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H.P.S.T Chapter 162: Aragog’s Lair

Evan silently looked at the Acromantulas that turned suddenly excited around him. These monsters were really purely dark creatures.

He didn’t know what Voldemort could’ve promised them to make them this excited, but it certainly was no good. Aragog was still talking, but seeing the spiders that were gradually gathering from all sides and feeling more and more excited, Evan did not want to continue to discuss this topic.

“Fifteen years ago, my children approached me many times. They advised me to join Voldemort’s camp. Even if his reward was really exciting, I didn’t want to get involved in your human disputes! I know that Hagrid is against Voldemort!” Aragog seemed to be tired, and it was backing slowly into its domed web.

However, his fellow spiders around the hollow continued to inch slowly toward Evan and Pettigrew.

“Well, I think…” Hearing leaves rustling behind him, Evan hurried to Aragog. “I should go, then, thank you for your help, Aragog, I will talk to Hagrid about this!”

“Go?” Aragog said, “I think not…”

Evan’s heart bet in a rush. The worst of his expectations was happening, and Aragog did not intend to let them go.

He slowly receded, as there were so many giant spiders around him that he could never be able to face. He quickly glanced at Peter Pettigrew. If only that guy could use the evil black magic that caused the violent explosion earlier, maybe they could still stand a chance.

But Pettigrew had already collapsed to the ground, his body trembling uncontrollably. He had lost a lot of blood; his skin was pale and his face was bloodless.

In his current state, he was unable to continue to fight, cast magic, or even stand up.

Really, a good for nothing!

Evan clenched his wand in his hand, as the present Pettigrew wasn’t a fighting force, but rather a complete burden.

Evan’s eyes looked around and finally fell on Aragog.

Fighting against so many fierce Acromantulas was unrealistic. His only chance was to catch Aragog first. However, as soon as he saw Aragog’s small elephant sized body, Evan gulped again. Catching that big monster wouldn’t be that easy. He thought that even Hagrid could not do it.

“My sons and daughters do not harm Hagrid, on my command. But I cannot deny them fresh meat, when it wanders so willingly into our midst. I can’t, friend of Hagrid. Thank you for helping us by killing the thing inside the castle…”

Evan spun around. Feet away, towering above him, was a solid wall of spiders, clicking, their many eyes gleaming in their ugly black heads. Like a black river, they quickly gathered in the middle of the hollow.

Pettigrew seemed to be stunned, and laid motionless on the ground.

Evan’s legs were shaking, but his heart was determined, he knew that he had to engage in this desperate fight. If he doesn’t take the initiative, he wouldn’t get any chance.

He may not be able to capture Aragog, but he can threaten him with magic, opening a way for himself to leave with Pettigrew.

The next second, Evan violently turned around and rushed to Aragog who was in the center of the spider web.

His wand emitted a red light, hitting the Acromantula between them. Without stopping, he avoided its dark sharp pincers that were clicking unceasingly, and the huge waving legs of the spiders around Aragog.

Aragog waved his huge eight legs, trying to prevent Evan from approaching.

But he was getting old, and did not have enough strength to make a quick reaction. His huge size did not allow him to move and dodge quickly.

Evan, breathing heavily, climbed up the misty, domed web. The spider’s web under his feet was sticky, but it didn’t stop him. He clenched his wand and casted a Stunning Spell, causing Aragog a short dizziness. He took the opportunity to rush on top of him.

That was definitely the craziest thing Evan ever made. He pointed his wand against Aragog’s rough exoskeleton.

He looked at the spider that was covered in barbed, hard black fur, and he felt unprecedented nausea.

Just touching an Acromantula’s exoskeleton, he did not know how Hagrid could deal with them.

Evan’s heart was beating fast, almost getting out of his chest. He was sweating all over his body as the cold wind of the night blew over. The winter night was very cold, and the temperature in the forbidden forest was a few degrees lower than outside it, but the spider web was very warm, and a warm current was blowing from bottom to top.

The discomfort caused by the cold wind dissipated instantly.

Evan turned his head and saw a hole behind the spider web. A gentle slope slanted downward. Deep in the bottom, there should be Aragog’s Lair.

The warm air was blowing from the inside out. That explained why from the outside, this domed web was always misty. Evan didn’t know what was going on below, maybe there was an underground hot spring, or something else that could emit heat…

If it were not for the present situation, he would really like to go in and check it out.

As it was the Lair of the King of Spiders, Aragog must have collected a lot of extremely valuable things.

If nothing else, there will definitely be plenty of potion materials and magical plants. Or there will be powerful magical items. You know, even for an over 50 year old Acrumatula, Aragog was really massive in size.

This was very abnormal; there must be something that helped that to happen.

Now is not the time to think of such things. Evan shook his head, pointing his wand to Aragog’s head, and saying briefly, “Let us leave, or else….”

He didn’t finish his words, but his wand’s tip was shining brightly.

Aragog trembled a bit, and he could feel the temperature from Evan’s wand. He didn’t expect the young human to be so bold and dare to threaten him.

What Evan meant was clear. If Aragog did not agree to let them go, even if he couldn’t kill him on the spot, he was absolutely sure that he would use magic to break his head. Aragog was getting too old, and such an injury could be fatal.

Even more, if there was a chance, Evan could even set Aragog’s Lair on fire.

“You won, friend of Hagrid, you are really brave, no wonder you could kill that thing in the castle!” Clicking, Aragog’s big pincers moved fast, “Take the guy down there and leave, I will restrain my children.”

Clicking, under the command of Aragog, the spiders moved backwards.

A few seconds later, the center of the hollow was empty, and only Pettigrew was lying there, panting weakly.



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