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G.O.S.S Chapter 625: Soi Fon’s Childishness!

Inside the Kido Chief office, Roja was sitting down in front of his desk, looking at the work he had. It wasn’t much different from when he was an Admiral in One Piece’s world, and the work was boring. He had to approve some documents, send aid to Shinigami requesting the Kido Corps help, and assigning people to their works…

There aren’t many jobs for the Kido Corps to fight people or anything; almost all the request was coordinating with other people.

Regarding these things, Roja, of course, didn’t have time for them, he just passed them down to the Kido Vice Chief.

The Vice chief didn’t complain at all. Instead, he was happy because Roja gave him such an important authority. Although he was still the Vice Chief, his authority was close to the Kido Grand Chief now.

The Vice Chief was competent in his work, as Ryu always ordered him around to do his work but didn’t give him any credit for it.

As for Roja, in less than fifteen days from getting his post, he already requested the Kido Books containing Kidos above the 95th from the Central Room 46.

The reason these books were held by Central room 46 was because of their might. For example, Hado No.96: Blazing Blade could destroy a major part of Soul society if it was unleashed.

As the Grand Kido Chief, Roja had the authority to request these books, and the answer arrived quickly.

“The Central Room 46 decided to give the Grand Chief Roja, the books containing The Bakudo from 96th to 99th, as for Hado, the request was denied temporarily.”

As a new Kido Grand Chief, the central room 46 couldn’t let such fall into the wrong hands. That’s why the Hado was denied. If they fell into the wrong hand, the Soul Society could be destroyed.

On the other hand, the difficulty of the 96th to 99th Bakudo would make Roja take some time to master them, so it wasn’t bad for now.

Roja directly took the book of the 96th Bakudo and started reading.

Inside the book were the record of the people who used the Bakudo, and this was recorded because only a few people actually managed to learn Kido above the 95th.

“Year 329, the Hueco Mundo tried to invade Soul Society, the fifth Grand Kido Chief used the 96th Bakudo to imprison the invaders…”

“Year 447, the fourth division captain betrayed soul society and attacked central room 46, the Head Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto used Bakudo No.96 to suppress him…”

The first few pages were just a description of the uses of the Bakudo in Soul Society’s history. Roja didn’t care and directly flipped through the history to reach the actual description of the Bakudo.

When Roja reached the practice method of the 96th Bakudo, he heard a knock on his office door.

“Come in.”

Roja’s brows frowned slightly as he closed the book.

The Vice Chief came in and closed the door, then saluted Roja.

“Sir Grand Kido Chief, I have a report.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Kido Corps teams were arranged to place special Spiritual pressure’s detection devices that can detect Hallows whereabout…”

Roja heard this and directly said: “Get to the point.”

The Vice Kido Chief directly said: “Yes sir, every five years, our Kido Corps members would be sent for maintenance. There was no problem in the previous times we did the maintenance, but that was with the Onmitsukido’s help, but now they didn’t let us go.”


Roja touched his chin as he thought.

The Vice Kido Chief’s expressed his annoyance as he said: “The Onmitsukido fellow said that they had too many secrets and they don’t want idlers to enter, so now they refer to our Kido Corps as Idlers…”

“Okay, you can go first.”

Roja waved his hand as he interrupted the Vice Kido Chief.

The Vice Kido Chief didn’t know what to do. He knew that Roja didn’t love management, and he didn’t have any means to oppose the Onmitsukido. The current Chief of the Omnitsukido was also the captain of the second Division. If Roja doesn’t act himself, he can’t do anything as the Vice Kido Chief.

After the Vice Kido Chief went out, Roja was speechless.

“Really that mischievous child has temperament. That Soi Fon is really looked for trouble, isn’t she a captain in the Gotei 13, why does she act so childish.”

Roja shook his head. He really didn’t want to deal with something as useless as this. Even without the detection device, the Hallows know better than try to invade Soul Society.

As for Soi Fon, if she doesn’t behave, he would have to smack her bottom.

Roja threw the matter of Soi Fon to the back of his head as he continued reading the book about Bakudo.

Roja was immersed in the book for three whole days when he finally checked the time. He could only sigh.

Although there was only a difference of just one between 95th and 96th Bakudo, the disparity between them was too big.

Even though the power increase was about 60% from Bakudo No.95, the difficulty was at least double the previous one.

But Roja was indifferent. He had time to kill anyway.

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