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G.O.S.S Chapter 626: A bet with Soi Fon

Today, Roja completed the initial process of learning the No.96 Bakudo, he was about to get to the next level and master it, but Hinamori wanted to see him and directly came looking for him.

Naturally, Hinamori said she wanted to consult him, but she lied there, she wanted to see him. Roja didn’t mind as he listened to the little girl talking incessantly.

“… Yesterday, the Kido Teacher of our class was changed.”

“Oh? You started the new year already.”

Roja touched his chin as he smiled at Hinamori. It was about time for the new year to begin. He wasn’t paying attention. After all, the school had nothing to do with him now.

With his status, he is no longer a student, but more like an inspector of the school.

“Yes, we started the day before yesterday.”

Hinamori looked at Roja as if she understood why Roja forgot the date. She laughed and said: “By the way, there is a new student with sixth rank talent who joined the school.”


Roja was curious now, a six ranked spiritual pressure was interesting, he didn’t hear about this.

Although people always thought he was a rank six talent, he actually broke the measuring device. He was rank seven, but this was only known to Vice-Captains and above as it wasn’t publicized.

“You may not believe this, but he is a childhood friend of mine…”

Hinamori grinned as she excitedly kept flailing her hands in the air.

Roja: ”…”

Roja thought a little after hearing Hinamori describing her friend, and it turned out to be Toshiro Hitsugaya.

If Hitsugaya knew that Hinamori was talking to Roja about this, he would come to look for him and go all out against Roja.

“With his talent, he may be able to actually surpass you soon if you don’t work hard.” Roja chuckled.

Hinamori tiled her head cutely and said: “He may not call me elder sister, but he will ask about anything he doesn’t understand.”

While Roja and Hinamori chatted, they suddenly heard a loud sound.

They stopped talking and directly looked outside.

“What happened?”

Hinamori blinked before turning toward Roja and asked.

Roja touched his chin. He released his senses and directly understood what happened. He wasn’t happy about it and directly stood up.

“You like messing around so much, well, let’s see what will you do.”

Roja looked at Hinamori and said: “It’s just a small matter if you don’t want to come, stay here and rest while I take care of it.”

“Um… Ok.”

Hinamori was hesitant as she thought that Roja was the Kido Grand Chief now, and if she goes with him, she will add to the chaos.

Kido Corps.

A thin-looking girl wearing a captains Hoari was haughtily berating the members of the Kido Corps: “Make way, a criminal ran away here, do you want to harbor a criminal?”

The Kido Corps members, including the Vice-chief, looked very ugly. This is the Kido Corps building, and the Onmitsukido actually came here looking for trouble.

The Chief of the Onmitsukido, the second division captain, came directly, and when she talked, no one dared to talk back to her.

With her status, no one from the Kido Corps, except for Roja, could compare to her, and they would suffer if they didn’t cooperate.

Soi Fon directly gave the command to the Onmitsukido members to start searching around.

Directly, all of them scattered around and started searching.


A loud shout was heard by all inside the building along with a terrifying Spiritual pressure swept all the Onmitsukido Members. Their body sunk as their complexion paled.

At this time, Soi Fon took a step forward and released her Spiritual pressure, and coldly said: “Is it possible that the Kido Grand Chief is also planning to harbor a criminal?”

She didn’t dare to actually accuse Roja directly. She was just making it hard for him.


Roja walked out along with a person in his hands and directly stood in front of Soi Fon. He looked down at Soi Fon and said: “The person you want is here, take him and leave, and I will not investigate today’s matter.”

The small girl was mischievous, and Roja didn’t care, but if she was too Mischievous, he would have to teach her a lesson.

Soi Fon’s mouth twitched. As Roja stood in front of her, his expression was like, ‘You’re just too short,’ making her extremely angry.

She didn’t retreat or take even one step back because if she did, her public image would fall.

She directly looked at Roja and said: “Investigate? I don’t remember that there is something to investigate.”

The Vice-Kido Chief finally got angry, and with Roja here to give him the confidence he directly said: “Onmitsukido, even though you can exercise your power to catch a criminal here, you went too far…”

“Shut up! Who allowed you to speak!”

Soi Fon directly berated the Vice Chief.

Roja looked at Soi Fon, which made her a little flustered as he said: “Being a Mischievous can be cute, but too much and I will have to punish you.”


Soi Fon was mad, Roja actually called her child in front of so many people. She wanted to fight him right now.

She was depressed right now, she wanted to look for trouble with Roja, but Roja casually solved it and made fun of her as well.

Soi Fon clenched her teeth. Roja smiled if he didn’t give the child attention, then she would go too far. It seems like she needs training.

“You don’t seem convinced, how about a bet?”

“What bet?”

Soi Fon’s brows wrinkled.

Roja’s lips moved up slightly as he directly said in Soi Fon’s ears: “I heard that you are good at moving undercover and assassination, so, I will give you half a month, if you can injure me using any method, you would win, and I will become your subordinate or whatever you want.”

Soi Fon’s eyes flashed, she sneered at Roja as she forgot about her anger and said:” Good, you said it, so there is no going back on your words.”

Inside Soul Society, except for Yamamoto, she could assassinate anyone, but when it comes to only cause injuries, she was absolutely confident all the way.

Roja seeing Soi Fon agree directly, narrowed his eyes and said: “You won’t ask what will happen if you lose?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

Soi Fon seemed to think that it was impossible to actually lose, so she replied: “It doesn’t matter even if it was something perverted, you don’t need to say it because you lost.”

Roja got annoyed, what is she talking, do I look like a pervert?


Since this small girl said this…

“A bet is a bet. The conditions must be laid out ahead of time, so no one goes back on the debt. If you lose…” Roja directly said a few words in Soi Fon’s ears.

Hearing this, Soi Fon bit her teeth and glared at Roja maliciously. But she was still confident and thought that she wouldn’t lose, so she sneered and turned around to leave.

“Then it’s decided.”

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