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G.O.S.S Chapter 633: Crisis

Hinamori looked strangely: “This is strange. There are more Shinigami, here, right?”

Hitsugaya vigilantly looked around before saying: “that side may have the upper hand, but our defenses are weak. That side has only two or three Shinigami.”


Hinamori turned her head and looked at the other side, but as soon as she did, she saw a shadow of a Hollow baring its claws at the back of a Shinigami.


“Be careful!”

Hinamori and Toshiro were terrified and shouted in fright.

The Shinigami didn’t pay attention to his back, and even with their warning, he couldn’t react in time. As he was hit, his body trailed on the ground before stopping full of blood and broken bones.


Seeing his companion falling, the other Shinigami’s expression was ugly. He drew his Zanpakuto and directly confronted the Hollow.

Although the Hollow wasn’t a Menos Grande, he was a high ranked Hollow close to a Menos Grande. The Shinigami kept retreating after each attack from the hollow and could only defend.

Hinamori looked at this and took a deep breath. Her expression hardened as she drew her Asaushi and moved forward.


Toshiro couldn’t stop her in time. His only option was accompanying her with his Asuashi in hand.

“Hado No.33, Sokatsui!”

Hinamori directly launched an attack at the Hollow, then rushed forward with her sword.

The Hollow directly blocked both attacks.

Seeing this, the Shinigami was slightly relieved, before he discovered that Hinamori wasn’t a Shinigami but one in training. He directly said: “Retreat quickly, this isn’t a fight for academy students, take my partner and leave to a safe place.”

However, Hinamori didn’t do that. Instead, she looked at Toshiro and said: “Shiro-chan, quickly take him to safety.”


Toshiro’s face was black as his mouth twitched without saying anything. It wasn’t time for dispute right now, he directly did what she told him and took the severely wounded Shinigami to safety.

Hinamori directly collaborated with the other Shinigami in fighting the Hollow. Although Hinamori’s wasn’t strong initially, with Roja’s directions and teaching, she was as strong as a tenth seat officer at least.

With her joining the fight, The Hollow was on constant retreat and couldn’t attack anymore.

The Shinigami was astounded by Hinamori’s power. This girl didn’t graduate yet, and here she is fighting a hollow with him. He was speechless.

Suddenly a sword dropped, and deep wound appeared on the Hollow’s hand; however, in the next instant, the Hollow’s wound healed.

“High-Speed Regeneration?”

Hinamori recognized this ability as soon as she saw it. She read about this a long time ago.

“Damn, it has High-Speed Regeneration.”

The Shinigami’s expression was even uglier than before if that was possible. This Hollow wasn’t any weaker than a Menos Grande.

Hinamori and the other Shinigami still held the upper hand, but they still couldn’t deliver the finishing strike due to the Hollow’s healing.

Suddenly a sword passed through the Hollows head, killing it directly.

As the Hollow dissipated, it revealed Histugaya holding his sword behind it.

“The injured person is already taken to a safe place, and I saw you needed help and helped.”

Hitsugaya directly said.

Although he joined the academy not long ago and didn’t have time to study Kido, His Talent and Spiritual pressure were high already. Just with his talent, he can be compared to Hinamori already.

The Shinigami looked at the two, and his mouth twitched.


This year the Shinigami academy is really producing monsters. And the one at the top was the monster of the monsters, Roja, the Grand Kido Chief.

The Shinigami lowered his head slightly, but suddenly, a claw passed through his chest from behind.

A Menos Grande appeared behind him.

The Menos Grande directly opened its mouth and swallowed the Shinigami.


Toshiro and Hinamori directly retreated hastily, their necks full of cold sweat.

This Menos Grande excelled at stealth. It appeared without anyone noticing, and sneak attack the Shinigami.

The Menos Grande narrowed its eyes as if savoring the Shinigami, it ate, before it opened them and looked at Hinamori and Toshiro greedily.

“Run quickly!!”

Sensing the Menos Grande’s Terrifying Spiritual pressure, Toshiro’s heart felt cold and could only shout at Hinamori.

The Shinigami not far away discovered this and hastily wanted to move in to save them.

However, the Menos Grande looking at both Toshiro and Hinamori wouldn’t let them getaway. It didn’t attack directly. Instead, it took a step back and vanished. It was preparing for another sneak attack.

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