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G.O.S.S Chapter 702: Chaos about to unfold

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After taking a deep breath, Ichigo and the others reacted abruptly, showing vigilance and ready to fight at any second.

Grimmjow and the others were also rushing toward their respective target. A huge battle was about to unfold in Karakura town.

But, at this moment, an impatient voice accompanied by a terrifying Spiritual pressure thundered in the Sky.

“Go away!”

Roja was sitting down and looking at the Sky with an indifferent expression.

He didn’t pay attention to Ulquiorra’s surprise attack before, but now, another group wanted to cause chaos again. He would let them be.

Roja’s voice seemed to invade their very being as the Sky was covered by his Spiritual pressure.

The weaker Hollows Grimmjaw brought with him shuddered under Roja’s Spiritual pressure as their eyes were filled with fear and panic. They were finally crushed and killed by Roja’s Spiritual pressure.

As for Grimmjaw, although he was a little better, he still felt suffocated as if he was squeezed by a large mountain.

“This Spiritual pressure… It’s him!”

The scene of Roja almost killing all the Espada replied in Gimmjaw’s mind. He felt horrified as he realized he was dealing with that monster.

He difficultly opened a Garganta toward Hueco Mundo to escape.

“Tell Aizen that I will wait for him here and give him a chance to fight against me.”

When Grimmjow was inside the Garganta, Roja’s voice sounded in his ears, making think that Roja was behind him. He instantly drew his sword and slashed behind him, but no one was there.

At this moment, Toshiro and the others who were ready to fight were shocked.

The frightening Spiritual pressure covered the entire city, and although it was directed at them, they still could feel it.

They felt like vice-captains in front of a captain, or even worse.

To their surprise, the spiritual pressure didn’t impact the world below at all but simply shook the Sky. This kind of control was abnormal.

“It’s his Spiritual pressure… he is in this world?”

After taking a deep breath, Toshiro recognized Roja’s spiritual pressure and suddenly hesitated.

Previously, Roja allowed Aizen to leave in the end, but there was nothing they could do at the time. After all, Aizen used Negación, and no one knew if Roja could destroy it.

Furthermore, Roja didn’t have any responsibility in the Gotei 13 as a member of Squad Zero.

But he still saved many of them several times.

“Yes, it’s captain Roja’s Spiritual pressure.”

Matsumoto, who was once Roja’s subordinate, instantly recognized his Spiritual pressure, and her eyes shone brightly.

She couldn’t help murmur, as she was still annoyed at Roja for making Toshiro take over as a captain instead of her. Although she knew she wasn’t strong enough, she was still annoyed.

In short, it’s Roja’s fault anyway.

On the other hand, Rukia looked at the sky in a daze. She originally thought that Roja had forgotten about his promise. But in the end, he didn’t forget and rescued her.

She really wanted to thank him, but she didn’t have the chance as he disappeared after saving her.

Hueco Mundo, Las Noches.

“So that how it is, he is in the human world…”

Aizen sat on the throne of Las Noches as he rested his chin on his fists with an evil expression before shaking his head slowly.

He looked at Grimmjow and said: “although you brought Important information, you still went against my order. What do you have to say, Grimmjow?”


Grimmjow stayed silent.

Aizen smiled faintly: “Okay, I’m not angry, actually. You went to the human world to kill Kurosaki Ichigo, and in addition, you brought important information, so I won’t punish you. You can leave.”

Grimmjow took a deep breath in relief and turned around to leave.

But after Grimmjaw left, Ichimaru Gin and Kaname Tosen walked forward.

“Aizen-sama, Is it okay like this?”

Tosen’s expression was law as he said: “He disobeyed your orders, so he should be punished. He is an unruly fellow already. If you let him go now, he will do it again in the future.”

“It’s fine.”

Aizen shook his head and smiled: “So what? As long as I have absolute power, they will bow their heads obediently.”

Gin’s eyes squinted in a smile as he said: “As expected of Captain Aizen. But will Roja cause trouble for us?”

“The Gotei 13 will probably send forces before the Hogyoku completely fuse with you, and the round trip will take the time, and by the time they arrive here, we would already be at Soul Society. They won’t have enough forces to stop us, and Soul Society will collapse.”

“However, with Roja in the human world wanting to meddle with our matters, perhaps…”

Listening to Gin, Aizen shook his head and smiled.


“Yamamoto won’t send anyone here. He is an old-fashioned man. He would rather safely defend then attack recklessly. And do you think Soul Society trusts Roja 100%?”

“Therefore, we will wait for the Hogyoku to fuse completely and then gather the strongest Espada as well as enough Arrancar and start the final battle.”

After saying this, Aizen stepped into the darkness and gradually vanished.

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