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G.O.S.S Chapter 700: The Hogyoku Finally Appears!

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The fight between Ichigo and Byakuya on the Sokyoku Hill caused destruction.

“What’s… What’s going on…”

Renji, who was holding Rukia and rushed back toward Sokyoku Hill, but once there, his expression fell.

“This is Sokyoku Hill?”

“Welcome back, Abarai.”

At this moment, a gentle voice appeared from behind Renji.

Renji’s body stiffened as he heard the familiar voice, and cold sweat covered his body. He turned around to look who’s behind him, and his eyes widened from shock. He saw Aizen, the supposedly dead captain, standing there.

“Put down Rukia Kuchiki, and you can go.”

Aizen looked at Renji gently as he ordered.

However, Renji’s mind was almost overdriving as he saw Aizen, which he knew was dead. What’s going on? Renji thought.

And just at this moment, he heard a sound transmission from Matsumoto, the tenth division Vice-Captain.

“This…” Renji’s eyes flashed as he understood that what he heard now was true.

He took a deep breath and became extremely wary of Aizen: “I refuse, Captain Aizen.”

“Really? That’s okay.”

Aizen didn’t show any anger; instead, he smiled and took out his Zanapkuto: “You’re a Hero, Abarai. Since you don’t want to put Rukia down, don’t blame me later.”

“Well, you will leave your hands behind if you stand there.”

Aizen’s expression didn’t change, but a horrible Spiritual pressure burst out of his body. It was even stronger than a captain releasing his Banka, which made Renji’s face change.

Almost instantly, Renji’s body was covered in wounds.

Not far away from them, Gin was looking at Renji with pity.

That child is really pitiful. When he joined the academy, he met a monster like Roja, and before he came here, he fought with Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Byakuya, and now he is facing Aizen.

“You really grew strong, Abarai Renji, but be careful. I can’t control my power well. You may be crushed like an ant later.”

Aizen gently talked, but his eyes were cold as he didn’t plan on showing mercy. He moved forward with his Kyoka Suigetsu, planning on finishing this in one attack.

“Howl, Zubimaru!”

Renji roared, but he was still not Aizen’s opponent.

But when Aizen’s sword almost fell into Renji’s body, A figure rushed in with great speed and blocked his attack. This figure was Kurosaki Ichigo, who just finished his fight with Byakuya.

“Sorry, I didn’t think it’s good to kill him, so I let him pass.”

Gin said.

Aizen’s sword was still colliding with Ichigo’s, while his face didn’t show any shock or the like; instead, he said lightly: “All right, in any case, they are too weak to pose a problem.”

Because Ichigo didn’t witness Kyoka Suigetsu’s release before, he was subjected to its illusion, but even so, his power was far from Aizen’s. When Ichigo rushed forward to attack Aizen, his sword was stopped, and to his shock, he was stopped by two fingers.

“This is impossible.”

Ichigo’s face was contorted. He knew that he was weakened after his fight with Byakuya, but he is still using his Bankai.

The fight between him and Zaraki has already opened Ichigo’s eyes to the importance of Spiritual pressure. If one side’s spiritual pressure was stronger, it’s almost impossible the other side would be able to win.

But he still could win against Zaraki at the end, which meant he had stronger Spiritual pressure, but now, Aizen actually stopped his sword with just two fingers.

Ichigo panicked as he crazily summoned every bit of his spiritual pressure, planning on using Getsuga Tensho while Aizen still held his sword. But Aizen didn’t give him the opportunity. He pinched the sword with one hand and stabbed his own into Ichigo’s chest.

“As a human, you were okay.”

Aizen drew the bloody Kyoka Suigetsu and turned around, ignoring the struggling Ichigo, then walked toward Rukia.

Rukia’s eyes were full of fear. She couldn’t even stand up under Aizen’s spiritual pressure, and seeing his gentle face, a chill passed down her spine.

Rukia had difficulty even breathing currently.

But suddenly, she felt that the pressure was lifted from her as a strange towering power arrived, making her discomfort vanish.


Rukia, who had been struggling to get up from the ground, suddenly looked at the familiar figure standing beside her.

“Are you alright?”

Roja gently pointed his finger at Rukia who’s body started floating up and arrived beside Roja before she fell on her feet, barely standing.

Rukia was speechless. It’s just one thrill after another. Her heart was almost exploding now.

“I didn’t expect that you’d come here so quickly.”

Aizen no longer looked gentle. He looked serious, and his voice low instead: “I didn’t think you would save Rukia Kuchiki.”

Roja smiled gently and patted Rukia’s head and said: “I promised her to keep her safe, but let’s drop the act… You’re here for the Hogyoku, Right?”

Hearing Roja’s words, Aizen’s face darkened slightly.

“I didn’t think you know Urahara Kisuke, did he tell you?”

“No, I guessed.”

Roja’s hand passed by Rukia’s cheeks before arriving in front of her chest.

It’s really small.

Roja gave a small review before Spiritual pressure revolved around his palm and gently took out the Hogyoku.

Although he already knew where the Hogyoku was, as his understanding of this little orb is far greater than Aizen and Urahara, it’s still the first time he held it personally.

“This is… the Hogyoku.”

Looking at the little orb in his hand, Roja’s eyes were full of appreciation.

Without this little incomplete Orb, Roja wouldn’t have become Ghost Sword Roja or had the power of the Shinigami or the Six Path power.

Perhaps, without Sen Maboroshi, Roja would be enjoying sights in One Piece and had no way of breaking the world’s barrier. He would’ve been forever in the World of One Piece.

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