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H.P.S.T Chapter 187: Hermione’s Christmas Present

Because of the newspaper, although Evan, Harry, and Hermione were still being hospitalized, they were very busy every day.

Especially Evan, he stayed up almost every day to the middle of the night.

In such an atmosphere, the dawn of Christmas came quietly, the weather was cold, and there were only three people in the ward, Evan, Harry and Hermione.

On Christmas morning, Evan was awakened by Harry throwing his pillow at him.

“Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, Harry! Merry Christmas, Hermione!”

Evan climbed up with sleepy eyes, squinting through the semi-darkness to the foot of his bed, where a big heap of parcels had appeared.

Harry and Hermione were already ripping the paper off their own presents, and Evan noticed that the three of them received more presents this year than they ever did in previous years.

“Strange, why are there so many presents?” Evan murmured.

“Most of these presents are sent by readers of the Hogwarts Magic, and many of them are simple Christmas cards,” Hermione explained.

Since the series of reports on Peter Pettigrew, Evan, Harry, and Hermione, had become famous. Although the focus was on Sirius Black, people were amazed at the fact that three young wizards, aged twelve and thirteen, could capture an evil Dark wizard.

Many of their peers began to worship them and write letters to them regularly.

In addition to the young wizards in the UK, Evan noticed that many of these Christmas cards were mailed from abroad. For example, the pink greeting card in his hand came from a 10-year-old girl named Gabrielle Delacour, from France.

Gabrielle wished Evan a Merry Christmas on the greeting card, and then expressed her admiration for his capture of Peter Pettigrew in short words, and hoped that he could write back to her.

Looking at the cute little angel pattern in the greeting card, Evan smiled, and when he was ready to see other Christmas cards, he heard Harry’s annoyed voice.

“Look at it. The Dursleys gave me a worn old sock. It is worse than the toothpick of last year and the fifty penny coin of the year before. They must have thought that I was a house-elf!” Harry threw the sock under the bed and opened a short message attached to the package.

It was written to ask him to see if he could stay in Hogwarts for the summer vacation.

“Thank God, I finally got rid of them this summer. Sirius said I can live with him, I don’t know if he has a house?!” Harry rejoiced, he put a scarlet sweater on his body, and continued, “This is a scarlet sweater that Mrs. Weasley sent. You two seem to have it too.”

“I see, my piece is maroon, but there are no letters on it.” Hermione picked up a box, hesitantly looked at it for a while and gently put it aside. “This is Hagrid’s minced meat pie. It smells very special. There is a mixture of cabbage and pork liver. I think it’s better not to try it easily.”

Evan also began to open his presents, in addition to the Christmas card, Mrs. Weasley and Hagrid’s gift, his parents ordered a golden crucible for him.

He had seen this in a Diagonal Alley store before, and its price was shocking.

In Evan’s view, this golden crucible is completely an art collection item. No wizard would waste it to use it to curb the potions.

Evan sighed and carefully closed the gold crucible.

His parents had no knowledge of the magic world, and used to look at the wizards from the perspective of Muggles, and considered that whatever was most expensive was the best.

Since Evan went to Hogwarts, they bought him too many things that were not used by him. The most typical was the Broomstick Nimbus 2001 sent last Christmas. Before Harry borrowed it, it was placed under Evan’s bed and never been taken out.

When Evan went back home during the summer vacation, he explained matter and they realized that the wizards did not always fly in the air with a broom like in the stories.

And it seemed for them that their son had serious fear of heights. Even with magic, it couldn’t be cured.

In addition to his parents’ presents, Harry gave him a set of Quidditch model toys, inside a huge glass ball in which there was a miniature Quidditch pitch. Whenever it was touched with a wand, the model would automatically fly to play.

Ron gave him a book, Ginny a gorgeous quill, Colin a wizard chess game, Luna a very valuable photo that was said to be a proof of the existence of Crumple-Horned Snorkack, Fred and George’s presents were pranks they developed. The other young wizards gave him all kinds of sweets and food, most of which were ordered in Hogsmeade.

To Evan’s surprise, Cho Chang also gave him a present. It was a dark blue scarf, and the workmanship was very fine. It should be the product of Madam Malkin’s shop.

“Evan, thank you for sending me the watch.” Hermione looked up at the scarf in Evan’s hand, and the lovely smile on her face gradually solidified. She hesitated and said, “This scarf is…”

Hermione squinted, and Evan Knew that this meant she was thinking.

“It’s a present for me from Cho.” Evan explained.

“Well, I didn’t know… I thought my present was…”

Evan looked strangely at Hermione, who was flushed, not knowing what she was talking about. Following her eyes, he saw the last package under his bed.

This should be Hermione’s present, which was bulging inside.

Under Hermione’s gaze, Evan ripped the package. And it was actually a scarf.

On the red-yellow scarf, the Gryffindor lion was knitted, but it looked a little distorted. The workmanship was much worse than the scarf that was sent by Cho. It was very likely that Hermione herself sewed it up.

Evan realized why Hermione had such an expression.

Her Christmas present is exactly the same as Cho’s, it was a scarf.

Evan remembered that Hermione told him in Hogsmeade just a few days before that she was ready to send her Christmas present after a long time she put into it, and that she believed that he would be satisfied.

No one would have thought that her present would be a scarf.

This scarf should have been made by Hermione herself, he didn’t know how long she had been sewing it, but it was definitely not easy.

Before today, he had no clue. No one knew that Hermione was secretly making a scarf. She should have been secretly sewing it by night after everyone went to sleep in the dormitory.

Touched by a slightly rough scarf, Evan’s heart was full of emotion.

In terms of values, this scarf was not very expensive; on the level of fineness, it was much worse than that of Cho, but the top of the needle and thread were full of the girl’s heart.

Evan raised his head and looked at Hermione, who was flushed.

He knew that she must be very nervous now, as the present that had been carefully prepared for so long was sent to him by someone else as well. If she was herself, she would be very frustrated.

“I didn’t know, Evan!” Hermione said with a blush. “I didn’t expect that Cho Chang would send you a scarf. If I knew it earlier…”

“Thank you, Hermione!” Evan interrupted her and whispered, “I really like this scarf very much, this is the best Christmas present I have ever received.”


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