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G.O.S.S Chapter 682: Xcution dealt with

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In the Shinigami world, Spiritual pressure is what determines power. It’s the first scale if there is a gap in the Spiritual pressure, then the strongest win.

It’s like a vice-captain and a captain. The former would never beat the latter. It’s even impossible for a Vice-captain to injure a captain if he was releasing all of his Spiritual pressure.

And the gap between Roja and Ginjo and his gang was way larger than the one between a Captain and a Vice-captain.

Ginjo was furiously trying to shake off the strand of hair Roja send toward him but to no avail.

“I permit you.”


Suddenly, Roja’s whole body was enveloped in a pink light before he was thrown inside a Dollhouse.

Seeing this, Ginjo clenched his teeth and shouted.

“Retreat quickly!! We can’t fight him.”

Tsukishima and the other already lost their will to fight, and as soon as Ginjo ordered a retreat, they moved without hesitation out of the bar.

But the new one who used her imprisoned Roja in her Dollhouse wasn’t able to leave as she looked down at the Dollhouse.

“My dollhouse…”

The surface of the Dollhouse cracked before Roja emerged out.

“Boring ability, but maybe it has some uses.”

With a hand on his chin, Roja looked at the panic-stricken girl that planned on retreating and said! “Amenominaka!”

Riruka disappeared without any trace and was directly sent inside Sen Maboroshi’s space.

Sen Maboroshi space was completely different than before. As Roja reached the Eternal realm, it was now a world filled with mirrors that connects to many different worlds.

After moving Riruka into his space, Roja directly flickered and appeared out of the bar in front of Tsukishima, who was struggling to flee.

In the original story, this person would appear after the arc of Aizen, and Roja didn’t care about this at all. He directly raised his hand and dropped it on Tsukishima.


Tsukishima turned around in horror, but he couldn’t avoid the palm strike and was slammed down on the ground. He died.

Roja ignored the shock and horror of the pedestrians and directly flickered again. He appeared in front of Kutsuzawa Giriko.

He sent a palm strike once again, and directly Kutsuzawa was turned into a meat patty.

Once again, Roja flickered and appeared beside Ginjo.

“Don’t run. My Shunpo doesn’t have any cooldown.”


Ginjo cursed. He wasn’t thinking about Cooldown or Shunpo, just a way to get as far as he could from Roja.

Suddenly, black spiritual pressure covered Roja. A young boy that looked like Hitsugaya appeared wearing a green hat and holding a game console.

“I can add Cooldown to you, Shunpo… Wait, No, Ginjo, leave!”

Yukio Hans’s face changed suddenly.

Yukio Hans saw Ginjo run away and looked back at Roja’s direction. Cold sweat tickled on his forehead before suddenly, he raised his leg and wanted to follow behind Ginjo.

However, before he could move, he heard a crackling noise behind him.

“Why is a kid like you playing all day!”

A big Spiritual hand condensed above Yukio Hans and directly slapped his ability out of him. Roja directly flashed once again and overtook Ginjo.

Ginjo wasn’t running aimlessly. Instead, he was running toward Tristan.

But before Tristan could do anything, a large spiritual hand fell from the sky. Ginjo managed to dodge it, but it still rubbed on his. He felt like he was hit by a truck and couldn’t help spurt blood.

Tristan, on the other hand, could react as quickly as Ginjo and was directly grilled on the ground.

“I’ve already said that I was just passing by, but since you attacked me, I have no choice but to send you to soul society.”

Ginjo gritted his teeth, but before he could say anything, Roja stretched his hand as if he was trying to grasp something. The space around Ginjo started twisting and getting smaller. In the end, Ginjo exploded in a bloody mist.

“What’s the matter?”

“What happened?”

The Spiritual pressure already attracted Ichigo and Rukia, who was dealing with the Hollow in this town. When the two of them arrive, Roja was already withdrawing his hand.

“You’re here, don’t worry, you don’t need to deal with the matter here.”

Looking at both Ichigo and Rukia, Roja didn’t explain anything, but he used the unique way the Squad Zero talked with the Gotei 13 and informed them about what happened.

Ginjo and his company in the human world were destroyed.

“Hey, you didn’t explain what you did.”

Ichigo knew that humans died here. If it were hollow, then it didn’t matter, but killing humans made him angry, and he directly held his Zanpakuto and shouted at Roja.


Rukia was scared by what that idiot was doing.

Roja shot a look at Ichigo and said: “Do I need to explain anything to you?”


With a wave of his sleeve, Roja sent Ichigo flying on the horizon.

Rukia didn’t do anything and remained looking at Roja innocently, hinting that this has nothing to do with her.

“Go, don’t let him die.”

Roja turned around, and with a step, he vanished.

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