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G.O.S.S Chapter 684: Abnormal class

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Since a corpse was found on the mountain, they couldn’t finish their trip. After a while, the police rushed to the crime scene to start the investigation.

It was unfortunate for the students to encounter something like that when they were out enjoying their trip. Some of them seemed depressed and frustrated by this.

“Tatsuki, I feel that something is wrong here, don’t you feel it?” Inoue and Tatsuki walked together as they talked. Inoue’s eyes twitched slightly as she felt something weird lingering in the air.

Tatsuki looked at her strangely before she tried to calm her friend down: “You’re just overthinking this because of what happened. Just relax a little.”


“Relax, relax, don’t think.”

Tatsuki put her arm on Inoue’s shoulder to comfort her, which made the latter feel some sense of security.

However, as everyone continued walking down the mountain, a tree suddenly started distorting inexplicably.

At this time, Ichigo and Rukia, as well as Ishida, felt the Spiritual pressure coming off of that place.


Rukia and Ichigo looked at each other, and their eyes betrayed their anxiety.

Rukia quickly pulled her cell phone, which she used to communicate with Soul society, but she didn’t find any indication about a mission, which made her surprised.

“I didn’t receive any instruction. This Hollow should be able to suppress his Spiritual pressure and change his appearance.”

Not far away, Ishida pulled away slightly from the crowd to look at Rukia and Ichigo, who seemed to stay behind and got a glimpse of Ichigo going into his Shinigami form. He maintained his composer and returned to move with the crowd.


Suddenly, the mountain shook as a big tree trunk fell down without warning and rolled down toward the students who were still moving down the mountain.


The students screamed as they moved away to the sides.

“Orihime, Be careful!!”

Tatsuki rushed quickly and tackled Inoue out of the way of the danger.

However, before the girls could breathe in relief, other trees started falling down and moved toward them. It seemed like something was breaking the trees, but they couldn’t see it.

Four or five trees fell one after the other, and both Inoue and Tatsuki didn’t have any power to avoid them. The two girls turned pale as they saw their imminent deaths.

“Damn it! Those two idiots.”

Ishida cursed as he was immediately angered by Rukia and Ichigo. He wanted to rush there and rescue them, but he was afraid of exposing his power.

Moreover, he wasn’t wearing his Quincy clothes as he only bought his school uniform.

While he hesitated, Inoue and Tatsuki were about to be crashed, they tried to avoid the trees, but there was nowhere to hid.

Seeing that there is no way to avoid this, Tatsuki decisively stood in front of Inoue and stretched her arms in a desperate attempt to protect her friend.


Inoue was scared when she saw Tatsuki standing in front of her and wanted to pull her back, but she couldn’t move from fright.

At this time, Ichigo, who was fighting the Hollow, saw this and wanted to rush there and rescue the two of them, but the Hollow didn’t allow him to leave.

However, at this moment, someone rushed toward Tatsuki and Inoue in attempt to rescue them.

It was Yasutora Sado.

But even though he was strong, Inoue and Tatsuki were somewhat far away from him, and he wouldn’t make it in time to stop all the tree trunks.

As the ones that weren’t stopped continued forward, they suddenly shattered, and splinters flew in the air due to an arrow blasting them. Ishida shot his arrow to save them both.

As the splinters were about hit Inoue and Tatsuki, they were frozen in place due to another power’s intervention.

“Bansho Ten’in!”

Roja walked step by step toward them before he flung his hand casually, sending the splinters away from Orihime and Tatsuki.

In this short period, a few students used their power, Sado’s strong physic, Ishida’s Quincy powers, and Roja using Bansho Ten’in.


Inoue and Tatsuki were all right. Sado moved toward them and said a few words before turning around to leave.

Roja also shook his head and similarly turned around to leave.

Inoue and Tatsuki couldn’t react due to their shock. They couldn’t clearly see Roja and Ishida, but what Sado did was abnormal and scary.

Both of them saw Roja raising his hand and using Bansho Ten’in, but they didn’t know what he did.

Finally, as they recovered from the close death experience, they looked at each other and turned to look at their saviors only see Roja’s back while Sado already rejoined the crowd.

Inoue cold sweat filled her forehead before she weakly smiled and said: “Our class… It is really a bit…”

“abnormal and contain many strange and powerful people.”

Tatsuki finished Inoue’s words. Even if she was strong because of her training, she wasn’t as abnormal as Sado, that was just something one can’t reach with training, and there is still Roja and his magic tricks.

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