.

The captains were looking at Roja carefully. Some were looking hostile, while others looked as if they didn’t care. Aizen was smiling kindly without any flow in his act.

“Although you know most of the captains here, you will be working together from now on, so introduce yourselves.”

Yamamoto looked at Roja, his face didn’t show any emotion, but he was talking gently as he spoke each captain’s name.

“Captain of the third division, Ichimaru Gin. Captain of the fifth division, Sosuke Aizen, Captain of the seventh division, Komamura Sajin. Captain of the Ninth Division, Tosen Kaname. Captain of the Eleventh Division, Zaraki Kenpachi. Captain of the thirteenth Division, Jushiro Ukitake.”

As soon as Yamamoto says a name, the captain would greet Roja separately, and obviously, each captain’s greeting was different.

Ichimaru Gin narrowed his eyes, and no one could see through him, Aizen was the Acting King, Sajin was somewhat Hostile, Kaname’s manners were mild, Zaraki grinned and drew his sword wanting to fight Roja again, Ukitake coughed as if he was sick but still greeted Roja friendly.

After speaking the name of one side, Yamamoto looked at the other side.

“Captain of the Second Division, and the chief of the Onmitsukido, Soi Fon…”

As he mentioned, Soi Fon, Yamamoto, stopped slightly, as she was different from other captains. She was the head of an organization like the Kido Corps.

The two organizations often coordinated with each other. Soi Fon was holding the name of the Chief of the Onmitsukido the same as Roja’s Kido Grand Chief while still having a captain’s position.

Roja faintly smiled at Soi Fon, who snorted in response.

She actually coldly snorted at Roja.

When Roja and Zaraki fought, Roja said a few words to her, and she wasn’t happy about them.


Roja curled his lips, even though Komamura Sajin was hostile, Soi Fon was different, she was pouting most likely, he didn’t offend her right?

She is a proud and pampered Tsundere.

Yamamoto just glanced at Soi Fon and didn’t comment on her impoliteness, after all, he didn’t want the captain to be friendly with Roja.

With Roja’s current status, he has a close status to the captain commander in a name. Since Yamamoto established the Gotei 13, the Kido Corps and the onmitsukido were always pressured.

Now, the Gotei 13 was in control of the Onmitsukido, which leaves the Kido Corps alone.

“Captain of the fourth division, Unohana Retsu.”

Unohana was calm, as always. She greeted Roja elegantly, but one can see child-like happiness in her eyes.

Roja didn’t expect that Unohana the black-bellied captain to actually keep her promise and not reveal anything about him.

Unohana’s mouth curled up in a beaming smile.

This made Soi Fon have a slight change of opponent of Roja. She didn’t know that the Issue of Grand Kido Chief would grab Unohana’s attention.

“Captain of the sixth Division, Kuchiki Byakuya. Captain of the eighth Division, Kyoraku Shunsui. Captain of the Tenth Division Shiba Isshin, and finally, Captain of the twelfth Division, Kurotsuchi Mayuri.”

Byakuya greeted Roja in noble manners while Shunsui and Isshin were friendly as for Mayuri…

Roja directly started talking with him.

“I always wanted to study the specifics of the power behind the Shikai and Bankai. The power wasn’t related to Hallows. The promotion of spiritual pressure was really fierce.”

The detail of Roja’s fight with Fujiwara Ryu traveled to the ears of the other captains that weren’t present, as well as the power Ryu revealed due to Mayuri’s experiment.

If it wasn’t for Roja’s power, he wouldn’t be here now.

“Empty talk.”

Soi Fon listening to Roja’s words, couldn’t help despise him.

Roja shot her a look and said: “When an adult is talking, children mustn’t interrupt them.”

Shunsui couldn’t suppress his laughter as he heard this.

Soi Fon glared at Roja fiercely as if she was ready to fight 300 rounds with Roja.

From all the present captains, Soi Fon was the youngest, and her stature was a child-like compared to them as well.

But when Soi Fon was ready to fight, Mayuri directly said: “The experiment was a failure… The user will lose all his Spiritual Pressure afterward.”

Such a remark made all the captains look at Mayuri immediately.

Mayuri’s expression didn’t change, as if he did nothing wrong at all, as he said.

“Although I told him that the medicine was just developed and no human experiment, but he forcefully wanted to take it, and the loss of spiritual power is the side effect I concluded from the experiment.”


The captains listened to Mayuri gloomily. They decided to keep a large distance between them and Mayuri.

Zaraki Kenpachi was crazy, but Mayuri made them feel scared.

“A Failure indeed.”

Hearing Mayuri’s words, Roja casually responded.

Yamamoto looked at the captains and saw that nobody spoke. He gently hit his stick on the ground and said: “Good, the Kido Grand Chief succeeding ceremony comes to an end.”

Yamamoto announced, and all the captains turned around to leave.

“Come to the eleventh Division some time. We have to fight again.”

Zaraki passed by Roja and said to Roja, making him roll his eyes.

As for Soi Fon, before leaving, she glared at Roja, clearly saying, ‘I am waiting for you.’

Although Roja was strong, Soi Fon didn’t really care.

Roja curled his lips, getting Soi Fon’s threat, he neither approved nor disapproved as he left the hall toward the Kido Corps building.

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