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G.O.S.S Chapter 703: The Decisive Battle Is Finally Starting

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As Urahara expected, the Hogyoku’s fusion is about to complete, which made the Gotei 13 more anxious than ever.

All Shinigami were hurrying to deliver information and training to get stronger before the fight.

Quickly, the information about Aizen’s plan already spread. Everyone knew that Aizen wanted to attack the Soul King’s Palace.

Aizen wanted to kill Roja, and if he succeeds, it is the same as killing all of Soul Society easily.

As for how he could reach the Soul King Palace, Aizen wanted to sacrifice many souls to make a connection between this world and the Soul King’s Palace.

But when the Gotei 13 understood this, they regarded Karakura Town with great importance and dispatched many of their members to protect it.

And by Roja’s intervention, Inoue wasn’t kidnapped by Aizen, so Ichigo and the others focused on training this entire time.

Gradually the atmosphere in the Human World became tense as time passed.

Ordinary people in Karakura town didn’t feel anything. They continued with their daily life without any problem at all.

At this time, Roja was leisurely fishing without any worry. As someone came toward him, he smiled and said: “You’re also here?”


Hinamori nodded, then she chuckled and said: “I lead the Kido Corps to help Urahara to set an instantaneous gate just in case. Soul Society was invaded. The captains can arrive on the battlefield as fast as possible.”

“Well, that’s not bad. At least they won’t be running around in a circle.”

Roja shrugged, if you consider IQ alone, Urahara was far smarter than Aizen, or at least that’s how it was in the show.

Hinamori didn’t show any worry on her face. The captain of the Gotei 13 could gather at any time, and Roja alone can be compared to the entire Gotei 13 together. Even if Aizen summon a big group of Menos Grande, it would be useless.

“Come sit for a while.”

Roja turned his head and continued his fishing.

Hearing Roja’s words, Hinamori sat down obediently. Hinamori had great prestige in the court of Pure Souls, but even so, she was still obedient in front of Roja, like she always was.

“Soon, the world will undergo a huge change, but I will try to make it as small as possible.” Roja looked at the sky as he put the fishing rod.

Hinamori thought he was talking about Aizen, and she couldn’t help nodding: “Captain Roja, you can definitively do it.”

Roja knew she wasn’t thinking about the same thing, but he still smiled and patted her head with a trace of confidence in the depth of his eyes: “Yes, I definitively can.”

After a while, Roja sat up and whispered to Hinamoir: “Be prepared; it’s about to start.”

Hinamori was enjoying her time sitting beside Roja, but when she heard his words, she was stunned for a moment. When she saw the look on Roja’s face, her heart jumped.

Taking a deep breath, she took out the communication device.

But, before she could send any information, the sky changed.

The sky started cracking like a mirror, and traces of darkness started seeping through the cracks.

Terrifying Spiritual pressure instantly fell onto Karakura town.

“Activate the Pillars!”

As soon as the first crack Appeared, Urahara already rushed to the sky and shouted, while his stick turned into a Zanpakuto.

The entire town was suddenly twisted. All the ordinary people were transferred to Soul Society.

In its place stood a Fake Karakura town.

And with this, Urahara instantly opened a gate for the captains and vice-captains to come. Each one of them stood seriously, waiting for Aizen to arrive.

The captains were led by Yamamoto, the strongest of them and the one from the first generation of the Gotei 13. His face was serious, but no anger could be seen on it.

Suddenly, the cracks in the sky started expanding, and the Arrancar stepped forward, releasing their spiritual pressure toward the Gotei 13.

Suddenly, a bigger Garganta appeared, and the Espada stepped out, with power not inferior to the captains of the Gotei 13.

As they Espada steps into the Fake Karakura Town, the biggest Garganta opened. Tosen and Gin walked out first, and after them, the lord of Hueco Mundo, Sousuke Aizen, arrived.

“Well, it’s about time.”

Yamamoto stood calmly while holding his cane. His eyes half-closed while looked at Aizen.

With Yamamoto’s words, the atmosphere which was already tense becomes agitated. It was the calm before the storm.

The Gotei 13, the Espada, all on the same stage. The Spiritual pressure released was like a raging storm distorting the sky.

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