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G.O.S.S Chapter 631: Hollow invasion.

At night, water dripped over Roja’s head as he took a quick shower before he wore his Grand Kido Chief Hoari and directly walked to his room.

Roja sat cross-legged with the 98th Bakudo boo in front of him as he started reading.

“First use, Second Grand Kido Chief used this Kido on the Third Division’s captain who turned traitor…”

“Even the second and third use was at least 800 years ago, Aizen wasn’t born, and Unohana just transferred to the fourth division.”

Roja turned his head and looked outside and said.

“Almost time for her to come.”

Shortly after saying this, someone appeared by Roja’s window.

Looking at the window, Roja smiled and said: “Yo, you came, I thought you wouldn’t fulfill your end of the bet.”

Soi Fon was wearing a loose black Haori and looked sharply at Roja. She clenched her teeth before she lowered her head.

“I already lost the bet.”

Soi Fon said sadly, although she was still angry.

Her hands shook slightly, and the Haori fell to the ground. ‘However, at this time, Roja’s complexion changed.

“This is…”

He didn’t even spare Soi Fon a look. Instead, he looked out the window directly, and his brows wrinkled slightly as if he saw something strange.

Soi Fon was slightly stunned, she followed Roja’s vision, but she didn’t find anything at all.

Roja, who was sitting in the middle of the room, suddenly appeared in front of the window, his eyes flashed as he looked at the dark sky.

Soi Fon felt awkward and directly asked.

“What is it?”

Roja carefully looked outside and said back: “Nothing, it’s an invasion…”


Soi Fon gawked at first, then she released her senses again, but she once again didn’t find anything, she quickly looked at Roja suspiciously.

But when she was about to ask again, Soul Society’s sky suddenly blasted open.

This made numerous Shinigami look up to the sky in amazement.

“This is… Hollows?! No, they couldn’t have broken through the barrier, it must be Menos Grandes!”

They could only guess as they looked at the glistering lights inside the crack in the sky.

Compared to the human world, opening a Garganta in soul society was harder, so only a select few types of hollow could do this. Moreover, the location of this crack was mostly above the Rukongai region.

It’s true that only a few could do this, but few didn’t mean none.

Realizing that Hollows were invading, Yamamoto directly ordered his captain to take action without hesitation. They must quickly deal with the Hollows.

“A Hollow’s invasion… Is this Aizen’s doing? What is his goal?”

Roja lowered his head as he looked out of the window. He couldn’t guess what Aizen wanted or if it was Aizen’s doing at all because this wasn’t mentioned in the Original Story.

But in the current timeline, Aizen should have conquered Hueco Mundo already, so any direct action concerning Hueco Mundo is mostly related to him.

Soi Fon beside him was more awkward now.

She couldn’t withstand it anymore as she said: “Then…”

“You go and give orders to your division. The bet is nothing but a joke. You don’t need to take it seriously.” Roja turned his head and looked at Soi Fon while smiling.

This fellow…

Soi Fon clenched her hands, but she said nothing since she lost, she would keep her end of the deal, she will spend a night with him some other time. She directly warped her Haori around her and directly vanished from Roja’s room.

As soon as she left, the sounds of footsteps came from behind Roja.

“Sir Grand Kido Chief, Hollows are invading Soul Society, the head captain, ordered our Kido Corps to assist in the fight.”

Roja opened the door and walked out with an indifferent expression and said: “Let the fifth group remain behind, the others should go out and assist the Gotei 13 in exterminating the Hollows.”

“Yes, sir!”

The Vice Kido Chief and the ones beside him directly turned around and moved out.

The Kido Corps’ powers may have decreased over the year, and most of its members were somewhat lazy, but they are still Shinigami, in the end, so would be willing to fight Hollows, not only that, after Roja killed the previous Grand Kido Chief, no one dared defy his orders in the Kido Corps.

Fights started in every direction inside Soul society. Occasionally a cero would fly toward a house and destroy it.

Because not all residents of Soul Society were Shinigami, normal souls were confused by the Spiritual pressure all over the place.

If it was a fontal attack, the captains could take off this easily, but the fight spread all over soul society, which caused great chaos all over the place.

Outside the Kido Corps building, Some people directly started giving Roja reports.

“The number of the invading Hollows is unclear, but some were concealing their Spiritual pressure while mixing with ordinary Menos grande, which proved quite dangerous.”

“I know.”

Roja waved his hand, gesturing to the Shinigami to go back. His eyes flashed, but he shook his head. It didn’t matter what Aizen was trying to do, Roja only cared about his project with the Hyogoku.

He only wanted to get the Hyogoku from Aizen when he perfects it.

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