Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 147: Future Star of the Magic

The wand in Pettigrew’s hand pointed at Evan. And he said what he could say, he even revealed that he was an Animagus, but the thin black haired boy before him was not moved.

He seemed to be skeptical about him. Peter knew that it was too sudden.

According to the original plan, he should have been re-emerged in front of the crowd after Sirius Black was kissed by the Dementors. At that time, he could tell others how he had planned for all of this behind the scenes. He revealed Lupin’s evil werewolf identity, and he introduced Black into the castle and plotted to catch him.

Half of his plan was successful. Lupin had been removed. Even the pesky Dumbledore was not at Hogwarts. According to the agreement, Lucius Malfoy would detain him in the Ministry of Magic. .

Now, the only troublesome guy left was Sirius Black.

For most people, trying to catch Sirius Black seemed to be a very difficult matter. The Dementors and the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic spent more than half a year, without even meeting Black’s shadow.

However, for a smart person, it is a piece of cake.

Peter Pettigrew smiled proudly. He thought that he will seize Black, that reckless, stupid dog. He doesn’t even have to use his own hands. He will just attract him into the castle and tell Snape his whereabouts. Because of the hatred that had built up during their school days, Snape would be very willing to help him eliminate Black.

Everyone was just like puppets; and all the strings were in his hands.

According to Peter Pettigrew’s plan, when everything is over, he will appear on the scene.

It should be an endless honor that awaits him, not a suspicious twelve-year-old boy.

Under Evan’ burning gaze, Pettigrew felt a little irritated. His eyes were fixed on the Marauder’s Map in the boy’s hand. His plan went smoothly. He now only needs this map. Whenever he gets it, he can know Black’s whereabouts.

He eventually planned to talk his way out with the kid which should save him a lot of trouble.

But judging from the current situation, this does not seem to work. The kid in front of him is skeptical. He’s unlike Ron, whom he can easily manipulate; and unlike Harry, who can be influenced by impulsive emotions.

In fact, Evan is different from all the young wizards Peter had ever seen. He had his own vision.

In Pettigrew’s eyes, Evan was like Dumbledore, an exceptional Gryffindor. He has almost all the qualities required by the four Houses: Gryffindor’s bravery, Ravenclaw’s intelligence, Hufflepuff’s hard work and also Slytherin’s cunning.

When these idiosyncratic qualities are concentrated in one person, He’s destined to be a tough opponent.

Although Evan now looks harmless to humans and animals, as a pet rat that was next to him, Peter Pettigrew knew what Evan has done since he entered school.

For a freshman who has just entered the school for less than two years, it is incredible to be able to do such things. Even him as an adult cannot do many of them now.

With a boy’s body, he did a lot of mighty work. Even James Potter and Sirius Black couldn’t match him. Perhaps only Dumbledore and the Dark Lord could do those things during their school days.

At the thought that Evan might grow up into such a beast, Peter was so nervous that he suffocated and even felt breathless.

He grasped his wand in his hands, since he had to do something; he’d better surprise him and take the initiative.

While the boy is still hesitating, it is better for him to seize the opportunity and defeat him in one fell swoop.

Peter Pettigrew was suddenly distracted. He was considering how he should deal with the boy. The Memory Charm is a good spell, but it is not safe. Maybe he should give him the Avada Kedavra curse!

Then he can leave him there, and when his body is discovered, everything would be over!

Everyone would think that Sirius Black or Lupin killed him. One of them is an evil Dark wizard, and Voldemort’s most powerful man; the other is a ferocious werewolf, who attacks his students in order to satisfy his bloodthirsty instincts on a full moon night.

As long as there are the two of them, no one would suspect him.

No matter how outstanding and talented he is, Evan is still just a child, and certainly no opponent of him

An immense talent is meaningless unless one grows up to see its potential.

“Dear child, please believe me.” Peter Pettigrew’s small eyes stared at Evan tightly. He covered his wand with his body, and said, pitifully, “The situation is very urgent; Black may break into the castle at any time. I’m here to save you.”

“Well, I believe in you!” Evan suddenly said, “What do you need me to do?”

Peter seemed to be stunned for a moment; he did not expect him to say so.

“It’s very simple. You just need to give me the Marauder’s Map!”

“Is it this thing?” Evan raised the parchment in his hand.

“That’s it!” Peter looked eagerly at the map and yelled, “Give it to me, Evan! With its help, we can join our forces together and catch Black. It is a shortcut to success. All the people will praise you, and you will get an unprecedented honor.”

“Really?!” Evan closed his eyes and seemed to be immersed in the future that Pettigrew talked about.

“Think about it, Black escaped to kill Harry. You caught him and you saved your friend.” Peter Pettigrew took a step closer to Evan, and in a bewitched voice he said, “What a man who is even greater than the Savior, how would people describe you, THE FUTURE STAR OF THE MAGIC WORLD!”

“The future star of the magic world!” Evan repeated, opening his bright eyes, firmly looking at Pettigrew, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. “What you said was great and it was really exciting. But unfortunately, you’ve missed a point, a crucial point.”

“What?!” Pettigrew was surprised.

“You neglected…” Evan said slowly, with unprecedented confidence in his voice. “I’m not the same as you, Peter! I will not sell innocent people out for my own benefit, for my strength. Nor will I betray my friends! I will rely on my own efforts to become a great wizard!”

“Great wizard?!” Peter seemed to have failed to respond.

“Yes, even greater than Dumbledore and Voldemort.” Evan said, throwing the Map aside in the flaming fire.



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