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G.O.S.S Chapter 630: Jakuhō Raikōben!

It’s true that her Spiritual pressure wasn’t as strong as Roja currently, but if she released her Bankai, she would crush him.

She directly looked at him and said.

“Good, you’re the one who said it.”

Soi Fon was extremely angry. She took a deep breath and shouted.

“Bankai! Jakuhō Raikōben!”


Strong spiritual pressure surged and shot toward the sky while the ground cracked under her.

But this spiritual pressure made most Shinigami in soul society afraid.

“This is not good.”

“She even used Bankai?”

Shunsui and Ukitake couldn’t sit still any longer. They both stood up. Their expressions were ugly as they look to the distance. The other captains were alarmed as well.

Conflicts amongst captains always happen, but never before a Bankai was used between them.

No one expected the conflict between Roja and Soi Fon to reach the extent of using Bankai, and there wasn’t enough time to prevent it as well.

“This won’t end well…”

The tenth division’s captain, Shiba Isshin, stood on a roof looking toward the direction of the fight seriously.

Jakuhō Raikōben is a Bankai made to kill, if her Shikai Suzumebachi required two strikes to kill, then Jakuhō Raikōben required one.

Jakuhō Raikōben was like a giant missile launcher.

Although this ranged Bankai can’t compare to Daiguren Hyorinmaru’s ability for constant attacks, it is a single burst Bankai, that could directly defeat most people with one shot.

Soi Fon carried Jakuhō Raikōben and looked at the not far away Roja hesitantly.

She knew her own Bankai’s destructiveness. If Roja doesn’t avoid this attack and choose to meet it directly, he may be seriously injured.

Maybe he could even get killed, and she didn’t want that. She may have some conflicts with Roja, but it didn’t reach the extent of taking his life.

But, as soon as she looked at the indifferent attitude that Roja displayed, she couldn’t think anymore as rage took over.

Jakuhō Raikōben’s power was extraordinary, and when the rocket is launched, Soi Fon herself would be launched back if she didn’t prepare well to launch it. But she didn’t plan to prepare for it.


Soi Fon loudly roared and launched a missile.


The giant missile directly rushed toward Roja, and the huge force of its launching sent Soi Fon several hundred meters back.

The missile directly met with Roja’s body with a bang.

The blast was so big that it seemed to destroy the sky itself, everyone in soul society looked at this with fear and panic.

The Terrifying spiritual pressure spread all over the place and destroyed everyone for several hundred meters around.

Soi Fon resisted the shock wave resulted from the explosion and looked at the center to look for Roja.

“Did he…”

Killing Roja wasn’t her original intention, and if he did die, she would have to shoulder a huge responsibility.

If it was an accident in a spar, she wouldn’t take any responsibility, but if it was a one-sided massacre, her sentence would be really harsh.

Soi Fon’s face was full of regret. At the same time, she was angry at Roja for provoking her as he did.

However, as the blast dissipated, Soi Fon froze as her eyes opened wide.

In the center of the explosion, Roja was standing there perfectly fine, his white Haori fluttering in the wind, and not even a scratch could be seen on his clothes.

Around him, a crystal-like shield was formed in a diamond shape.

“Bakudo No.97: Negating Crystal…”

Soi Fon looking at this and couldn’t find the words to speak, although she didn’t see this Bakudo before, she knew about it from books.

The 97th Bakudo could defend against her Bankai perfectly?

No, the reason is most likely Roja’s spiritual pressure.

Even if her Spiritual pressure was compared to Roja when she used Bankai, it was still inferior, and he can even use the 97th Bakudo without chant… This is the reason he said he wouldn’t avoid it.

Soi Fon’s eyes were somewhat dim.

Even using Jakuhō Raikōben, she couldn’t injure Roja even a little, the disparity between them was too big. She was the second division’s captain, and with her Bankai, she was in the top ten in Soul Society.

Soi Fon couldn’t help think whether her master, the previous captain of the second division, the Goddess of Flash, Yoruichi could win against Roja.

She didn’t know what she knew is that she lost the bet. She used everything, and Roja still defended as if it was nothing.

The shield around Roja startled, breaking slowly.

He looked at Soi Fon, who was somewhat pale and said.

“Need help going back?”

“I don’t…”

Soi Fon raised her head and looked at Roja before she started limping toward Soul Society.

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