Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 146: Peter’s Lies

Although Peter said that he was, Evan wasn’t glad to see him at all.

In his plan, Pettigrew and him shouldn’t meet at that time, but a few hours later, at the time of his victory. Sirius Black, Harry, Hermione and others would be present. But now, he is meeting Peter alone.

Evan quickly thought about the situation, he might be able to take the risk of trying to defeat Peter right now. But that way, he won’t be able to guarantee that he would not escape.

It would be so terrible if he could flee away in his Animagus form.

Evan was ready to communicate with him, while looking for an opportunity to attack or trying to gain time. Harry and Hermione know that he has come to Prof. Lupin’s office. If he doesn’t come back to them, they will certainly come to him with Sirius after he enters the castle.

So be it! As none of them was sure of winning the duel and both wanted to communicate, the unimaginable suddenly happened in Professor lupin’s office: the two people who were obviously on the alert to the extreme suddenly began to chat happily together and the initially tense mood seemed to be relaxed.

But in reality, both of them were clasping their wands secretly, and their minds were highly focused with no slack.

“Peter Pettigrew?!” Evan said in astonishment. “I’ve heard of you. You are the wizard killed by Sirius Black twelve years ago, aren’t you?!”

“Yes, that’s me!” Finding out that Evan knew about that gave Peter a sense of satisfaction. This would save him a lot of trouble. He had a strange smile on the corner of his mouth and asked,” Aren’t you Evan Mason, dear boy?”

Evan nodded briefly as in telling him to carry on.

“You know, Evan!” Peter drew a glance at the wand in Evan’s hand, and quickly moved his eyes elsewhere as though he didn’t notice Evan’s hostility towards him, and continued, “That year, Black sold Harry’s parents James and Lily out, then he wanted to kill me, but he did not succeed and I ran away at the last minute.”

“But, everybody said that you were killed?” Evan said slowly.

“I didn’t die. I was just hiding away.” Peter’s voice trembled and he looked at Evan tearfully. “I had to do that. After all, I caught Black. I personally sent him to Azkaban. That madman must have hated my guts.”

“hiding?!” Evan looked at him strangely. “Since Black had been caught, why did you hide, you’ve even been hiding for twelve years?!”

“You don’t understand, dear boy! “The voice of Pettigrew was sharper than before.” I had to hide. Black defected to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The latter taught him some tricks. He had Dark Magic that we could only dream of. His Magic is very evil and strong. I’m no opponent for him! ”

“Evil and strong Magic?!”Evan squinted.” You mean Voldemort…”

“Don’t mention this name!” Peter Pettigrew was pale, as if Evan had lashed him with a whip. He wiped his sweat off his face with his sleeve and continued, “In a word, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named gave Black a lot of Dark Magic. That is why he escaped from Azkaban. ”

“Well, since you hid, why did you suddenly appear in the castle now?” Evan said flatly.

“I’m here to save you! “Peter Pettigrew took out the wand from behind his back. His face was full of grin; it looked very distorted and ugly.” We all know that Black escaped to kill Harry. He wants to avenge You-Know-Who, I cannot let his conspiracy succeed. I must stop him. Even at the risk of further danger, I will not hesitate to, because I was Harry’s parents best friend before they passed away. Before that tragic incident happened, they had entrusted their child to me…”

Looking at Peter Pettigrew’s appearance, Evan felt sick. .

Twelve years ago, he had sold his friends James and Lily out to Voldemort, making Harry become an orphan; he got Sirius Black framed and had him spend twelve years in Azkaban; just yesterday, he also controlled Ron to reveal Professor Lupin’s werewolf status and accuse him of assaulting his students.

Now, he wants to continue to deceive him and use Harry to slander Sirius Black again. Can a man be so shameless to speak out with such words?

Evan took a deep breath and resisted the urge to beat Peter Pettigrew. His heart was full with anger. He really felt bad for Harry’s parents, Sirius Black, Prof. Lupin, and all those who had been sold out by him. At Hogwarts, they obviously took Peter as a friend.

But this man has his own selfish interests before all. He betrayed them. He is the chief culprit of their tragic fates.

The muttering of Peter Pettigrew made Evan upset, his right hand held his wand tightly and he said bluntly. “So; you really have a good heart!”

“Believe me, Evan! It was my effort that got Black captured and it was I who put him in Azkaban!” Pettigrew continued. “I’m here to save you. You just have to…”

“You haven’t Said, how did you get into the castle?” Evan interrupted. “There is a strong protective magic around Hogwarts. No one can come in.”

“This is not a problem for me. You know…” Peter’s eyes once again looked at Evan’s hand holding his wand firmly. He hesitated and said, “I’m an Animagus!”


“It is a spell that can turn a wizard into an animal!” Pettigrew lowered his voice, and didn’t want anybody to hear what he was going to say next. “My Animagus form is a Rat, I’m Ron’s pet, Scabbers. Over the years, I’ve been around you, protecting you day and night. ”

“Protect us day and night, as a rat?!” Evan sneered. In addition to eat, he did not know what a pet rat could do, he continued, disdainfully, “So you are Scabbers!! It’s amazing to me that a person would endure spending 12 years as a rat.”

“I had to do that. I’ve long guessed that Black will come out. I must protect you.” Pettigrew licked his lips, looking eagrly at the Marauder’s Map in Evan’s hand and said, “Believe me, son! Counting it out, it’s almost two years since we met. You’ve held me before, and you fed me. Remember that, a few days ago, you even made a rat tonic for me. ”

Evan nodded and he was glad that he did it.

If it weren’t for the bottle of a tonic supplement with tracking agents, he probably would’ve become a corpse now.



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