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G.O.S.S Chapter 627: Sneaking into the Kido Corps

Roja was on his way to his office after getting a cup of tea. He took a sip and said: “If this Second Division Captain can be obedient, it would be good.”


Hinamori, who was waiting in the office, heard this and curiously looked at Roja.

She hesitated a little before asking: “Did the Second Division captain cause trouble? Why?”

She didn’t care about anything that’s going on, but when it’s something concerning Roja, she won’t let it go, even if the one in front of her was a captain.

“Who knows.”

Roja innocently shrugged and said: “It’s okay now, she didn’t do anything, there are several issues in the Kido Corps. Anyway, didn’t you come here to ask about Kido, come with me.”


Hinamori cleverly nodded then followed Roja.

They headed toward the Practice field to train. After some time, Hinamori said goodbye as it was late, and she needed to go back.

She already planned to practice diligently, and when she graduates, she would stand beside Roja and help him.

After Hinamori left, Roja stayed in the training field. He wanted to get familiar with the Bakudo he learned.

The higher the level, the greater the difficulty of the Kido, so mastering Kido without a chant would get difficult each level. Even if a captain wanted to master Kido Above 95 without a chant, they would need years.

But Roja’s Spiritual pressure was far above any captain or Hollow, even with Sen Maboroshi’s current evolution process, his Spiritual Pressure is still above almost everyone.

And if he fuses the Hyogoku with Sen Maboroshi, he could transform the same way as Ichigo and maintain the form of Final Getsuga Tensho.

The superior Spiritual pressure would allow him to study Kido twice as fast with half the effort.

In just ten days, Roja mastered Bakudo 96 without a chant and started learning the 97th Bakudo.

In these ten days, Soi Fon didn’t attack even once, and the Onmitsukido didn’t come looking for trouble again. Roja started thinking that the girl forgot about the bet they had.

Although the date wasn’t precise, still it was a maximum of 16 days, and now 14 days passed, which was strange. Roja didn’t think that Soi Fon, the proud and pampered child, would admit defeat.

However, Roja didn’t actually care.

With his current power, even Aizen would be hard-pressed and wouldn’t be able to injure him, let alone little Soi Fon.

In the night, a shadowy figure infiltrated the Kido Corps building.

Although the Kido Corps building had an alert and patrols, for this person, it seemed full of holes. This person easily passed by everything without alerting anyone.

Soi Fon may be proud and pampered, but she wasn’t silly, she dared to bet, and although she was 100% confident she would win, she didn’t rush to win, she waited until the night of the 14th day to make her move.

According to her experience, Roja should be on high alert on the last day as well as the first few days, which makes this night the best for her attack.

“The Kido Corps… Just mediocre.”

Without any difficulty, she successfully infiltrated the Kido corps building, and no even a single person was able to detect her.

The difference was great.

Although she was sure, she could also sneak on her subordinate, but it would be as easy as this.

As she arrived in front of Roja’s room, she saw that the light was still on.


But She didn’t care. Some people wouldn’t turn off the light when they sleep. The light being on didn’t represent anything. She carried various assassination missions on more vigilant people, and in the end, they died by her hand.

As she arrived at the roof of Roja’s room quietly, Roja suddenly said, which made her startled.

“Running around at night, you’re looking down on your opponent too much.”

Roja was sitting in his room with a book in front of him. He talked without even lifting his head. It was impossible for Soi Fon to hide from his eyes, he didn’t even need to use his senses, as long as she was nearby, he could sense her.

Soi Fon jumped down from the roof directly toward the entrance. Her expression was somewhat ugly as she asked: “How did you discover me?”

Roja put down the book in his hand before looking at Soi Fon and said: “You hid your Spiritual pressure really well, you didn’t make any sound, but I have no reason to tell you how I did discover you… Would you believe me if I said intuition?”



Soi Fon took a deep breath and calmed down. Her expression turned cold. She didn’t think of retreating.

Roja didn’t specify how she should attack him, as long as she injures him, she would win the bet. Even a vice-captain could injure a captain, let alone Roja facing her, or so she thought.

If she, the second division captain, and the chief of the Onmitsukido, couldn’t injure Roja, she would be a joke in front of many.

“Prepare yourself. I’m coming at you directly.”

Soi Fon said coldly, her petite form vanished and arrived beside Roja with her palm extended.

Roja was skilled in Kido, She was clear about it, maybe if he had time to use them, she would lose, but in close combat, she didn’t think he could take her.

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