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H.P.S.T Chapter 163: Death in Fire

Although Aragog said so, Evan was somewhat hesitant.

He was not stupid enough to trust an Acromantula. As highly intelligent creatures, honesty and trustworthiness have never been synonymous with Acromantulas. In fact, they are exactly the opposite; they are some of the most purely evil and ferocious dark creatures to exist.

Even if Hagrid had raised Aragog as his pet, this can only guarantee that he has some affection for him and him alone. This doesn’t make him care one bit about other human beings! This shows most prominently from his initial command to his children to kill Evan and Pettigrew.

Evan hesitated. If possible, he hoped to take Aragog away with him, leaving the spiders’ territory and the Forbidden Forest. Thus, he would not have to worry about the spider’s trustworthiness.

But Aragog was really so huge that his eight massive spider legs couldn’t support his own weight. If they left this spider web, he probably won’t be able to even move.

“Reducio!” Evan whispered, he was trying this magic.

It was one of the 7th year N.E.W.T exam requirements. Evan had seen Professor Flitwick use this spell to reduce a spider. He tried to use it on Aragog. If he could reduce him, it should be great.

He didn’t know if it was his lack of mastery over the spell, or if Aragog was immune to this magic. In short, it did not work.

Seeing what Evan did, the spiders around the hollow clicked with anger, as countless pairs of hateful eyes glittered on their ugly black heads.

“Friend of Hagrid…” Aragog’s voice carried a hint of resentment. “Don’t make useless attempts. I will not hurt you out of respect for Hagrid, but don’t come back here again to bother us. We, spiders like darkness and quiet!”

“Well, I hope you can keep your word!” Evan tried a few more magics, and it didn’t work. It seemed that Aragog’s hard shell and huge body made him immune to some of the most powerful attacking spells.

He couldn’t take any more time. It was nighttime; no one knew that he went there. The rescue from the castle shouldn’t be coming anytime soon, and the situation of Peter Pettigrew seemed to be getting worse. He simply bandaged his right hand and couldn’t stop the blood loss.

Constant tossing had taken away so much strength and energy from him. Looking at him, Evan feared that he wouldn’t be able to stay alive for much longer.

Evan slipped down from the domed web. He stepped back, his wand still pointing to Aragog as he slowly retreated to Pettigrew.

“Thank you, Evan, you saved me, I will repay you…” Peter grabbed Evan’s robe and said weakly.

This sentence did not make him happy at all. Unless something goes wrong, Peter Pettigrew should be spending the rest of his life in the Azkaban Wizards prison. So yeah, he couldn’t expect him to repay him, nor did he even want to ever see him again.

Pettigrew struggled to stand up, but his legs were extremely weak. He just stood halfway and fell back down immediately to the ground.

“Evan, Evan, I have no strength, help me, don’t leave me alone here…” he said in panic.

“Shut up! Keep your filthy hands away from my robe!” Evan frowned, watching his black school uniform being soiled by Pettigrew’s blood, he gently waved his wand, muttering, ” Mobilicorpus! ”

As though invisible strings were tied to Peter’s wrists, neck and knees he was pulled into a standing position, head lolling unpleasantly, like a grotesque puppet. He hung a few inches above the ground, his limp feet dangling.

“Don’t resist it, if you break free of this spell’s control, I won’t take care of you anymore!” Evan warned Pettigrew that he was also getting weaker.

So many things happened tonight that he just wanted to go back and get a good sleep.

Surrounded by hundreds of huge Acromantulas, Evan, who was slowly leaving the hollow with Peter, noticed that the number of spiders around him seemed to be increasing.

After getting the news, the spiders that were hunting for food outside, were gradually coming back.

They were crowded together, making a scalp-tingling clicking sound, with their murderous black eyes staring closely at the two humans walking through. Evan could even hear what sounded like them salivating over them.

Fresh human flesh was too tempting for them.

Fortunately, they all obeyed Aragog’s orders and did not attack.

In the center of the hollow, Aragog remained on the misty giant spider web. His big pincers slowly joined together. It was as if he was staring at Evan tightly. It was like his eight white blind eyes could actually capture the boy’s movements.

Then, he slowly began retreating back into his Lair.

In the slope around the hollow, all the roads leading back to it were filled with the Acromantulas.

Evan left with Pettigrew. They climbed to the ridge of the hollow to see the trees again. Aragog and the other Acromantulas were disappearing from their eyes.

Evan had just breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Aragog’s low clatter clicking, coming from the deep bottom of the Lair.

“Kill them!”

Hearing the command of Aragog, all the spiders immediately became excited, and they couldn’t wait to rush to their prey.

Like a raging black river, with a roar of death, they rushed straight to Evan.

“Damn, this old fellow is really not trustworthy!” Evan had no time to think about it. Under the screams of Pettigrew, he hurriedly pointed his wand at the leaves on the ground and shouted, “Incendio!”

A red flame emerged from his wand’s tip to instantly ignite the yellow, dry leaves.

After being accumulated by the Acromantulas for over 50 years, no one knows how many leaves where in the hollow. They were stacked up and dried up, corroded and dissipated, leaving some extremely flammable grass fibers.

With those fibers on the ground, Evan’s magic had achieved amazing results.

Aragog’s Lair, the holy land of the Acromantula, turned into a burning fire pit in an instant, and the thundering flames were twenty feet high.

Amazing heat waves surged, and the giant spiders in the hollow land made a shrill voice.

It was not the usual clicking, but screams from the depths of their souls.

Looking at what happened in front of his eyes, Peter Pettigrew was pale. He looked at the hundreds of Acromantulas being scorched and was suddenly hit by the same feeling he used to get from the Dark Lord. From the thin black-haired boy in front of him all he felt was those sinister sensations: fear and horror.

At that moment, Evan was Death!



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