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G.O.S.S Chapter 704: The War Starts

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Aizen started talking slowly.

“About time?”

“What are you… Why did you say that?”

Aizen looked at Yamamoto and the others indifferently as he didn’t put them in his eyes. He swept his gaze toward the captains and vice-captains before he said lightly.

“Is it because you replaced Karakura town with this and transferred the latter into Soul Society? Well, that doesn’t matter… Since Karakura town is in Soul Society, I will eliminate you all here then go to soul society to create the key there.”

Aizen’s words made everyone’s expression pale. The terrifying spiritual pressure he was releasing was above anything they felt before.

Omaeda, the vice-captain of the second division, was trembling as he said: “The Spiritual pressure of these fellows is terrifying. They are simple monsters.”

Soi Fon looked at him with disgust and said: “Afraid? You can run away your waste.”

“Should we concentrate on taking down their leader first?”

Komamura Sajin shook his head: “No, Aizen’s power is unusual. We should eliminate the rest first before doing that.”

The Captain’s and Vice captains started talking, but at this time, Yamamoto lifted his Cane and said: “All of you, move back!”

“All things of this world, Turn to Ashes… Ryujin Jakka!”


Yamamoto’s spiritual pressure soared to the sky like a volcano erupting as a terrifying heatwave covered the sky.

The captains and Vice-Captain withdraw instantly, fearing that they will get injured due to Yamamoto’s power.

“Ryujin Jakka… Jokaku Enjo (Fortress Blaze)!”

Yamamoto shouted lowly, and the Zanapakuto in his hand erupted in dreadful flames. The flames were like ocean waves as they moved toward Aizen and the others.

The Espada looked serious at this attack, while Aizen just snorted.

In the original story, Aizen was surrounded by the flames, but now, he just held Kyoka Suigetsu and waved at the flames.

Terrifying Spiritual pressure above captain level erupted, and in an instant, the flames were divided into two.

“It’s very hot, Head-captain, don’t use such a bonfire.”

Gin narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Yamamoto narrowed his eyes. He didn’t think that his attack would injure or kill Aizen. He was just observing Aizen’s power.

But at this time, Zaraki couldn’t suppress himself anymore as he stepped forward.

“Why must we continue this idle talk? Aren’t we here to fight!”

Zaraki grinned fiendishly as he drew his sword and rushed toward the Arrancar.

“Wait, Zaraki!”

Shunsui put his hand out, trying to stop Zaraki.

But at this time, Byakuya actually took a step forward and said: “The Head-captain’s attack has a wide range, but it doesn’t mean we should just watch.”

“You’re right.”

Sajin drew his Zanpakuto as his Spiritual pressure surged.

The Espada’s eyes flashed as they saw Zaraki moving forward to attack. They grinned as they rushed toward The Gotei 13.

“Come on!”

Soi Fon directly released her Shikai as her eyes flickered. She rushed forward, followed by Sajin, Byakuya, Toshiro, and the others.

In an instant, the sky was covered by ice flowers and cherry petals, and so many more captain level attacks, making the space around them almost collapse.

Because his Zanpakuto is too powerful, Yamamoto didn’t attack as he didn’t want to injure the others, so he just stared at Aizen not far away.

Aizen did the same thing and just watched.

“Gin, Tosen, you go too. We need to end this fight as soon as possible.”



Gin and Tosen nodded solemnly as they went to join the fight.

On the Hueco Mundo side, there are 30 Arancar under the Espada.

The Arrancar are no doubt weaker than the Espada, but they were still captain level figures. They have the standards of a weak captain, similar to Renji and the others.

“Captain Roja, I must go.”

By the lakeside, Hinamori looked seriously at the sky before she looked at Roja apologetically.

“Roja faintly smiled and said: “Go.”


Hinamori directly flew into the sky to join the fight, but at the same time, Hirako Shinki and the Visored joined who was observing the fight in secret, decided to join as well.

The Visored didn’t clash with the Gotei 13 since their goal is to get revenge on Aizen, and if the Gotei 13 was to fall, it would be very difficult to get their revenge.

“Hirako Shinji, a face I didn’t see for a long time.”

Aizen nodded without any change of expression as he saw Shinji.

The fight was now evenly matched between the two sides.

Because there are more than 50 individuals fighting, the battlefield was chaotic.

Down on the street, Ichigo and the others looked at the war in the sky. Inoue at this time said: “Kurosaki-Kun…”

“I know.”

Ichigo smiled as he lifted his Zanpakuto and his eyes flashed: “We should enter the stage.”

Ichigo and the others joined the fight, and this made the scale of the war lean toward the Gotei 13 favor.

Although Ichigo was only as strong as a captain, and Ishida was close to that level, the moment they joined, the inferior number of the Shinigami was evened with the Arrancar.

However, even though the Arrancar were currently being suppressed, Aizen’s expression didn’t change. He just stood in the same place facing Yamamoto, who still grasped his Zanpakuto in his hand.

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