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G.O.S.S Chapter 628: Roja Vs. Soi Fon

Soi Fon’s palm strike was falling down on Roja, using the momentum of the Shunpo, this attack could be devastating to normal Shinigami. It could break bones and tear muscles.

Roja just slightly moved to the side while the Bakudo book was still in his hand.

Although Soi Fon was proud, she didn’t think that this attack would kill Roja or injure him even, and she wasn’t surprised that Roja avoided it. Her eyes flashed coldly as she threw another palm strike toward Roja’s chest.

While the palm strike seemed normal, it contained formidable spiritual power. It was like a fusion between Kido and Bakudo.

Roja raised his brows as his hand moved in a flash to hold Soi Fon’s wrist while suppressing her attack using Spiritual Pressure.


Soi Fon was startled.

She thought that he dodged the first strike because he was vigilant, but he shouldn’t have expected the second one. Still, even if he dodged, she wouldn’t be this surprised, but instead, he caught her wrist.

Soi Fon knew her speed best, to actually catch her wrist while she threw a strike was unbelievable to her, she could only wonder what kind of reaction speed did Roja have.

Soi Fon’s instinct directly kicked in as she threw a knee strike toward Roja’s head in an attempt to free her hand. Seeing the strike coming, Roja just tilted his head slightly and avoided it while casually throwing Soi Fon out of the window by her wrist.

Soi Fon made a few circles in the air before she finally landed outside the room.

Roja wasn’t in a hurry, he closed the book slowly and put it on the table before opening the door and going out.

As soon as he stepped into the door, two silky threads wrapped around Roja, trying him up.

Soi Fon directly moved in with a strike to his chest. Roja dodged the strike while shaking the thread of himself. At the same time, he prepared to chop Soi Fon’s scruff.

Soi Fon knew she couldn’t get hit, and now that the third attack failed, she directly used Shunpo to arrive at Roja’s back while holding her Zanpakuto.

Soi Fon was already surprised by this turn of event.

Although she only attacked three times, Roja saw through all of them and kept her off. Every action and motion were skillful; he didn’t make any useless moves at all and countered her attacks effortlessly.

Is this really the Kido Grand Chief that would only use Kido, why is he so skillful in close combat?

Is this a joke?!

If she couldn’t tell that it’s Roja by his Spiritual pressure, she would think that Yoruichi was disguised just to make fun of her.

At this time, Soi Fon already knew that Roja wasn’t just strong using Kido, she took a deep breath and dared not take it easy.

“Sting all Enemies to Death, Suzumebachi!”

Soi Fon released her Shikai using the release command. The entire sword glows white and shrinks in size. When the emitted glow dies out, it is revealed that Suzumebachi has now taken on the form of a black and gold gauntlet, with a small chain linking it to a stinger-like blade on Suì-Fēng’s middle finger.

Her Zanpakuto increased her speed exponentially. Her shunpo was the fastest beside Yoruichi. She started attacking Roja outrageously in quick succession.

However, Roja’s hands danced along with Soi Fon as he blocked each attack easily.

“This guy…”

Soi Fon was even more shocked right now because nobody should be able to follow her attacks when she uses Suzumebachi. Roja should be full of stings left behind by her Shikai, but not even one strike hit him.

Roja shouldn’t see her attack clearly, but suddenly she thought about what he said before, he said he found her with his intuition, and now she started to believe that’s how he is blocking her strikes now.

The Grand Kido Chief had an offense and defense compared to the Second Division’s captain or even better than her.

That was unbelievable.

Soi Fon’s hand stopped in mid-air as she found out that Suzumebachi was no longer on her hand, but it was in Roja’s.

Soi Fon didn’t think that her Zanpakuto would be won over by Roja, so she tried to retrieve it only to be stung by her own Zanpakuto, which made her directly retreat back.

“You’re not the only one with a strong finger. My finger is also good, want to try it?” Roja backed two steps with Suzumebachi was in his hand.

Suzumebachi fiercely shook, sending out hostility toward Roja.

“My Zanpakuto isn’t easily taken over.”

Soi Fon sneered as she took a step forward, trying to seize the opportunity to take back her Zanpakuto.

However, Roja snorted and released his terrifying Spiritual pressure to suppress Suzumebachi and directly looked at Soi Fon.

“Bakudo No.96: Kaiten Shibarikomu (Rotation bind!)”

Soi Fon didn’t think that Roja could still release Kido while suppressing Suzumebachi. Moreover, he was quick that it didn’t seem like he released a high-level Kido without a chant.

Suddenly, golden ropes manifested and directly formed several circles around Soi Fon, binding her completely in a not so graceful posture.

“Let me go!!”

Soi Fon struggled. She knew she couldn’t get away from this Bakudo so she could only shout angrily at Roja.

At this time, many Kido Corps members rushed forward, although Roja and Soi Fon suppressed their Spiritual pressure, it wasn’t enough.

Roja directly unbound Soi Fon, threw back Suzumebachi toward her, and said.

“Some people are coming, so we stop now, in the next two days, think about how you must win if you can’t…”

Roja stopped talking as he chuckled while looking at Soi Fon’s figure without paying attention to her expression then left toward his room.

“This fellow…”

After Soi Fon received her Suzumebachi, she stood in the same place motionless. She gritted her teeth and fist, looking at Roja’s departing back angrily. Although she was unwilling, she was also startled by Roja’s power.

Roja’s power was terrifying. She knew that they both suppressed their Spiritual Pressure, but the extent Roja suppressed he already surpassed her greatly.

In that aspect, she wasn’t Roja’s opponent at all.

Looking at the Kido Grand Chief’s room, Soi Fon bit her teeth, knowing that she can’t do anything now.

She directly used shunpo, just before the Kido Corps members arrived.

“Sir Grand Kido Chief… A moment ago…”

“I just performed an experiment with Kido, don’t worry about it. You can go back.” Roja directly walked toward his room.

The audience looked at each other strangely, although they knew something was wrong, they didn’t dare question Roja.

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