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G.O.S.S Chapter 683: The real Shinigami!

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Soul Society, Gotei 13.

Inside the meeting hall, the usual captains were present without any change, except for Hitsugaya being Roja’s replacement. In the meeting, Yamamoto announced that Roja has dealt with Ginjo, the substitute Shinigami, in the human world.

Upon hearing this, the expressions of the captains in the meeting were unusual, because the fight that started between Roja and the captains was due to this same substitute, Shinigami.

But wasn’t Roja too idle? He actually left the Soul king’s palace to come down to the human world and dealt with Ginjo himself.

“Now, we can close the case of the former substitute Shinigami.”

Yamamoto said with a deep voice, and at the same time: “As for the mess caused by the fight, I will let the Thirteenth Division take care of it.”


Ukitake stepped forward and nodded.

When Roja fought the captains, Ukitake happened to be absent due to his health. He was really shocked when he heard that Roja defeated eight captains, and amongst them was Shunsui.

“Speaking about the thirteenth division, it seems that the Shinigami, Rukia Kuchiki, has been missing for a week now. Is there any result from the investigation?”

“Not yet.”

Ukitake said apologetically while looking at his Master, then he turned to the cold and elegant Byakuya and said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t take good care of your sister…”

“No problem.”

Byakuya replied coolly to Ukitake’s apology.

Although he was also worried about Rukia, he wouldn’t reveal it.

Ukitake knew Byakuya’s personality, so he still smiled and expressed his apology before returning to the line.

“He unexpectedly went to the human world, and to Karakura town at that…”

Aizen lowered his head as a light flashed in his eyes without anyone noticing.

Regarding what happened to Ginjo and the others after they died, Roja didn’t care and didn’t pay attention to such a trivial thing. Currently, he was accompanying a group of students as they were on a trip to the nearby mountain.

The students were playing and talking amongst themselves, while Roja walked alone. It wasn’t that he wasn’t popular or a loner or anything like that, but people would shy away from his noble aura. Even girls couldn’t ask him out or confess to him as they thought the way above their league.

Only Rukia would talk to him often, and that’s just because she was respectful.

Rukia was starting to feel something weird the past few days. Normally, she would regain even a little bit of her power by now, but instead, she was feeling weaker.

She didn’t suspect anything other than the fact that she gave Ichigo most of her power, which was why she was so weak now.

“If this keeps going, Soul Society will discover this sooner or later.”

Rukia sighed as she felt depressed. Although she wasn’t a seated officer yet, her power wasn’t inferior to a tenth seated officer. So, a guard mission in the human world wouldn’t pose any danger normally.

She did screw up, but she didn’t want to face Soul society and Byakuya without sorting the problem out.

“You will be alright when you go back.”

Suddenly, Rukia’s train of thoughts stopped as she heard Roja’s voice.

He looked at her and smiled: “We are schoolmates, if something really happens, I will help you.”


Although his words seemed casual, the effect they had on Rukia was instantaneous. She felt really relaxed after hearing his words.

Rukia knew that the Schoolmates that Roja referred to wasn’t attending the first high school. He was referring to the Shinigami academy.

As she heard his words, the weight on her shoulders seemed to fall down completely.

The nearby students were stunned that Roja started a conversation with Rukia because a few girls were eager and talked to Roja before, but he just politely ignored them. And here he was talking to Rukia.

As the group reached the summit of the mountain, they put down their backpacks and spread out a few blankets to sit down.

Roja was invited by many females to come and sit with them, but Roja chose to sit with everyone instead of just sitting out with one or two people.

As the students were eating, suddenly, a middle-aged man approached them and asked.

“Can I sit here?”

“Of course.”

The students didn’t see any problem with this middle-aged man and gave a place to sit.

However, Roja looked extremely surprised as he looked strangely at this man.

Roja couldn’t help ask this person: “Are you a detective?”

“yes, do you know me?”

The middle-aged man was slightly surprised before he laughed proudly and said: “I’m Kogorou Mouri.”

Roja: “…”

After saying this, Mouri turned his head and looked at the small child wearing eyeglasses and said: “Conan, move faster, I’m starving.”

Roja: “…”

At this moment, not far away, a female screamed as she looked pale and panic-stricken.

Mouri and the others stood up rapidly and went toward the girl who screamed. Suddenly Mouri became serious and said: “It’s a dead body, and it seems like it’s been here for over three days ago.”

Roja: “…”

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