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G.O.S.S Chapter 629: Release your Bankai

Day number 15, in the morning, Roja woke up, stretched a little before going toward a water jar to wash his face, but suddenly the water in the jar scattered.

Something jumped out of the water, directly moving toward Roja. Looking closely, it was a dart!


Roja was slightly surprised, he retreated one step and used his fingers to hit the dart away.

In the next instant, the entire jar blasted open, and something again rushed toward Roja.

Roja was calm, he directly hit back with his hand and stopped a flurry of attack by grabbing Soi Fon’s wrist.

Soi Fon struggled, but couldn’t get loose as Roja was too powerful.

Roja just released her writs and looked at her with a smile and said: “You must compensate for the public damage you just caused.”

Soi Fon’s face was black, and without speaking, she turned around and vanished.

“Only one day left.”

Roja shouted toward Soi Fon and laughed.

“Sir Grand Kido Chief!”

“Is there an accident?!”

The two nearest Shinigami entered Roja’s courtyard in a hurry, and after looking around, they couldn’t help ask.

Roja didn’t care and just replied: “A child being mischievous, that all. You can tidy up the place.”


Although the two of them were curious, they didn’t dare ask. So they directly moved forward and tidied up the place while Roja returned to his room.

Day number 16.

This was the last day of their bet. Soi Fon didn’t give up yet. She planned on a life a death battle, no matter what happens, she wanted to injure Roja. Roja knowing this, directly moved out of the Kido Corps building and went far away from Soul society.

Inside the woods, Roja was moving without a care in the world, closing his eyes and hands behind his back. He didn’t even check his surroundings.


Suddenly, a branch from the tree beside Roja blasted open. As the shard scattered, an intense Spiritual Pressure emerged, and the source directly moved to attack Roja.

However, facing this sneak attack, Roja only used a hand to throw a dart that came toward him away.

“I came especially here to create some favorable conditions for you, but it seems like it was a mistake from my part, is this your strongest attack?”

Roja looked at his attacker.

Soi Fon’s expression was extremely cold. It wasn’t because of Roja’s taunt. She already resolved herself to go all out. She grabbed her Zanpakuto and released her Shikai.

With a glow, her Zanpakuto changed to its Shikai form.

Before she was facing Roja inside the Kido Corps building and couldn’t go all out, that’s why she suppressed her Spiritual pressure, but now, they were far away from Soul Society, which means she can go all out.

Although she only released her Shikai, the spiritual pressure was still that of a captain. The shock waves created by her release filled the place with dust.

In the next instant, Roja and Soi Fon moved and clashed dozens of times.

Soi Fon was fast, her fighting method was looking at the flaws of her enemy and directly striking at them, with her speed, most won’t survive her assault, but Roja didn’t even have a single flaw she could use to her advantage.

In soul society, many captains lifted their heads, looking toward the direction where Roja and Soi Fon were fighting.

“This is… Soi Fon and Roja?”

Unohana’s eyes flashed inside her Division building while she was slightly pensive.

Aizen looked up slightly before he returned to his study with hesitation.

Shunsui was drinking tea with Ukitake, as the two sensed the Spiritual pressure, Shunsui said with a chuckle: “Really…”

Ukitake smiled and said: “Being young is good.”

The head captain, Yamamoto, hit his walking stick on the ground and said.

“These two scoundrels.”

Roja and Soi Fon unexpectedly ran out of Soul Society to fight, which didn’t actually violate any rule.

But it still annoyed him, which is why he could only hit his stick on the ground to release his frustration while the Shinigami nearby didn’t dare move.

The fight escalated quickly.

A few hundred moves were exchanged in a minute, and regardless of how many attacks Soi Fon sent, Roja was completely unharmed and in control.

However, Soi Fon was still Soi Fon. She finally created an opening by using a Bakudo on Roja.

“You’re not the only one who can use Kido.”

Soi Fon sneered as she sent a kick toward Roja.

Roja chuckled.


Spiritual pressure erupted suddenly, and Roja shook off the Bakudo from his body. Soi Fon’s kick connected with Roja’s shoulder, but due to the disparity between their Spiritual pressure, she didn’t cause any damage at all.

Roja directly looked at Soi Fon and said.

“You should already know that Zankensuki has no effect on me with the disparity between our Spiritual pressure, only if you use your Bankai can you get a little bit closer to actually cause any harm to me.”

“So, I will give you the opportunity to use your Bankai.”

Roja looked calmly at Soi Fon and continued: “I will stand in my place, I won’t move or dodge your attack, if I can’t receive your Bankai, then it will be my loss.”

Extremely arrogant!!

Soi Fon didn’t know how to describe Roja currently. He was the only one in Soul Society who dared to say this, who would actually dare to face a captain’s Bankai head on?!

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